The Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle Step-by-Step Guide

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The Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle, available in the Divi Marketplace, is a third-party product boasting over 5,550 styles, 35 pre-made layout packs, 82 elements, and 11 multipurpose Divi Webkit tools, making it the fastest-selling UI bundle on the Divi Marketplace. Customizing its layouts and modules within the UI bundle is as straightforward as tweaking any other Divi module or layout. Plus, the UI bundle easily integrates with Divi Cloud. Given its seamless integration and enhanced styles, it’s a robust web design solution for kickstarting your website.

Let’s dive deep into the functionality of Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle Files. I’ll guide you through each step, from downloading and importing/exporting to adding it to the cloud. It promises to be an insightful journey.

Accessing the Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle: Navigating Zip Files

Once you’ve purchased the Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle, go to your Customer Dashboard in your Elegant Themes Account. Here, you can easily download the bundle. It will be saved on your PC as ‘ElementThemeSubmit‘. Within this, choose the ‘UI Module Mega Bundle’ option. This will present you with two zip files. The first contains the main product files and is labeled ‘‘. The second is named ‘Ultimate-Divi-Modules-UI-Bundle Supplementary Product‘.

From Dashboard to Zip: Accessing Divi UI Bundle Files

Accessing Ultimate Divi Module UI Bundle Zip Files

Extract both files. 

Ultimate Divi Module UI Bundle: Unzipping the Product Files

Extracting Ultimate Divi Module UI Bundle

From layout designs to module styles — whether it’s ‘About Us’ styles, team designs, footer layouts, ‘Contact Us’ section styles, or content carousel designs — the Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle has it all. All the files are in JSON format, which you can effortlessly import into the WordPress dashboard.

Let’s examine how to import a Module style into the WordPress dashboard. Given that the Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle Files offer over 5,550 styles, we won’t delve into each one. We’ll explore different styles but let’s first take a closer look at the Ultimate-Divi-Modules-UI-Bundle folder.

Ultimate-Divi-Modules-UI-Bundle: Category Insights

Inside the Ultimate-Divi-Modules-UI-Bundle folder, you’ll discover module category styles organized in their corresponding folders. With the UI Bundle offering numerous styles for each category, it’s a massive convenience for an agency delivering websites using Divi to choose from a diverse array of styles based on their preferences. Listed below are all the categories available in the Ultimate-Divi-Modules-UI-Bundle folder. 

Divi UI Bundle: Navigating Module Categories

Exploring Divi’s UI Bundle: Category Insights

Here’s a glimpse into a few categories, so you know your options when building a website.

Team Styles in Divi Explored

Team styles come with 75 different designs, ensuring that the names, bios, positions, and images of your team members are presented to your preference. Ranging from default designs to hover effects and animation styles, there are a bunch of choices for your webpage. These Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle styles incorporate dynamic overlays with social icons, varied text placements, rounded images, bar styles, and more. Here are a few examples to showcase the versatility these styles provide to web designers.

A Look into Divi's Team Style 5

Navigating style 5’s Icon Hover Effect in the Team styles

Unraveling Ultimate UI Module's Style 74 from the Divi Marketplace

Divi UI’s Elegant Style 74 Overlap

Styles 5 and 74 offer contrasting designs. Style 5 features a dark hover effect with a blue border displaying social icons, while Style 74 presents a more chic look, with the bio overlay overlapping the display image.

Style 15: Prioritizing Member Info with Ultimate Divi UI Module's Team styles

Unfolding Divi’s Style 15 

Style 30: Divi UI Module's Daring Diagonal Dual Team Style From the Divi Marketplace

Engaging Elegance: Divi’s Dynamic Style 30

Styles 15 and 30 offer distinct designs. Style 15 has a bio overlay that conceals the team member’s image on hover, making it ideal for focusing on the member’s information. Conversely, Style 30 displays a member’s photo within two diagonally positioned ovals, each oriented in opposite diagonal directions. This layout is likely to attract creative designers or innovative companies, adding dynamism to the web design and enhancing user engagement.

Read More: Discover exciting image modules and more

About Us & Intro Style

The ‘About Us & Intro’ section offers 64 styles, each incorporating a mix of modules like buttons, images, headings, counters, and more. Each style has its unique presentation. You have the choice to change the color scheme to align with your site’s palette or any custom color selection.

 A well-designed About Us section can foster a stronger bond with visitors, offering an interactive and contemporary feel. Learn more about the Divi Theme Builder’s best practices for engaging websites. The Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle pre-made ‘About Us’ section provides just that – instead of designing the whole section from the ground up, both seasoned and newcomers can save time by selecting a style that closely matches your web style.

Here are a few examples to illustrate the available designs.

Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle: Projecting About Us Section with Style 15

About Us Style 15: Square Imagery and Stats Fusion

Success Story in Style with a Divi Marketplace Product: Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle' Style 45

Ultimate About Us Section: Discover Divi’s Style 45

In this Divi ‘About Us‘ bundle, Style 15 and Style 45 employ two unique approaches to connect with the audience. Style 15 positions text on the right and an image on the left, using a square format for the picture. It features distinct numerical indicators to represent the number of projects completed, the count of employees, and customer data.

Conversely, style 45 flips the layout, placing text on the left and the image on the right, opting for a circular image format. Instead of numbers, it embraces a methodical approach with a ‘Read More’ button. Both designs showcase the versatility the Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle offers to cater to different design demands.

Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle's Style 61: Elevate Engagements Effortlessly with a Divi Marketplace Product

Quote-Ready About Us: Divi Modules’ Style 61 Unleashed

Style 61 displays a contact form for a quote in the About Us section. It’s a strategic design choice to encourage visitors to take action right away. As users read your company’s achievements and expertise in the About Us section, they’re immediately presented with a clear CTA through a quote form. It increases the likelihood of improving conversion.

Similarly, the bundle includes Divi Footer layouts, Image Hover styles, Pricing Table styles, Contact Form layouts, button styles, and even some Info Banners styles catering to specific needs. Now that we’ve explored different styles, let’s discuss how to import these styles into your WordPress Dashboard. 

Importing JSON module files to your WordPress Dashboard

Nearly all the files have a similar import method. For your understanding, I’ll demonstrate by importing some JSON files of All Woo Modules into my WordPress Dashboard. 

Log into your WordPress dashboard. Navigate to ‘Divi‘ on the sidebar, and then select ‘Divi Library‘ from the dropdown menu. 

Quick Steps to Access Divi Library

Accessing Divi Library

A ‘Layouts‘ page will appear, displaying a list of all downloaded styles, if any exist. On this page, you’ll find an Import & Export option on the right in the left corner of the page. Click on it.

Inside Divi Layouts: Categories and Import & Export

Divi Layouts Page: Import & Export Guide

After clicking on ‘Import & Export,’ a popup window titled ‘Import & Export Layouts‘ will appear. Choose the ‘Import‘ option from this window.

Easy Steps: Divi's Layout Import Popup

Dive into Layouts’ “Import & Export” Features

Upon accessing the Import tab, you can upload any JSON file either by dragging and dropping it directly from the folder or by clicking ‘CHOOSE FILE‘.

Divi Import/Export Layouts Explained from Divi Library: Importing JSON Files

Uploading JSONs: Divi’s Import Methods

Importing All Woo Modules Category

Now, you can browse through the Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle folder. Within the UI bundle, you’ll discover the All Woo Modules category among all the different module categories.

Exploring Divi UI Bundle's Woo Modules Collection Zip Folder

Divi UI Bundle: Navigating All Woo Modules Category

The ‘All Woo Modules’ will direct you to a sub-categories folder, each containing an individual style folder for every WooCommerce Module Style. Whether it’s Product Carousel Style, Block Carousel Style, Woo Header Style Pages, Trending Slider Style, or Woo Product Sidebar View Style, there’s an abundance of individual styles within each Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle category. The Divi UI Module is arguably the biggest design collection ever made.

Delving into Divi's WooCommerce style in Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle Zip Files

Diving into Divi’s Diverse All Woo Module Styles

Though you’ll find consistent settings for every module style with each following the same steps of instruction. To get familiar with instructions, let’s explore the options in Woo Verticle Timeline Styles, which offer 10 styles.

Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle Main Zip Product File: Contains 10 Timeline Styles

Access Woo Vertical Timeline Folder

Two Ways to Import Divi Timeline Styles

Upon entering the Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle timeline folder, you can play around with two methods. 

  • Firstly, you can import individual JSON files for each timeline style. Instead of downloading the entire set, this option allows you to select and download only the specific layout(s) you need, streamlining the process and reducing website load
  • Alternatively, you can choose to import all the JSON files, from V1 to V10, simultaneously. This action will bring in all 10 unique styles in a single click, a particularly useful feature for agency owners catering to diverse website requirements.
Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle : Two Ways to Import Divi Woo Vertical Timeline Styles

Tailored or Total: Divi UI Import Flexibility

Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle Download Choices: Full Set or Single

You have the option to select the entire set or delve into the ‘Individual Woo Vertical Timeline Style’ folder to choose a specific design. For this example, let’s opt to download the complete set of 10 designs. Upon selection, the download will commence. A progress bar will indicate the download percentage. Typically, individual files take 2-3 minutes, while the complete Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle style set might require a few more minutes.

Full Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle Set: Download Bar Insight

Track Timeline Style’s Full Set Download: Progress Bar

After downloading your module style, it will appear on the Layouts Page. You can scroll down to locate it, or click on ‘All Categories‘, then scroll to the ‘DP Woo Vertical Timeline Style‘ option. After selecting it, click ‘Filter‘, and all the Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle’s timeline styles will be displayed.

Dive into Divi Layouts: Spotting Timeline Styles.

Divi Layouts: How to Access Timeline Style’s Downloaded Styles

Importing Downloaded Module Styles to the Webpage

To display the module styles on your website, create a new page. Navigate to your WordPress Dashboard, select Pages, then click Add New.

Adding New Page on WordPress site

Setting up the New Page

When the new page appears, enter a page name. After naming the page, you can enable the builder by clicking ‘Use The Divi Builder.

Page Naming and Enabling the Divi Builder

Enabling ‘Use the Divi Builder’

When the Divi Builder loads, click the blue ‘+’ sign to add a section. Since we’re importing a pre-made module from the Layouts, select Add From Library.

Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle Layout Integration from Library: Importing Downloaded Modules

Importing Divi Layouts: Adding From Library 

This action will open the library showcasing pre-made modules and layouts. You’ll see a collection of all previously downloaded categories. Click ‘Add From Library‘ and navigate to ‘DP Post Vertical Timeline Style.’

Accessing Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle's Timeline Layouts: Importing Downloaded Modules

Using Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle’s Timeline Styles from the Library

After selecting that, all the associated designs will appear in the window. Choose any style from the array of module designs.

Exploring Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle's Post Vertical Timeline Style: Importing Downloaded Modules

Browse and Choose: DP Post Vertical Timeline Style

Now, after you’ve chosen the module style, a popup will appear. Click ‘Use This Section‘. Congratulations! Your Module style has been imported.

Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle's DP Post Vertical Timeline Module Layout Details: Importing Downloaded Modules

Deploying DP Post Vertical Timeline Module Style 

The Divi Style will be displayed on your page. Depending on the chosen style, it may include elements like CSS code, JS Code, images, pricing tags, carts, headers, and much more.

Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle Style Elements: From CSS to Headers

Diverse Elements of Divi UI Style Showcase

You can customize this like any other Divi module, having complete control over the settings. From colors to images to writing style, you have full authority over the aesthetics and vibe of your website. To implement changes, or simply to view how the style appears on the webpage, click ‘View Page’. There, you can see the display of the Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle’s Woo Vertical Timeline Style.

Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle: Showcasing Divi's Woo Vertical Timeline Display

A Glimpse at Divi’s Woo Vertical Timeline Layout

Similarly, you can import all other module categories using the same steps.

Important Notes For Carousel

You may notice three additional text files: ‘Important Notes for Carousel,’ ‘Short Description Code,’ and ‘Cart Button Code.’ As the names suggest, these text documents contain pieces of code that you need to integrate to make the respective modules work properly. For now, let’s walk through the process of integrating the Carousel Code into the Divi Theme.

Dive into Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle Important Notes Folder: Carousel Code Integration

Carousel in Divi UI: Code Integration

Carousel Module Code Integration

Upon opening ‘IMPORTANT NOTE FOR CAROUSEL‘, you’ll find two methods for integrating the code into your Divi Theme.

Dive into Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle: Carousel Code Integration Methods

Divi UI Carousel Code: Integration Methods

Method 1: First, select the highlighted piece of code provided in method 1 and navigate to your WordPress Dashboard. On the sidebar, click on ‘Divi’ to display its menu. From this menu, choose ‘Theme Options‘. This will bring up the Divi Theme Options page. From here, go to the Integration tab. Ensure you enable the header code for the code to function correctly.

Divi's Theme Options: Enable Header Code to Implement Carousel Code from Integration Tab

Integrating Code via Theme Options

Scroll down to the ‘Add code to the <head> of your blog‘ section. Paste the copied code into the provided black box. Once done, click on ‘Save Changes‘. After that, follow the previously explained method to import any Woo Carousel Style into your WordPress site.

Embedding Carousel Code in Divi’s header

Method 2: If you’re using a child theme, this method allows you to paste the copied code directly into your Theme File Editor. Navigate to ‘Appearance’ in your Divi WordPress settings and select ‘Theme File Editor‘ from the menu. On the right-hand side, choose the ‘Theme Functions’ or ‘functions.php‘ option. Insert the code from method 2 here, but make sure to exclude the ‘<?php’ and ‘?>’ tags from the code.

Continue with the steps outlined above to import any carousel module style.

Header and Footer Layout Styles

To import Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle’s Header and Footer files, you can either select individual JSON files or choose a single JSON file that contains all the header and footer styles from the respective folders. After importing, delete the pre-existing global header and footer before integrating a new style header or footer into your website.

Let’s explore how to use a Footer Layout Style as an example. After importing the JSON style file from the Ultimate-Divi-Modules-UI-Bundle folder, your next step is to showcase the designs on your webpage. 

Navigate to WordPress Dashboard > Divi > Theme Builder. Here, you’ll see headers, body, and footers for the default website template as well as for each page. For our example, we’ll modify the footer style for the entire website template. Before applying the Divi Footer Style, ensure you delete the current Global Footer by clicking on the trash icon next to the Global Footer option.

Modifying Divi's Theme Builder: Global Footer Replacement

Divi Theme Builder: Modifying Global Footer Style

After deletion, click ‘Add Global Footer‘. A popup will appear. From this, choose the ‘Build Global Footer‘ option. Another popup will emerge. Following this, the process is similar to adding any other module or section. Click on ‘Add From Library‘. Either use the search bar to find the footer or scroll through the list of categories to locate footer styles. Select the desired footer and then click ‘Use This Section’. The layout will then be incorporated into your webpage.

Add From Library: Importing Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle Footer Style

Divi Theme Builder: Inserting Your Chosen Footer Layout

Here I’m displaying Divi Footer Style 13 Section 1. It’s an elegant layout with multiple sections and modules.

Style 13: Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle’s Rich Footer Layout

Showcasing Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle’ss Elegant Footer Style 13

Importing all modules at once

Instead of importing module styles individually from each category, you have the option to import all module styles simultaneously using a few JSON files. Considering there are over 5,000 module styles, importing all at once can significantly save time. Navigate to the Supplementary Product Files, where you’ll find an ‘All JSON Files’ folder. 

Within the Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle supplementary folder are 21 JSON files encompassing 5,000+ module styles all at once. By importing these JSON files, you can swiftly integrate all the module designs onto your website. This is a significant time-saver for agencies using Divi to initiate their website design.

Time-Saver: Import All Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle Styles Together

Bulk Importing: 5,000+ Divi Module Styles

Layouts in Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle

The Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle offers 35 layout packs. From the 24-page Painter Services layouts to the brand-new 22-page Digital Agency design layout to sections on Politics, Cleaning Services, and more, you can find an array of layout styles. These include a diverse range of pages such as the ‘About Us’ page, the 404 page, services pages, testimonials, and many more.

Explore Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle’s 35 Dynamic Webpage Layouts

Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle Bundle: 35 Comprehensive Layout Packs

Beyond service and skill website layouts, the Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle also provides several WooCommerce layouts for your digital business. These layouts serve as excellent starting points for your website design, saving you both time and effort without breaking the bank.

Start Selling Faster: Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle's WooCommerce Templates with Header and Footer

Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle’s Ready-to-Use WooCommerce Layouts with Header & Footer

Importing Layouts

To integrate Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle layouts into your WordPress site, follow these straightforward steps. First, navigate to the Ultimate Divi bundle’ supplementary folder. There, you’ll encounter the ‘Ultimate Divi Layout Pack Bundle’ option. Within this folder, you’ll find a list of all the layout folders. Each of these folders contains two JSON files.

Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle's Quick Steps to Layout Integration in WordPress Dashboard

Integrating Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle Layouts: A Simple Guide

For this tutorial, I’ll demonstrate how to import layouts using the Divi Fitness and Gym example. Like every layout pack, DiviFitnessandGym contains two JSON files. The file ‘DiviBuilderLayouts_All_DiviFitness.JSON‘ includes layout pages, while ‘DiviThemeBuilderTemplates_DiviFitness.JSON‘ holds the templates. We’ll import both of them into their designated areas.

Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle: Fitness Layout Folders Explained

Integrating Divi Fitness: Layouts and Templates

Following the steps outlined above, navigate to Divi > Divi Library > Import & Export. Choose the file ‘DiviBuilderLayouts_All_DiviFitness‘. After importing, verify it by selecting ‘Layouts‘ from the ‘All Types‘ dropdown and clicking ‘Filter‘. Here, you’ll see all the pages, from the Homepage to the Blog, FAQs, and Contact Us pages; every page will be listed.

Quick Verification of Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle's Fitness Layout Pages Import

Unfolding All Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle Fitness Layout Pages

To import the Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle’s template file, navigate to Divi > Theme Builder. To import the template for the layout you’ve downloaded, you first need to remove the existing pages. Click the delete icon in the upper right corner of the page. When the popup appears, select the ‘reset’ option.

Divi Theme Builder Template Reset Steps

Reset Before Divi Layout Import

After resetting the template, click the double arrow (portability) icon in the top right corner of the page. Navigate to the Import tab, select the DiviThemeBuilderTemplates_DiviFitness.JSON template, and click ‘Import Divi Theme Builder Templates‘. After the progress bar is completed, the Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle templates for the fitness and gym layout will appear.

Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle's Gym Template Integration Process from the Divi Theme Builder

Importing Divi’s Gym Layout Templates

To display content in the sidebar and other widget-ready areas of your website, you need to add widgets. To import widgets, navigate to the ‘Ultimate Divi Layout Pack Bundle Supplementary Product Files‘ folder and open the ‘DiviFitnessandGym_sup‘ folder. Inside, you’ll locate the ‘widgets.wie‘ file for import.

Step-by-Step Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle's .wie Widget Import

Importing Widgets: Notepad to Plugin

To import a file with the .wie extension, you’ll need a suitable plugin. For this demonstration, I’ve downloaded the Widgets Importer and Exporter plugin. Once activated, click on copy and paste to enable a block of code. Return to the ‘widgets.wie’ file, right-click, and choose ‘Edit with Notepad‘. Copy the entire code segment and paste it into the plugin’s code input area. Finally, select the ‘widgets‘ option. This action will successfully import all Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle widgets, including those for the sidebar and footer.

Activating Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle Widgets with .wie Import Plugin

Importing Footer & Sidebar Widgets via Widgets Importer & Exporter

The final step involves activating the layout you’ve just imported. First, create a new page and name it ‘Home Page’ or another name of your choice. Then, enable the “Use Divi Theme Builder” option. Click the ‘+’ icon in the Divi Theme Builder bar, navigate to “Your Saved Layouts“, and select ‘Home’ to import your site’s homepage. Afterward, click “Use This Layout“, and your homepage will be displayed. You can add additional pages using the same procedure.

Load Your Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle Layout From Library in Steps

Activating Saved Layouts in Divi Builder

Now comes a glimpse of the Fitness and Gym layout’s appearance. I’m very excited. Are you?

Fitness and Gym Layout's Hero Page: Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle Glance

Fitness and Gym: Hero Section Debut

Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle Gym Design: Blog, Pricing & Quote Section Highlights

Exploring Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle’s Fitness Layout Sections

Showcasing Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle's Gym Layout Design

Exploring Fitness and Gym Layout

Dive into the Multipurpose Divi Webkit Series

The Ultimate Divi Module Bundle doesn’t stop here, it has now launched the Multipurpose Divi Webkit Series. This bundle now boasts 11 newly launched webkits, enhancing your design arsenal. Each of these webkits, like the Handyman Repair Services or the Construction Solutions Service, offers a multitude of section styles and detailed page designs. For instance, the Multipurpose Construction Solutions Service webkit alone presents over 110 section styles and 4 detailed pages.

Discover 11 New Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle Design Webkits

Divi Webkit Series: the Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle Expanded

Importing the Multipurpose Divi Webkit Files

Importing the webkit files is simple. Navigating to the supplementary folder of your UI module bundle, you’ll find the ‘Ultimate Multipurpose Divi Webkit‘ folder. It encompasses everything from business webkits to specialized ones like Handyman Repair Services. You don’t have to start from scratch; each webkit delivers a rich collection of section styles – think of dedicated styles for ‘About Us’, ‘CTA’, ‘Footer’, and more, empowering you to personalize your site just the way you envision it.

In the supplementary folder, you’ll find essential files like widgets.wie and posts.xml. Follow the steps discussed above to import the widgets.wie file. If you navigate to the pages folder, there are more in-store: options to import specific page styles into the Divi theme builder. From the blog page to the service page, import into the Divi theme builder. This setup ensures that while you focus on crafting a remarkable website, the technicalities remain hassle-free.

Here comes the interesting part – importing your Divi UI modules and layouts to the Divi Cloud to gain access to every element of your web designing tool in a manageable way.

Integrating the Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle with the Divi Cloud

With over 5000+ styles, it can be overwhelming to navigate through all the options. Not only do they take up space, but they also make navigation challenging. The Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle allows you to save your modules, layouts, and webkits to the Divi Cloud. However, you’ll need a Divi Cloud Membership to save your layouts and styles to the cloud.

To integrate, create a new page and click the ‘+’ sign. In the upper right-hand corner, select the ‘Sign In To Divi Cloud’ option and enter your login details.

Divi Cloud Sign Up to Insert Theme Builder Set

Signing in to Your Divi Cloud

Select the module or layout styles from the UI Module Mega Bundle folder and drag them into the library. Then, choose “Import to Cloud“.

Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle Styles: Cloud Integration

Drag, Drop, and Import to Cloud

Once it’s imported, go to “Add from Library” and select “My Divi Cloud” listed on the left sidebar. Each imported style and layout will have a blue cloud icon next to it, indicating a successful import. This same process applies to layouts and websites. After saving your layouts, you can view them in the “My Divi Cloud” section.

Navigating Your Divi Cloud Imports

Divi Cloud organizes your cloud items into categories, folders, and favorites. By managing the complete UI Bundle in the cloud, you can streamline your work with ease.


Get your hands on this fastest-selling ultimate UI module for only $29 and unlock 5000+ module styles, 35 layout packs, 82 elements, and 11 multipurpose Divi webkits. You’ll only pay once for this valuable bundle and enjoy lifetime access. 

Here’s the good news: if you have a Divi VIP membership, you can avail yourself an extra 10% off the Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle. Moreover, the support team for the Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle is incredible and guarantees a fast response. Reach out to them anytime, and they’ll offer prompt solutions and guidance.

Additionally, if you purchase the Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle today, you can explore it risk-free – thanks to a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle: Lifetime Access for $29

Divi VIP? Save More on the Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle!

Final Verdict

For the final words, I’m convinced that the Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle is an invaluable asset for your web design toolbox. It stands as one of the most popular third-party products in the Divi Marketplace, encompassing a wide range of module designs, section styles, and pre-made layouts. You have the flexibility to mix and match these components to craft stunning websites. I trust this will elevate your experience beyond the constraints of the default builder and get you a head start on developing diverse Divi projects.

We’ve only scratched the surface of what’s included in this UI bundle. Touted as the most expansive design collection ever crafted, it certainly provides great value for your investment. In this blog, I’ve outlined methods to import modules, layouts, and webkits, highlighting the wide functionalities on offer. I hope that this introduction ignites your creativity, pushing your designs to new heights. With all the steps laid out, you’re now well-equipped to delve into the Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle and unleash the true potential of your design.


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