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Are you tired of reinventing the wheel every time you start a new project? Imagine having a bag loaded with dynamic designs, vibrant themes, and pre-made layouts ready to be pulled out and used to create an all-new website, just like that. The good news? You don’t have to imagine it anymore, because with Divi Cloud, we make it happen!

In this age of digital media, to target a greater piece of the pie, websites have to be competitive. This means, your website has to stand out from the crowd and bring its top-notch game. Also, the website-building process must be speedy. Luckily, Divi Cloud ensures both. 

After reading this article, you will learn how to be well-equipped with one of the best designing materials out there and how to put it to the best use. You will also learn how you can enrich your toolkit by saving your favorite ready-to-go layouts, headers, footers, themes, and templates. All-in-one cloud storage for Divi.

Let’s Dive straight into it!

Introducing Divi Cloud: Your Strategic Designing Partner 

Divi Cloud is a platform that allows users of the Divi WordPress Theme to save, store, and share their templates, themes, and designs. In short, you can save anything and everything and later use it for quick website design and development.

When it comes to website building, let’s be honest, it gets too hectic, but it doesn’t have to be! With Divi Cloud, you can effortlessly juggle between different Divi layouts, themes, designs, and templates. Gain access to every element of your “toolbox” when designing your website. While also being fast, creative, innovative, and flawless – All at the same time! 

Picture this: You start a new project, and instead of starting from scratch, you effortlessly access your crafted templates, themes, and many more. The result? Boosted productivity and seamless workflow that allows you to focus on truly what matters.

Store Divi designs, themes, layouts, and templates

Benefits of Divi Cloud

Diving into the benefits of Divi Cloud, the impact on your web design ventures is profound. Here are a few of the many Divi Cloud benefits. These will help you understand why Divi Cloud is a must-have collaborative web design partner.

Seamless Integration 

Divi Cloud allows you to store your favorite designs, templates, themes, and many more in one organized hub, eliminating the need to search for them across various locations. This cloud storage for Divi helps busy designers and builders easily access and effortlessly utilize all their favorite items.

With Divi Cloud, your creative journey flows smoothly as your custom layouts, themes, and designs seamlessly integrate across your entire digital portfolio. It empowers you to streamline your creative process efficiently across the digital landscape. 

If you’re interested in maximizing your efficiency with Divi, you’ll find these masterful tips and tricks for an enhanced web design experience to be invaluable!

Easy Access

When building a website, Divi Cloud ensures that all of your saved items are waiting for you inside the visual builder. This means every content element and design you save inside the cloud becomes quickly accessible on all the websites you build. The best part? No need to export/import Divi layouts from one website to the other. Use what you need, when you need, and where you need all with the help of Divi Cloud.

Browse Visually 

After saving your items, you can also view them because Divi automatically generates screenshots and thumbnail images for each content element and design stored. This enables you to select items by viewing them directly instead of guessing file names! All you have to do is open your Divi Cloud Library and select your saved items by viewing them. Piece of cake!

Includes images and thumbnails of your saved items

As you explore the possibilities of Divi and its versatile features, you might also find yourself curious about other powerful tools in the WordPress Ecosystem. When it comes to selecting the best page builder plugins, your choice can significantly impact your design workflow. To guide you in this decision-making process, consider delving into The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best WordPress Page Builder Plugins. It offers insights and comparisons that complement your journey towards creating exceptional websites. 

Streamline Your Collection 

In addition to storing your designs and content elements, Divi Cloud organizes your cloud items into categories, folders, and favorites. While managing it all in the visual builder, you can also edit, delete, restore, rename, preview, and the list goes on!

Streamlined collection management for websites

When optimizing your design workflow with Divi’s Theme Builder, adopting best practices becomes essential for achieving polished and efficient results. To gain a deeper understanding of these practices, explore Divi Theme Builder Best Practices to elevate your web design approach. 

Features That Define Divi Cloud 

Now you know about the amazing benefits Divi Cloud offers, let’s briefly talk about Divi Cloud Features! 

Unlimited Layout Storage 

With Divi Cloud membership, you can enjoy unlimited storage and unlimited usage. Enabling you to save as many items to the cloud for a small monthly fee. Now, you don’t need to compromise on the variety and quantity of your stored items. Get yours now and start enjoying unlimited storage with Divi Cloud. 

Visual Builder 

You’ll find your Divi Cloud right inside the visual builder. This means that you can easily access your stored items while building your website simultaneously! And no, you don’t have to change a single tab. With this, designing and customizing your website becomes an enjoyable journey. Experience full control over your creative vision. 

Discover the convenience of having your Divi Cloud seamlessly integrated directly within the visual builder itself. Embrace this streamlined process and embark on an enjoyable journey of designing and customizing your website!

Build Everything with Divi’s Visual Builder

Safe & Secure 

With Divi Cloud, your data is safeguarded with a robust layer of security. Divi Cloud ensures your security by authenticating through your Elegant Themes username and password. You can employ Divi Cloud across any website without granting access to clients or their sites. Thereby, creating a safe environment for your creative work.

Navigating Divi Cloud Membership and Pricing 

Curious about how to access this remarkable tool? Divi Cloud offers membership plans that cater to different needs. Whether you’re an individual designer or part of an agency, there’s a membership option that suits you. The pricing structure is designed to ensure that you get the best value for your investment, unlocking the full potential of Divi Cloud’s Features and capabilities. 

As you harness the different capabilities of Divi, you might be intrigued by the potential of generating revenue through membership sites! These sites offer a dynamic platform to share premium content and engage a dedicated audience. Allowing you to monetize with Divi. 

Divi Cloud – Roadmap and Integration

As Elegant Themes continue to innovate, the Divi Cloud roadmap promises exciting updates and announcements. The team’s commitment to refining the platform ensures your web design experience steps up the game. Moreover, Divi Cloud’s seamless integration with the Divi website builder guarantees a smooth and intuitive experience, with the two working harmoniously to bring your creativity to life!


In this fast-paced world of web design and development, using conventional methods will take you nowhere! Divi has changed the landscape of websites by making everything accessible and easy. Divi cuts the fluff and keeps things simple. A cut above all, Divi Cloud – allows you to save your designs, templates, and themes. Making it easier to use them perfectly for your next project. 

Its cloud-based design storage, collaborative features, and seamless integrations are tailor-made to boost your efficiency. Say goodbye to redundant work!

Having Divi is definitely a plus, however, having Divi Cloud is the ultimate solution for busy professionals. Enabling them to effortlessly create web pages and designs with the help of saved items in the cloud.

So far, If you have liked Divi,  then you’re going to love Divi Cloud! You can explore the different Divi Cloud Pricing packages here and take advantage of our Summer Sale! 

Want to be part of  Divi Cake’s thriving community? Don’t hesitate to reach out directly, contact Divi Cake! 

Your next design masterpiece is a Cloud away.


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