A Guide to the Divi Marketplace: From Users to Creators

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Every Divi owner has access to the basic modules and functionality that Divi offers. However, to stand out in the competing world of websites, you’ve to run a further mile with diverse design options, enhanced capabilities, and a fast turnaround. In essence, that’s what Divi Marketplace is in a nutshell – your invaluable resource of tools and integrations that empower you to add creative and robust functionality to your website, all in one place.

With thousands of web tools at your fingertips on the internet, it can be overwhelming to find the one that serves you best. Enter Divi Marketplace. At the heart of the Divi Marketplace is a community of third-party creators working hard to understand the needs of users like you. These passionate individuals are committed to designing user-centric layouts, seamless Divi extensions, and other advanced child themes that aren’t just functional, but revolutionary.

Let’s dive deeper into what sets the Divi Marketplace apart as a stellar platform for a Divi creator and user, and how you can design top-performing websites with the wealth of tools and resources available at the Divi Marketplace.

Exploring the Divi Marketplace: A Peek into its Ecosystem

Divi Marketplace, a platform by Elegant Themes – is an ecosystem where third-party creators can build and sell their products directly to DIVI users. As a Divi user, you can purchase anything Divi-related from the Divi Marketplace. From Divi layouts, modules to Divi child themes, plug-ins, and extensions – it’s a one-stop-shop for your exquisite website. 

The best part? If you’re a developer or designer, you can take the creator’s seat, and become a part of an elite crowd of skillful creators on Divi Marketplace, simplifying the website-building journey for many. You’ll find out more about this later in this article.

Divi Marketplace Hompage

For the Divi Users: Navigating and Purchasing

Whether you’re an expert looking for ways to fast-track the site creation and introduce new features to your client’s website – or it’s your first time designing a website, Divi Marketplace has you covered with hundreds of options. From Divi’s top sellers to new arrival products, it’s your gateway to both cost-effective and cutting-edge web solutions.

However, browsing through hundreds of products can be quite a chore. That’s where the filters come in handy. Use filters to narrow down selections by pricing from category to rating. If it’s a specific category, you can also use the search option to yield results tailored to your keyword. 

Guide to Purchasing and Importing Divi Marketplace Products 

Once you’re a member of Elegant Themes, the next steps are straightforward. First, you log into your account. Next, navigate to the Divi Marketplace, where you’ll find all the products enlisted in each category like Divi Extensions, Child Themes, Layout Packs, and Divi Modules. Within these categories, you’ll discover both free and premium products tailored to your needs.

After getting the desired Divi product, then comes downloading. Go to the product page from your Customer Dashboard. Upon downloading, you can easily import it to your WordPress site.

Divi Modules

Divi has an extensive collection of modules to cater to nearly every functionality. However, there are instances when you need something extra, a custom module to incorporate custom functionality into your web design. And that’s exactly what Divi Marketplace offers. With 200+ custom modules at your disposal, integrating any custom module onto your website has never been simpler. When you purchase a Divi Module it starts appearing in the module list within the Visual Builder, ensuring a user-friendly experience. 

Divi Layouts

Divi allows you to create a page layout using Visual Builder. You get to decide the placement of sections, rows, and modules. However, often Divi’s pre-crafted layouts align with your desired aesthetic, ensuring responsive placement of every content element and saving you tons of time. Whether you’re aiming for a fashion-centric layout or one tailored to showcase your business services, Divi Marketplace has it all for you.

Divi Extensions available in Divi Marketplace

Browse Divi Extensions

Divi Child Theme

Divi child themes are more than a simple CSS layer. They grant you greater control over your website by allowing modifications to the source code. Divi Marketplace has a range of child themes to create a unique look and feel for your site.

Divi Child Themes on Divi Marketplace

Browse Divi Child Themes

Divi Extensions

Divi extension is a plug-in that allows you to add custom modules and custom functionality to your Visual Builder It features a selection of top-notch Divi Extension packages tailored to your requirements. Many Divi Extensions in the Divi Marketplace prioritize quality over quantity, bundling together the most useful modules.

Marketplace listing of Divi Extension

Browse Divi Extensions

Unlimited Access to your Products in Divi Marketplace

Elegant Themes follows a license structure that grants you access to the purchased product. Once you have access to the product from the Divi Marketplace, it’s yours forever, for as many websites as you like. 

Not only this, you also receive every update and get any support related to the product for a year. Every creator has its support team, ensuring to provide you with the best support possible. 

Are you wondering how getting support from the third-party creator will work? Well, it’s simple. Elegant Themes handles all the support through their platform. Just click on the support tab on the product page and generate a ticket, and you’ll receive a response from a creator as soon as possible. Furthermore, support is only available to you once you’ve purchased the product.

Once your license expires after a year, you won’t have access to the support team, the latest updates, or the option to re-download the product. To regain these privileges, you’ll need to renew your purchase.

Having said that, even after the license expires, you can keep using the downloaded product for a lifetime across various websites. This makes it a small investment with a great return. While we’re on the topic of investment and return, let’s dive into a great opportunity by Elegant Themes that allows you to become a creator and make money through Divi Marketplace.

Cost Breakdown: Understanding Divi Marketplace Pricing

When it comes to cost, it often varies based on your website’s functionality, scope, complexity, and budget. Most products in the Divi Marketplace are very affordable, with prices ranging from $1.99 to $50. While there are exceptional choices available at every price point, investing in high-quality marketplace products that offer pleasing aesthetics and hundreds of options, you get to stand out in the saturated website market.

Additionally, beyond its premium products, you can get 30+ free layouts and extensions in the Divi Marketplace. These resources offer adaptability, enabling you to customize and introduce a distinct web aesthetic.

Elegant Theme also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, allowing you to thoroughly test and experience the quality of the product with confidence. 

Top-Seller Products in the Divi Marketplace

Divi Marketplace has over 570 stellar products, each offering a specific purpose. From an array of layouts to a vast selection of child themes and extensions, Divi Marketplace acts as a springboard for your creativity, enabling you to construct robust and appealing sites. Following are some of the top sellers.

Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle

With over 1,000 sales, the Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle stands out as one of the most sought-after layouts in the Divi Marketplace. It comes with 5550+ Styles, 35 Layouts Pack, 11 Multi-purpose Webki, and 82 elements, making it the fastest-selling bundle of 2023. A comprehensive package for your ultra web design for only $29.

Ultimate Divi Module UI Bundle: The designer’s favorite

Introducing the Ultimate Divi Module UI Bundle

Divi Carousel Module 2.0

With its easy-to-navigate functionality, the Divi Carousel Module 2.0 plug-in works like a charm. This plug-in comes with numerous advanced customization options, enabling you to create elegant images, testimonials, and logo carousels. Unlike other Divi plug-ins, the Divi Carousel Module 2.0 offers a rich content slider, assuring you full control within this module. Additionally, it empowers you to create unlimited carousels for your websites, all at just $29, backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Divi Carousel Module 2.0: A game changer in Web Sliders

Features of Divi Module 2.0

Divi Supreme Pro

With 9000+ sales, the Divi Supreme Pro extension offers more than 60 modules, 8 extensions, and over 40 premium Divi layouts, making it a comprehensive product with extensive functionality. With its user-friendly modules and extensions, this Divi Supreme Pro integrates seamlessly with the Divi Theme Builder. Level up your game, and join 9461 other skilled web designers by acquiring Divi Supreme Pro for just $79.

Divi Supreme Pro toolkit: Layouts, Modules, Extensions

Functional Web Design with Divi Supreme Pro

Likewise, the Divi Marketplace houses hundreds of versatile products available in the Divi Marketplace focusing on intuitive interfaces, smooth integration, and subtle animations. Most importantly, these pre-made layouts, extensions, and child themes save you significant time at cost-effective prices. Additionally, all these packages come with 1-year support and updates, a 30-day money-back guarantee, and unlimited website usage.

For the Divi Creators: Crafting and Selling

Divi Marketplace is a third-party repository for Divi creators worldwide. So, if you’ve development or creative skills, you can build your own Divi products and sell them on the Divi Marketplace. 

Divi Marketplace creator sign-up prompt

Become a Creator on Divi Marketplace

The Divi Marketplace is a thriving ecosystem where creators can showcase their talent to more than 800,000 users with amazing ratings. Divi users regularly incorporate Divi products into their websites, making it a versatile platform for Divi creators to generate revenue and get their skills utilized in the right place. It not only provides exposure but also connects you with a community of equally skilled creators like you. 

Every day, Divi creators are working hard to develop various modules, new extensions, advanced plug-ins, and innovative child themes, offering web developers the chance to explore new functionalities. If you join today, your skills will be more valued after the pandemic, given the surge in online business demand.

Another significant advantage of showcasing your products on the Divi Marketplace is that there’s no need to market your products extensively. Since Divi is used by millions of users and many incorporate various Divi products into their websites, it paves an easier path to success, allowing you to focus more on developing and creating new products. Plus, elegant themes support developers in achieving great prominence within their community.

How to Become an Approved Divi Developer

If you’re a developer with expertise in designing layouts, building modules, or creating child themes, you can apply easily through this form. After applying, if you’re shortlisted, the Elegant Themes team will reach out to you regarding your acceptance in the Divi Marketplace.

 Log into your creator's account prompt

Creator log-in for Divi Marketplace

Once you join the elite community of approved developers and designers, Divi handles Payment assistance, Processing fees, chargeback fees, Version upgrades, downloads, and licensing for your product, enabling you can easily focus on getting your products out in the world. 

For a few years, Elegant Themes has been working continuously to build a safe space for its creators to share their Divi extensions, child themes, and layouts with the extraordinary Divi user base. Not only this has resulted in an evergreen ecosystem, but also encouraged the creators to produce even more advanced resources.

Divi Marketplace Listing: Key Requirements

The next question that arises is: What criteria must I meet to submit my products to the Divi Marketplace?

Your products must adhere to WordPress standards and practices. That implies that your product must seamlessly integrate with WordPress’s core platform and be compatible with WordPress setup, ensuring optimal performance across all platforms.

Your products must follow developer guidelines. This ensures that all the changes made to your product are first reviewed by the Elegant Themes team before being implemented. Additionally, all the updation will take place from Divi’s own update system. You’re not allowed to make updates from your system.

Divi’s user base has specific expectations for user experiences and expects quality products. Your design must comply with Elegant Themes design standards, emphasizing a minimalist approach, avoiding complexity, and sticking to a design that aligns with Divi themes. Divi is a complex tool, so every custom interface must have a purpose and uphold visual elegance.

Another prerequisite for your product is obtaining a GPL license. GPL license guarantees that your product is free to use, modify, and share – protecting user rights and giving Divi users legal permission to make changes, disseminate the software, and so on.

Why Divi Marketplace?

Every time you purchase a product from Divi Marketplace, you’re supporting a creator working extensively on new functionalities, modules, and layouts to supercharge your web design ventures. Plus, you’re contributing to a thriving ecosystem that motivates creators to hone their expertise and deliver top-tier products.

Elegant Themes doesn’t add its own products to the Divi Marketplace. Rather, their primary purpose is to provide a platform for creators to give them exposure without compromising on the quality. While Elegant Themes does support third-party Divi creators across the globe, it’s only after a thorough review, refinement, and rigorous quality assurance testing. The highly skilled team at Elegant Themes ensures that every product must meet their quality standards. This way Divi Marketplace has evolved into a platform where both creators and users derive value for the right reasons.

Final Thought:

Divi Marketplace is more than just a platform; it’s an ecosystem where users meet the creators. When you buy a product from third-party creators, you’re not only supporting them economically but also motivating them to introduce more innovative and cutting-edge products to the marketplace. 

Additionally, with a repository of 570+ advanced layouts, custom modules, and modern child themes at competitive prices, endless opportunities await you in the competitive web landscape. Crafting responsive designs, building modern headers, and creating powerful menus have become straightforward with the seamless integration of these tools. Moreover, enhancing your website’s aesthetic appeal and functionality propels your site to unparalleled heights.

In conclusion, Divi Marketplace is a platform where 800,000+ users interact with global creators worldwide, fostering a culture of innovation and excellence. Whether you’re a Divi user or a developer, start your adventure with Divi Marketplace, and discover the exceptional experience of web designing. 


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