One of the best things about Divi is the free layouts available from those in the Divi community. Layouts are easy to use and provide a great place to start – saving you lots of design-time. Add your own styling and photos, move or edit modules, expand or reduce the layout, etc. to create something that’s uniquely yours. In this article, we’ll take a look at 20 free Divi layouts you can download today. They’re in no particular order.

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1. Holiday

Holiday is a one-page layout that includes styles sections, buttons, true parallax, CSS parallax (both with and without overlays), testimonials, icons, and images. The nicely designed buttons with their hover effects and the slim message section make this one stand out. Click here to download holiday from LoveDivi.

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2. Logistic

Logistic is a one-page layout that was designed for logistics and transportation companies. It has 9 sections including a CTA with hero image and overlapping contact information. A blurb module displays icons on hover with no buttons. An icon section describes your services. It builds a full-width gallery slider with a CTA and gallery modules. The quote section combines a testimonial with a contact form. It even includes counters, testimonials, and a CTA section.

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3. Anchor

Anchor is an elegant one-page layout that includes lots of CSS animations. The CSS code is provided on the download page. An image displays behind the menu above the parallax hero image. It has a quote section, two-column about section, a two-column split-screen section in true parallax, multiple full-screen images with quotes in parallax, a nice cutout that leads to a custom footer with email opt-in form, and lots more. A section with images and text can be used as links to pages.

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4. Adventure

Adventure is a beautiful one-page layout featuring many great and unique sections. According to its developer Maciej Ekstedt, Adventure is best suited for travel agencies, personal/travel blogs, portfolios, photo galleries and more. This layout provides a great starting point for your next Divi project. It’s got a gorgeous design so check it out.

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5. Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing was designed with marketing agencies and web developers in mind. It includes five custom pages: landing, about, services, service, and contact. Free images and graphics are included. I like the blue and orange color scheme. Features include angled section dividers, gradients for backgrounds and buttons, and lots of overlapping elements. If you’re looking for a clean design that stands out, this is a great choice.

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6. Multipurpose

Multipurpose is a one-page layout that was designed to build a landing page for any type of website. It includes a gradient hero section with a CTA in the overlay, an interesting about section, overlapping counters, blurbs, a slim CTA in parallax with a gradient overlay, testimonials, and a split-screen contact form and map. The parallax gradients are small but they give the layout a lot of color with little effort.

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7. Elegant Authors: Divi Layout for Book Authors

Elegant Authors is a pretty layout optimized for telling people about a new book whether you’re an author yourself or just building a book website for your client. This layout is both fun and serious. Elegant Authors has many sections for many features; It has a section for testimonials, a section about the author, sections for photos and information about the book, and of course, contact information including a form. Customize this layout as you please to fit the feel your book is looking for.

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8. Happily

Happily is a one-page layout for weddings. It uses an elegant design to showcase a full-width image with an overlay that blends into the next section and displays the title. This same design is used throughout the layout. The bride and groom are showcased with styled person modules. A quote is placed in an overlay. Blurbs show the various events with locations and times. A contact form displays over a background image. Colors and fonts match the wedding theme.

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9. Elegant Blog Page

Elegant Blog Layout is a one-page, non-full-width, layout designed specifically for blogs. The content sections are labeled with titles that stand apart. Each of the content elements use shadow effects. The sidebar follows the same styling. It displays the latest posts in a slider followed by featured categories in three columns, and the latest posts in both a single and a double column format. The layout lives up to its elegant name.

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10. Coaching & Consulting

Coaching and Consulting is a one-page layout designed for coaches and consultants, but it can be used for any type of business. A full-screen image displays a title, tagline, and CTA’s. An embedded video with box shadow is placed next to a CTA to describe the business. Styled blurbs show the work process. A full-width section includes a testimonial slider. Styled pricing tables are placed over a background image. The latest blog posts are styled as slim cards. It also includes a styled contact form and a styled section to display client logos.

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11. Coach Business

Coach Business is a one-page layout for coaches in any type of coaching or consulting business. It includes a full-width image with title and tagline and a styled row with a text and image module that overlaps the next section. Styled blurbs show the services provided. A full-width CTA shows the text and link on one side with an image on the other. Another full-width section displays an embedded video with overlapping text within a solid block of color. It also includes styled number counters, testimonials, person modules, and an overlapping CTA.

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12. Catering

Catering is a one-page layout for any type of food business. It displays a full-screen background with title and tagline in an overlay, and images that overlap the next section. Solid blocks of color overlap the backgrounds and include images that overlap both. The blocks include text and icons that match the catering business genre. Vertical lines connect portions of the layout together. It also includes a styled gallery, testimonial, and contact form.

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13. Yoga Studio

Yoga Studio is a one-page layout for yoga instructors that would also work great for any type of fitness or wellness coach. It shows a full-screen background image with four buttons across the bottom. Scrolling reveals four tall images that include titles, overlays, and hover effects to show the services or benefits provided. Classes are shown in blurbs and include hover effects, images, description, and a thumbnail of the instructor. It also includes styled person modules, a contact form, a large footer area with a background image, and some interesting effects for images.

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14. Webly

Webly is a 5-page layout created for web-design businesses. It includes home, about, services, sub page, and contact. The home page has a full-screen image with a tagline, description, and CTA. Scrolling reveals blurbs with images, title, description, and CTA’s to the various services. The layout also includes styled number counters within an overlay with CTA, blurbs as bullets, a contact form within an overlay over a background image, a CTA with overlapping images, and a contact form over a white background.

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15. Small Business

Small Business is a 5-page layout pack that’s designed for any type of small business. It includes home, about us, services, single service page, and contact. It uses a full-screen background in parallax with a title, tagline, and CTA in an overlay. Sections use angled separators. The various sections of the layout use titles with text as images behind the title text. Modules use box shadow effects to make them stand out. Styled modules include images, buttons, blurbs, contact form, testimonials, social follow, and more. The CTA’s include parallax images.

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16. Agency

Agency is a 5-page layout designed with small business, creatives, and consultants in mind. Pages include home, about us, services, sub page, and contact. The home page displays a full-screen image with title and button in an overlay with a styled separator. Blurbs overlap the hero section and display services. A two-column section shows an image to one side and CTA on the other. A testimonial sits within a diamond shape that looks to be created by section separators and background styling. A styled contact form is also included. Modules use box shadow to stand out from the backgrounds.

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17. Grow

Grow was designed for any type of business website. It includes five pages: home, about, services, service, and contact. It uses lots of dark blue and bold yellow overlays to create CTA’s that stand out while giving the design a professional feel. I especially like the services section with blocks of images and blurbs that create a mosaic design and the blocks used to show the services on the services page have a tall card design that almost looks like blog posts.

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18. Author

Author is a one-page layout to create a landing page for an author’s website. It has lots of sections including a hero with CTA, about, featured books, events, blog, newsletter signup, testimonials, logos, and footer. As a bonus, it also includes a blog post layout with a full-width title, author profile image, and a social sharing section. It has lots of animations. I like the featured books that tilt toward you as you scroll to that section.

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19. Divi SAAS

Divi SAAS Landing Page is a multipurpose landing page designed for SAAS (software as a service) companies or any other type of business. Styled sections include hero, services, overview, live chat, testimonials, and newsletter CTA. It has unique shades of purple, blue, and green that are used throughout the layout in backgrounds and graphics. I especially like the testimonial section that shows circled images like bubbles around the testimonial with an image, text, and graphics of quotes in the center.

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20. Divi Hosting

Divi Hosting was designed with domain hosting businesses in mind. It includes five pages: home, about, service, pricing, and contact. The design uses lots of dark blue gradient backgrounds and blue and green gradients for the graphics. Highlights are in bolder colors and stand out nicely. The yellow titles look particularly nice. Many of the sections have extra-wavy dividers. Some have graphics that overlap with dividers. I like the blurbs that are offset from each other and show a bold 3D box shadow on hover.

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Bonus: Elegant Themes Layouts

Elegant Themes provides lots of layout packs with 6-8 pages each in many genres to every Divi user. They’re available within the Divi Builder or you can download them form the ET blog and import them into your Divi Library. They release 2 layout packs every week. They also publish articles with tips on how to customize them even further.

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Ending Thoughts

Well, there you have it – 20 free layouts for Divi that look great and are easy to use. No matter what kind of website you’re building, these free Divi layouts are a great place to start.

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We’d like to hear from you! Do you have any of your own free layouts you’d like us to highlight? Or which is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

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