Why You Need These Divi Blog Layouts

Blogs are an increasingly important part of a website. Many standard Divi blogs don’t have a lot of visual style, as if they’re job is just to provide a place for you to see their latest posts. A great blog design can help draw the reader in and keep them coming back for more. It is crucial that your Divi blog layouts stand out from the crowd and draw your reader in.

Fortunately, there are lots of free Divi blog layouts available with interesting designs and pre-styled modules that you can use as a starting point to create a blog that’s uniquely yours. In this article we’ll take a look at 6 free and premium Divi blog layouts that stand out from the crowd. The layouts are in no particular order.

1. Fashion Blog Page

Fashion Divi blog layout

Fashion Blog Page includes a header with a gradient background, title, divider, and text on the left side, and an image on the right that overlaps the next section. The blog includes a title, divider, text, and posts in three columns that includes the featured image, meta, and short excerpt. An email opt-in is placed over the same background as the header and includes text for location, contact, and hours of operation. This page can also be used as the template for individual blog posts. Images are included without license restrictions.

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2. LMS Blog Page

LMS Divi blog layout

LMS Blog Page uses a full-width color background with a gradient that blends into the white background behind the blog posts. The header includes a centered title and description text. Blog posts are displayed in a single-column layout with large featured image, title, meta, and excerpt. Following this is a centered email form with title, divider, and text. Two blurbs overlap the next section which includes two CTA’s. This page can also be used to create a post template. Images are included and can be used without restrictions.

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3. Single Post Layouts for Divi

Single post Divi blog layout

Single Post Layouts for Divi is a set of five layouts. The first places an image to the left with text, divider, and category buttons, and the title, meta, social follow buttons, divider, and the content on the right. The second layout uses a header image with category buttons and title, author info to the left, and content to the right. The third layout displays the featured image with overlapping social buttons, title, author’s image, meta, and content in a single column. The fourth layout removes the author’s image, places the meta within the featured image, and presents the social buttons and content within a box that overlaps the featured image. The fifth layout uses a featured image with author information overlapping on the right with social buttons and thumbnail image, and title, meta, and content on the left.

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4. Blog Post Layout Pack

Complete Divi layout pack

Blog Post Layout Pack includes three post layouts. They’re designed with editorials, featured articles, and long-form storytelling in mind. The first displays a full-width featured image with title. It includes meta on the left and content on the right, followed by images in single and multi-column, single column text, quotes, opt-in form, and links to other posts. The second layout removes the featured image and places the author’s image overlapping the title and content. The third layout follows a similar design as the first but adds an overlapping image, a slider, and multi-column layouts with images and text.

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5. Seraphina Layout Pack

Seraphina Divi blog layout

Seraphina Layout Pack includes an elegant blog page that matches the styling of the rest of the site. It has a boxed design with each of the elements using a shadow effect. The title and tagline are placed across the top. Posts are presented in a single column with featured image, title, meta, excerpt, and read more button. The sidebar includes an elegant signup form, images with links to categories, and the basic WordPress sidebar widgets- all styled to match the layout’s design. Under the posts is a scrolling SnapWidget to display images, a social follow section with title and tagline, and footer text.

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6. Elegant Blog Page Layout

Elegant Divi blog page layout

Elegant Blog Page Layout creates a blog page with a magazine-style layout that includes a slider, latest posts, featured categories, latest posts by category, and a sidebar in a multi-column layout. The sidebar includes an about widget, social buttons, opt-in form, ads, and the standard WordPress widgets- all styled to match the layout. The individual blog post layout includes a styled sidebar, featured image, styled title and meta, content, styled author box, previous and next buttons, links to other posts with image and labels, and styled comments. Each of the sections are separated by styled dividers.

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Ending Thoughts

That’s our look at 6 premium and free Divi blog layouts to give you a starting point with a professional blog design. Most include elegant blog pages that can be used as blog post templates. Some include blog post templates that help you tell the story. Some even include sidebar styling. All look nice and provide a great place to start for your next blog design.

We want to hear from you. Have you tried one of these Divi blog layouts? Let us know what you think about them in the comments below.

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