12 Divi Layouts and Child Themes for Health and Wellness Websites in 2024

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Unlock the potential of personal coaching with our exploration of 12 Divi layouts and child themes tailored for health and wellness websites. In the thriving industry of personal coaching, both online and offline, a well-crafted website is essential for showcasing services and products to potential clients. Whether you’re in search of signup forms, booking details, product displays, or contact information, these themes offer a comprehensive array of features.

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From versatile multipurpose themes catering to medical and healthcare professionals to niche-specific solutions like Nutrex for nutrition coaching and Divi Dental for crafting stunning dental websites, join us on a journey through 12 distinct Divi layouts and child themes for health coaching websites. Each theme comes equipped with responsive design, pre-built pages, and extensive customization features, providing health professionals with the tools they need to create a distinctive and functional online presence.

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1. Divi Medical & Health Care Multipurpose Child Theme

The Divi Medical & Health Care Multipurpose Child Theme is a versatile solution designed for different health and wellness professionals. It is created for dental practitioners, doctors, clinics, pharmacies, fitness experts, and more. This theme provides a complete package to help you build a strong online presence. With a design that adapts well to various devices, including desktops, tablets, and smartphones, your audience will get a good viewing experience. 

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Divi Medical & Health Care, a Premium  Multipurpose Child Theme for your WordPress Website

Divi Medical & Health Care Multipurpose Child Theme comes with a variety of ready-made pages—65+ options in total. These pages make it easy to develop different parts of the website, whether you’re creating an interesting About Page, displaying your professional work, or managing an engaging blog. It includes 6 home page variations, 5 about pages, 6 contact pages, and numerous other templates for services, case studies, portfolio displays, and more.

Price $29.99 | Find More

2. Nutrex Divi Child Theme 

Are you in the field of Diet & Nutrition Coaching, Nutrition Therapy, or Healthy Food Blogging? Look no further – the Nutrex Divi Child Theme is your tailored solution. With a focus on speed, responsiveness, and high conversion rates, this theme ensures your online presence not only looks good but functions seamlessly across all devices. Perfect for those in the healthy food blogging, nutrition specialist, or diet & nutrition coaching domains, this child theme ensures you’re up and running effortlessly.

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Nutrex, a Premium Divi Child Theme for your WordPress Website

Benefit from a range of features that make Nutrex Divi stand out and enjoy blazing-fast website speed, mobile and tablet-friendly design, and a layout crafted for the highest conversion rates. With well-designed pages, including headers, footers, and 25+ other essential pages, Nutrex Divi offers a comprehensive solution for your nutritional business needs.

Price $49.99 | Find More

3. Medical Fusion: Multipurpose Divi Medical Theme

In the world of health coaching websites, the Medical Fusion Divi Child Theme stands out as a carefully crafted tool specifically designed for the health and medical field. Created with attention to detail, this versatile theme caters to the needs of doctors, dentists, hospitals, health clinics, surgeons, and different health organizations. It offers five unique and visually appealing homepage templates, each carefully designed to meet the specific needs of various medical professionals. Its ‘Hamburger Menu’ feature offers flexibility with a selection of 20 menu icon styles, while the pre-loader option allows for a personalized touch with custom uploads. 

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Medical Fusion, a Multipurpose Divi Medical Child Theme for your WordPress Website

The pages in the Medical Fusion Divi Child Theme are carefully crafted to include everything needed for a health coaching website. This includes different versions of the homepage, About Us, Services, Service Details, Blog, Gallery, Team, and Testimonial pages. Additionally, Medical Fusion is known for being fast and optimized for speed on all major web browsers, making sure visitors have a smooth experience. With user-friendly features, attractive hover effects, and animation options, Medical Fusion is a flexible and visually appealing option for health professionals aiming to create a powerful online presence.

Price $25.00 | Find More

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4. Divi Dental

If you’re setting up your dental clinic or oral health practice online, consider the Divi Dental Child Theme. It’s an all-in-one solution to quickly create fully functional and visually appealing websites. The theme features a stylish design that’s crafted to grab attention and boost your website’s performance on search engines.

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Divi Dental, a Premium Divi Child Theme for your WordPress Website

Divi Dental comes with ready-made pages, saving you time when building your dental or healthcare website. It includes important pages like the Homepage, Office details (featuring Doctors, Staff, and an Office Tour), Patient Testimonials, Treatment Pages, Patient Forms, First Visit info, Treatment Costs, FAQs, Refer a Friend, Map & Directions, and an Appointment Form. These pages cover everything you need. This theme also includes 2 Blog Archive Page Layouts, 5 stylish Header Layouts, and 5 attractive Footer Layouts.

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Divi Dental goes beyond just pages and layouts with features like customizable homepage sections, a ready-to-use child theme, a sleek hero space, and more. It’s perfect for building websites for dental care practices, personal dental practices, cosmetic dentistry services, and medical clinics with dentist services. With Divi Dental, you get a beautiful and functional dental website effortlessly.

Price $29.00 | Find More

5. Divi Child Theme – Medical Doctor

The Medical Doctor Divi Child Theme, priced between $39.95 and $55.00, is designed exclusively for doctors, dentists, and medical professionals. With a unique Divi layout, it provides six custom pages with FontAwesome integration and custom graphics for a clean and responsive design. The theme also includes royalty-free images from Pixabay and Pexels, making it visually appealing and suitable for professional medical websites.

Medical Doctor, a Premium Divi Child Theme for your WordPress Website

The Medical – Doctor Divi Child Theme provides essential features for a successful medical website. It includes a visible phone number, email address, and a patient portal in the top menu for quick communication. The hero image, customizable to individual offices, establishes a medical identity. A user-friendly registration form streamlines patient interactions, and notable sections highlight medical expertise, introduce the team, showcase features with image slide-in effects, and include dedicated registration forms throughout the site. Specialized pages for doctors, clinics, services, and contact details enhance the theme’s functionality.

Price $39.95 | Find More

Divi Layouts for Health Coaching Websites in 2024

6. Divi Medical Layout Pack

The Divi Medical Layout Pack is a complete solution designed for various healthcare services like dental, medical, cosmetic surgery, dermatology, veterinary, and more. Whether you manage a clinic, surgery center, or veterinary practice, this layout pack offers over 20 pages to display your services. It includes an appointment form, doctor’s timetable, service details, team profiles, FAQs, testimonials, pricing, and an attractive gallery.

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Divi Medical Layout Pack for Health Coaching Websites in 2024

Ensuring an optimal viewing experience on all devices, the Divi Medical Layout Pack is fully responsive. Its 21 creative and unique page styles, coupled with an array of Divi Theme Builder elements like headers, footers, and blog layouts, offer versatility to make your website stand out. Apart from its creative and modern design, it also provides awesome hover effects.

Price $15 | Find More

7. Doctor’s Office Landing Page Divi Layout

The freemium Doctor’s Office Landing Page Divi Layout is designed to look professional and clean. It includes eight pages that aim to provide information effectively. The FAQ page is organized with toggles for clear information presentation. The services page is set up to showcase medical services using custom icons, and there’s also a dedicated page for a single service, which is a notable bonus.

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Doctor’s Office Landing Page Divi Layout for Health Coaching Websites in 2024

This layout is designed to be easy for users to navigate as they explore different parts of the health coaching website. The use of original visuals adds a personal touch, allowing Divi customers to match their online presence with their specific branding. The Doctor’s Office Landing Page Divi Layout not only makes the health coaching website look better but also focuses on ensuring a positive experience for users. 

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8. Pharmacy Landing Page Divi Layout

Get the best of both speed and style with the freemium Pharmacy Landing Page Divi Layout, a fantastic addition to the Divi Layout Pack collection. Specifically designed for pharmacies entering the online world, this layout pack provides six unique pages with high-quality designs, original photos, and graphics – all available for free to Divi customers.

Pharmacy Landing Page Divi Layout for Health Coaching Websites in 2024

The Pharmacy Landing Page Divi Layout offers a complete solution for pharmacies looking to go online. With a clear services page and a feature-packed shop page displaying promotional items, this layout ensures a visually appealing and user-friendly experience. Whether you’re an experienced professional or new to health and wellness coaching, this layout pack is your ticket to creating an efficient online pharmacy platform. Explore the six carefully crafted pages, including Home, Shop, Services, Landing, Contact, and About, and elevate your pharmacy in the digital landscape.

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9. Dentist Landing Page Divi Layout

The Dentist Landing Page layout is a great tool for dental professionals seeking a compelling online presence. With six carefully crafted layouts, this free layout enhances various aspects of a dental practice’s digital footprint. From informative Service and Contact pages to visually captivating Dentist Service and Home sections, this layout pack offers a refreshing space for any dental practice to stand out. The unique design elements and industry-relevant color scheme create clean and engaging page layouts that effectively convey essential information about dental services, contact details, discounts, and more.

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Dentist Landing Page Divi Layout for Health Coaching Websites in 2024

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10. Health Clinic Landing Page Divi Layout

Enhance your health coaching website with the Health Clinic Landing Page Divi Layout, a carefully designed pack with top-notch aesthetics exclusively for Divi users. Created for businesses in the health and fitness industry, this layout pack gives your website a professional and polished look, making it stand out in the competitive online space. Featuring seven unique layouts, including Home, Services, Health Clinic Service Page, About, Blog, Contact, and a dedicated Landing Page, this pack covers all the essential pages you need.

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Health Clinic Landing Page Divi Layout for Health Coaching Websites in 2024

The Health Clinic Layout pack is created to improve the web design of medical websites by including custom backgrounds and high-quality images for a professional appearance. Each layout in the pack is carefully designed to offer an engaging and user-friendly experience for visitors. This thoughtful design helps health coaches build credibility and trust with their audience, making it an excellent choice for those looking to establish a strong online presence. Available for free to all Divi customers, this layout pack combines functionality with aesthetics, making it a valuable tool for health coaching websites aiming for a seamless and visually appealing online representation.

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11. Womens Health Center Landing Page Divi Layout

Bring your vision for a women’s health center website to life effortlessly with Divi’s Women’s Health Center Landing Page layout. This thoughtfully designed layout pack, offered for free to all Divi customers, combines top-notch designs, original photos, and graphics. The soft pastel color palette, clean design, and high-quality custom images and illustrations make it an ideal option for creating an attractive online presence for women’s health services.

Women's Health Center Landing Page Divi Layout for Health Coaching Websites in 2024

The free Women’s Health Center Layout Pack brings a blend of striking visuals and user-friendly structure to your website. Featuring original photos and graphics, this pack ensures your website stands out with eye-catching aesthetics. The layout includes eight meticulously designed layouts, covering service pages, resources, contact, blog, about, and a captivating landing page. It provides a comprehensive foundation for your women’s health center website, making it easy to showcase services, share resources, and establish an engaging blog. With readily available assets and structured layouts, creating a visually appealing and user-friendly online platform becomes a simple and efficient process.

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12. Family Doctor Landing Page Divi Layout

The Family Doctor Layout Pack is a top-notch solution for medical professionals looking to establish a polished online platform. Specifically designed for doctors, this layout pack includes eight intricately crafted templates, each addressing various needs in the healthcare sector. Whether it’s booking appointments or providing valuable resources for patients, the Family Doctor Layout Pack ensures a smooth user experience with a clear and modern design. Its easy navigation and visually pleasing aesthetics empower family doctors to display their expertise, creating a strong online presence that reflects the importance of healthcare services.

Family Doctor Landing Page Divi Layout for Health Coaching Websites in 2024

The Family Doctor Layout Pack provides a range of features, including different layouts for Home, Services, Blog, and Contact pages. Each layout is designed to showcase medical services clearly and professionally, creating a polished image for practitioners. The inclusion of original photos and graphics enhances the overall visual appeal, ensuring a seamless and engaging online experience. An extra benefit is that this layout pack is free for all Divi customers, making it a convenient and budget-friendly solution for family doctors looking to enhance their digital presence and connect better with their patients.

Free | Find More

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In the world of health coaching websites, the featured Divi layouts and child themes are essential tools that seamlessly combine beautiful design with strong functionality. Whether it’s the versatile Divi Medical & Health Care Multipurpose Child Theme or specialized options like Nutrex and Divi Dental, each theme addresses the specific needs of health and wellness professionals. With features such as one-click demo import, responsive designs, and dedicated pages, these Divi child themes empower practitioners to enhance their online presence effortlessly. 

Whether you’re a family doctor, a nutrition specialist, or a dental clinic, the Divi layouts highlighted in this post provide a variety of options for a visually appealing, user-friendly, and reliable representation in the competitive digital landscape. Choose Divi for a smooth blend of design, efficiency, and support to take your health coaching website to the next level.

Ready to elevate your health coaching website? Explore these 12 Divi layouts and child themes for a seamless blend of design and functionality. 


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