Can Picking the Right Colors and Tools on Your Website Boost Your Conversion Rates?

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Colors are an important aspect of our everyday life that helps us see the world as it is. Accordingly, colors are also a great tool that you can utilize when you want to boost your conversion rates. The conversion rates your website experiences can greatly help you increase your profit, as well as brand recognition. Furthermore, picking the right colors have a deeper psychological influence on an individual. Picking specific colors can make your brand stand out from the crowd and help you fixate a specific part of your website that the client sees first upon entry. Using these colors, on top of email campaigns, templates, and personalization of marketing can truly do wonders for your website. With that in mind, we will help you realize both how to use colors, as well as other tools to improve your website traffic and the overall increase of profit or interest for your brand.

Boosting Your Conversion Rate – Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Before we talk about ways you can boost your conversion rates we have to understand what they are.

The conversion rate of your website is the total number of visitors that complete a specific goal while on the website. Having a high conversion rate means that your marketing campaign is successful and the services or products you offer attract certain customers. To put it in simple terms, conversion is the data that shows how many visitors are purchasing your services or products. Moreover, the rate of conversion is the number of customers that you successfully upgraded into loyal customers. As far as digital marketing goes, conversion is the most relevant data you can have. To enhance your website’s performance, consider leveraging conversion rate optimization services, a strategic approach that focuses on refining the user experience and fine-tuning elements to maximize the likelihood of visitors completing your desired goals. Now that we know what conversion is, we can discuss what you can do to boost it even more.

Ways you can improve your conversion rate

If you have a website, your main goal will be raising your conversion rate on the website. This means that your traffic needs to convert to meaningful actions that will help you grow your brand even further. To do so, you have to:

Reconsider your offer: The best way to improve your conversion rate is to take your current offer into consideration. By changing your offer, maybe lowering the price, or increasing the service for the same amount, you will most likely attract new people. If the current offer is not attracting enough customers, this is the best solution for that issue.
Optimize your website: Apart from changing the offer on your website, you can also improve the website itself. Some of the things you can do to optimize it include incorporating a bigger CTA (call-to-action) button, upload images of higher quality, make the website mobile-friendly, improve or change the colors of your website, etc. It is also very important for your site to load quickly. This impacts the user experience and also your search engine ranking. Make sure that you use a top web hosting provider such as Cloudways.

Picking the right colors

The importance of the colors you choose for your website is of great importance. Although, at first sight, this might not seem like a big deal, it really is. For instance, how many big companies can you recognize based on the colors of their logos or website? A lot of them, right? Colors, as well as the proper choice of them, can make a difference when you are looking to boost your conversion rates. So, if you have a shop, for example, you would want to find some of the best shop layouts and make sure that the colors are welcoming and inviting. To put things into a perspective, if you are planning on selling or providing a higher-quality product or service, you should opt for a purple-based color. People associate that color with loyalty, quality, and intrigue.

Use saturation of colors to boost your conversion rates

We already know that the right color can have a psychological influence on the website visitor. However, choosing similar colors can leave your website looking rather stale. Instead, opt for saturating the colors on your website to create distinctions. Usually, you should choose your primary color and saturate it to “play around with it”. Establish a global color system for your website and work on making your brand stand out from the other brands. Colors might be a simple way to create your brand, but it is surely quite effective. By choosing different saturation of a specific color, you can create a distinction between certain actions, links, offers, etc.

Conversion optimization tools

The tools you use to optimize your conversion also play a big role in how your brand expands. These tools help you improve performance and analyze your strategy. Furthermore, apart from helping you improve performance, optimization tools you use on your website also help you increase your ROI (return of investments). The return you get from your investments is as important as the services you advertise or provide. Understanding what is happening on your website will help you seek further improvements. These tools, in most cases, will gather data that will help you gain insight into various metrics like sessions, the duration of said sessions, bounce rates, or exit pages.

Understanding website behavior with the use of CRO tools

Once you understand why your visitors behave in a specific way, you can learn what are the areas you should improve and focus on. By using behavior analytics you will gather quantitative data about the ways your visitors use your website. They can help you answer questions like why is the user leaving the website or whether or not the visitor can find what he is looking for. For instance, these tools can help you realize why the visitors are “getting stuck” or bouncing on the landing page. Furthermore, you will understand whether or not your website is “too complicated” to maneuver in. Aside from providing you with useful data, these tools can help you boost your conversion rates by implying the mistakes you have on the website. Later, you can use this data to adjust and optimize your website for easier use.


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