15 Top Yoga Landing Page and Child Themes for Divi (FREE & Premium)

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Welcome to the world of tranquility and wellness, where the fusion of yoga and captivating web design creates an immersive online experience. Whether you own a yoga studio or you’re an instructor, the yoga landing page layouts and innovative child themes for Divi cater to your unique needs in the digital world. 

Let’s discover amazing Divi landing page layouts and child themes made just for yoga lovers. We’ll explore their standout features, benefits, and beautiful designs that make them a perfect choice for anyone in the yoga community looking to create an attractive and engaging online space. 

Divi Landing Page Layouts for Yoga

1. Yoga Studio Landing Page Divi Layout

The freemium Yoga Studio Landing Page Divi Layout stands out as a premier choice for yoga studios looking to create an engaging online presence. Catering to the specific needs of yoga studios, this layout pack offers a niche-oriented landing page and home page. Its unique element is the classes page, enabling both existing and potential students to seamlessly navigate and follow the class schedule across various devices, including desktops, tablets, and phones. 

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Free Yoga Studio Landing Page Divi Layout in 2024

With seven layouts in total, including the Yoga Landing Page, Homepage, About Page, Team Page, Classes Page, Blog Page, and Contact Page, the Yoga Studio Landing Page Divi Layout brings a touch of professionalism and expertise to your website, enhancing its overall appeal.

Free | Visit Here

2. Online Yoga Landing Page Divi Layout

Free to all Divi customers, the Online Yoga Landing Page Divi Layout offers a collection of world-class designs, featuring original photos and graphics. Whether you’re a seasoned yoga instructor or just embarking on your online teaching journey, this layout pack provides the perfect foundation for creating a professional and engaging website. One of the most noticeable features of this layout is that it includes a page for membership pricing to attract new clients and another page for online yoga classes, ensuring a smooth virtual class experience.

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Free Online Yoga Landing Page Divi Layout for WordPress in 2024

With eight distinct layouts, you’ll find everything from a welcoming home page to dedicated pages for courses, classes, pricing, and more. Moreover, it adds original visuals, giving your online yoga presence an authentic touch and making you stand out in the competitive landscape. The layout pack aligns with Divi’s user-friendly interface, allowing for easy customization and personalization.

Free | Visit Here

3. Yoga Instructor Landing Page Divi Layout

The Yoga Instructor layout pack comprises seven thoughtfully designed pages, each serving a specific purpose to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your yoga website. From a captivating Landing page to a detailed Pricing section, an informative About page, and a user-friendly Contact page – every aspect is considered. The inclusion of a Blog page allows you to share valuable insights, while the Yoga Instructor Class Page provides a dedicated space to highlight your offerings. With unique images and a fresh design approach, this layout pack is an all-in-one solution for yoga professionals looking to create a strong online presence.

Free | Visit Here

Yoga Instructor Landing Page Divi Layout for WordPress in 2024

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4. Divi Yoga Category Page Layout 

If you’re in search of the perfect yoga category page layout for your Divi-powered website, then look no further! The Divi Yoga Category Page Layout is a free and versatile theme builder template designed for health and fitness enthusiasts. This layout seamlessly integrates with Divi Theme Builder, offering a customized blog category page template specifically tailored for yoga-related content.

Free Divi Yoga Category Page Layout for WordPress in 2024

This Category Page Template is designed to automatically incorporate dynamic elements for a smooth user experience. The title of the posts and a slideshow displaying the first three posts on the current category page make the content look interesting and engaging. You can effortlessly add a page title through a text module, displaying the post/archive title dynamically. Moreover, you can easily edit the title by accessing the text module settings and updating the HTML as needed to suit your preferences.

Free | Visit Here

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5. Pilates/Yoga

Discover the Pilates/Yoga 1 Page layout for Divi. This free layout, rated 4.00 out of 5 by satisfied customers, caters to Pilates instructors, yoga schools, personal trainers, and dance classes. Created by Divi Theme Examples, this one-page fitness layout looks professional and works well. It smoothly fits with the Divi theme, offering a nice and easy-to-use design. Whether you’re a Pilates enthusiast or a yoga fan, this layout promises a compelling online presence. This layout covers various areas like fitness, personal training, and yoga, showing its versatility. Improve your website with this layout and start your path to a healthy and successful online presence. 

Free | Visit Here

Pilates/Yoga Divi Layout for WordPress in 2024

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 6. Yoga 1 Page

The Yoga 1 Page layout stands out as a tranquil and visually appealing one-page design tailored for yoga and Pilates studios. Offered for free by Divi Theme Examples, this layout features a calming pink color scheme, aligning perfectly with the wellness theme. With a tagline emphasizing its suitability for fitness endeavors, this Divi layout provides a seamless and immersive user experience. Elevate your online presence with the Yoga 1 Page layout and embark on a journey of aesthetic and functional excellence. 

Yoga 1 Page Divi Layout for WordPress in 2024

Yoga 1 page layout is clean, minimal, and inviting. It effectively uses high-quality images and gives a feeling of openness. The layout is also well-organized and easy to navigate with the hero image taking up most of the above-the-fold space. 

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The navigation bar is located at the top of the page and is quite simple, with just a few links to the most important pages, such as “Home,” “About,” “Classes,” “Schedule,” and “Contact.” Below the hero image, you’ll find three sections offering different CTAs. The tiles use icons and short descriptions to communicate the studio’s value proposition quickly. 

Free | Visit Here

7. Yoga Studio 1 Page

Transform your yoga studio’s digital space with the Yoga Studio 1 Page, a free Divi layout offered by Divi Den. This layout is tailored for yoga studios, gyms, and fitness class websites and promises a harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality. With tags like fitness, gym, and yoga, it caters to the wellness industry seamlessly. 

Yoga Studio 1 Page Divi Layout for WordPress in 2024

Available for free through Divi Den or as part of the Divi Den Pro package on the Elegant Themes marketplace, this layout ensures a captivating online presence for your yoga endeavors. For just $169, the unlimited site license via Elegant Themes includes one year of updates and support, accompanied by a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

Free | Visit Here

8. Yoga Landing Page Layout 

Explore an amazing yoga landing page using the Yoga Landing Page Layout, carefully designed with Divi Supreme’s Advanced Modules. You can upgrade your yoga website with a unique and visually appealing design that also ensures it looks good on all devices. This layout is perfect for yoga lovers, combining great looks with practical features.

Yoga Landing Page Layout for Divi in 2024

The color scheme of this layout revolves around three distinct hues: the dominant “Chestnut Rose,” is used to highlight important elements such as headings and buttons, the versatile “Shadow” color serves as a secondary hue for backgrounds, and the soothing “Pampas” color, gracefully adorning select areas of the page as a background. The thoughtfully curated color palette adds a touch of vibrancy and serenity to the overall visual appeal of the Yoga Landing Page Layout. The Yoga Landing Page Layout provides a dynamic and engaging user experience with Text Notation, Image Hotspots, and Icon List modules.

Free | Visit Here

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9. Yoga Divi Layout

Yoga Divi Layout is a carefully crafted landing page made to highlight and promote your yoga center, aiming to bring in new members. It has a sporty and clean look, providing an ideal space to showcase important details about your center, your team, and what makes you unique. Navigating through the Yoga Divi Layout is seamless, thanks to a well-structured menu. Users can effortlessly explore different sections of your website, ensuring a smooth and engaging experience as they discover what makes your yoga center stand out.

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Yoga Divi Layout for WordPress in 2024

The Yoga Divi Layout goes beyond static presentation. Offering a first free lesson, it incorporates a convenient pop-up functionality for users interested in this offer, simplifying the process of leaving contact details.

Simplify your yoga center’s schedule management with compatibility with the “Easy Timetable” plugin. Create and edit schedules with ease, allowing potential members to plan their visits efficiently.

$19 | Visit Here

10. Yoga Layout

For Yoga trainers seeking an optimal landing page, the Yoga Layout emerges as an all-encompassing solution. This well-designed layout has important sections like a clear introduction, attractive pricing details, statistics, and a special area to feature the team of trainers, among other useful features. The layout’s standout feature is its modern minimalistic design, ensuring that your website exudes a contemporary feel rather than appearing outdated.

Yoga Layout for Divi Layout for WordPress in 2024

The Yoga Layout is Mobile Responsive designed to be visually appealing and functional across all screen sizes, guaranteeing a seamless experience for users on various devices.

$10.99 | Visit Here

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Divi Child Theme for Yoga

11. Divi Yoga Theme

Dive into a world of style and practicality with the Divi Yoga Theme for your yoga studio. This WordPress theme is carefully designed for websites related to Yoga, Fitness, Wellness, Spa, Health, and Beauty centers. With its sleek, modern look and easy-to-use features, the Divi Yoga Theme ensures a smooth experience for both website administrators and visitors.

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Divi Yoga, a Premium Child Theme for your Divi Website

Divi Yoga Theme stands out with its four clean home pages, creating an inviting virtual space for your yoga community. The theme goes beyond aesthetics, integrating WooCommerce for easy online transactions. Its 30+ pre-made sections provide a diverse range of layouts, enabling you to showcase your studio’s offerings effortlessly. Whether you need a timetable display, class descriptions, an online yoga classes portal, or a yoga and fitness blog, this theme has you covered.

$19.99 | Visit Here

12. YogaMax – Yoga Divi Child Theme

Discover YogaMax, a sleek WordPress Divi Child Theme crafted for yoga, pilates, and wellness centers. Perfect for yoga studios, gyms, and sports clubs, YogaMax seamlessly blends modern design with essential features to create a user-friendly online space. Enjoy a chic design, full responsiveness across devices, and customizable theme options. YogaMax ensures your website is not only functional but also visually captivating. Its intuitive interface works well with the Divi Theme. 

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YogaMax, a Premium Divi Child Theme for Yoga for your WordPress Website

You can customize how your theme looks through the WordPress Dashboard with the YogaMax child theme. Just turn on custom color options and pick your favorite theme color using the color picker. For a personalized touch, manage the pre-loader feature by enabling or disabling it based on your preference.

$19 | Visit Here

13. Yoga – Divi Child Theme

Achieve a stunning and consistent look on every device with the Yoga Divi Child Theme. Whether you’re exploring yoga classes on your laptop or browsing fitness tips on your phone, this theme ensures seamless performance across all platforms and browsers. Designed with simplicity and flexibility in mind, you can customize settings on different pages easily. No coding skills are required; it caters to beginners, offering a hassle-free experience in crafting an elegant website.

Yoga, a Premium Divi Child Theme for your WordPress Website

Yoga – Divi Child Theme offers fast loading times with minimal and optimized code, making it one of the fastest Divi Child Themes available. It covers pre-built pages, including Home, About Us, Events, Shop, Gallery, Team, Testimonials, System Pages (404, Coming Soon), Contact, and Blog Pages. 

$39 | Visit Here

14. TRoo Yoga Divi Child Theme

TRoo Yoga Fit, a specialized Divi Child Theme, caters to yoga and fitness enthusiasts, offering a perfect fit for yoga studios, fitness classes, sports activities, meditation sessions, gyms, and dance classes. Whether you’re into yoga bars, sports, or meditation, this theme seamlessly blends sports and timetable functionalities. 

TRoo Yoga, a Premium Divi Child Theme for your WordPress Website

With a vast collection of 45+ pages, TRoo Yoga Fit offers a wide range of options for different needs. From slide-in sections to popup video features, this theme transforms your website into a dynamic and engaging platform. The good thing is your yoga and fitness content will shine on every device, thanks to the responsive and retina-ready design. Whether your visitors are on a desktop or a mobile device, they’ll experience your content with crystal-clear clarity. 

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You can craft your website effortlessly with the drag-and-drop Divi Page Builder. The demo content is built using the Front End Divi Builder, providing you with a seamless and user-friendly design experience. Moreover, you’ll experience smooth page transitions that elevate user engagement. TRoo Yoga Fit ensures your website is not just visually appealing but also SEO-ready, helping you reach a wider audience. You can also customize your yoga and fitness website to your liking with a variety of options.

$19 | Visit Here

15. Divi Plus Yoga Child Theme

Enjoy creating an impressive yoga website effortlessly with the Divi Plus Free Yoga Child theme. With 5 expertly designed templates, this theme guarantees a strong online presence for your WordPress site. Customized sections are designed to meet various business requirements and connect with different audiences. You’ll find cutting-edge features and designs, leveraging 11 modules from the Divi Plus plugin’s extensive collection for FREE. These improved and easily adaptable modules enhance your visitor’s experience, providing versatility and functionality.

Divi Plus Yoga, a Premium Divi Child Theme for your WordPress Website

This 5-pack child theme features a fusion of black fonts and vibrant colors, creating an authentic and visually engaging experience. Moreover, Divi Plus Yoga is highly customizable and integrates smoothly with Divi

Free | Visit Here

Final Words

Discover a variety of Divi layouts and child themes for yoga in this blog post that perfectly blend wellness and digital style. Whether you run a yoga studio or you’re a yoga instructor entering the online world, these layouts and child themes cater to your specific needs. From the calm atmosphere of the Yoga Studio Landing Page to the feature-packed various Divi layouts and child themes, each option showcases a thoughtful combination of design and functionality. Not only do they look good but also provide easy-to-use interfaces, useful features, and an authentic touch. Enhance your yoga website with these top-notch Divi layouts and themes, letting your online presence reflect the calm and wellness that yoga represents.

Ready to transform your yoga website? Explore the ideal child theme and layout for your unique journey with Divi.


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