A coming soon page is a great way to inform your potential audience when your site launches. You can capture emails, provide them a way to follow you on social media, provide information about your website, company, and the services you offer. Additionally you can hide the site during an update, tease a product, or redirect users that are not logged in to a special page designed just for them.

In this article, we’ll take a look at a few coming soon pages and layouts built with Divi to help you build your own coming soon, under construction, maintenance, and even special offer pages. The layouts and plugins are in no particular order.

Divi Coming Soon Layouts

These well-designed Divi layouts already include everything you need to inform your visitors when your site will be available. You can even capture emails and provide links to your social networks. They won’t hide the rest of your website though, so you might need to keep all other pages private until you’re ready to go live.

1. Divi Coming Soon Pages Layout Kit by Elegant Themes

This is free layout pack from Elegant Themes’ infamous Divi 100. It includes 8 different layouts; each layout providing a single full-screen page. Some include background images while others are a solid color. They include either a countdown timer, an email opt-in form, or both. Most have a single column with everything centered. One places everything on one side. A few use a two-column design with timer or percentage on one side with email or CTA on the other.

Price: FREE | More Information
This is our affiliate link – We believe in the products we recommend.

2. Divi Coming Soon Layout by A Girl and Her Mac

This free layout provides a full-screen coming soon notification with a full-width slider that uses the entire screen. At the bottom of the screen is a 3-column section with a ¼, ¼, and ½ layout. This section includes a location for your company’s logo, a social media follow with CTA for email, and an email signup that includes text and a styled Bloom form which is included with the layout. Each of these elements is placed over the slider’s image and uses transparency with different levels of gradients. The download includes CSS for the layout and the website has instructions of where to add it.

Price: FREE | More Information

Divi Coming Soon Plugins

These plugins hide your website’s pages from regular visitors, allowing them to only see your coming soon page. This means you can hide your pages even if they’re published. Anyone logged in will see the normal website instead of the coming soon page. They let you use any layout you want for the coming soon page, including the layouts mentioned above.

3. Divi Soon Plugin by Divi Stride

This free plugin displays the coming soon page that you build using the Divi Builder. Once you’ve created your coming soon page (or you can use one of the layouts we discussed above), you can select it from your list of layouts. A new option is added to the Theme Customizer. From here you can enable the coming soon feature, which hides your pages from users who are not logged in. Then choose the layout from the drop-down box. There’s also an option to make it full screen.

Price: FREE | More Information

4. Divi Under Construction Plugin by Superfly

This one’s a premium plugin that lets you display a page designed in the Divi Builder. You can design your own, use one of the two sample layouts that are included, or use any layout you import into the Divi Library. The plugin adds a new menu item to the Divi menu in the dashboard. From here you can enable the coming soon page, choose the page you want to display from the drop-down box, and enter IP addresses that will bypass the coming soon page and see the site itself. Logged in users will see the actual website. The two layouts include headers, background images, testimonials within a slider, blurbs, etc.

Price: $10 for Unlimited Use | More Information
This is our affiliate link – We believe in the products we recommend.

Ending Thoughts

Coming soon pages provide a great way to inform your audience when your website will launch, and provide them a way to follow you on social media and sign up to your newsletter before your website is ready. These four solutions are great choices to build your own coming soon page. I especially like the plugins that disable the rest of the site for visitors who are not logged in while you work on your site in the background. They even let you use any layout you want- making the layouts and plugins in this list an excellent combo.

Have you tried one of these coming soon layouts or plugins? Let us know what you think about them in the comments.

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