One of my favorite things about Divi is the vast amount of third party plugins available to extend its functionality. Most of those plugins are premium but there are quite a few free plugins available that add some interesting features. In this article we’ll take a look at 7 free Divi plugins to download today.

Of course Divi isn’t the only Elegant Themes product that has free plugins available. Stay tuned until the end to see a plugin for Extra and a plugin for Bloom. The plugins are in no particular order.

1. Divi Popup Maker Extension

Divi Popup Maker Extension is an add-on for the Popup Maker plugin. It adds the Divi Builder to Popup Maker and a custom trigger CTA module to the Divi Builder to trigger popups with a Divi button. Add the popup ID to the module and you’re good to go. You can style the popup just like any Divi module.

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2. Divi Advanced Text Module

Divi Advanced Text Module adds a new module to the Divi Builder that expands on the features of the standard text module. It adds an image upload setting and includes height and width selections. The image is then used as bullets and can be styled. The new module is expandable so more features can be added in the future.

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3. ACME Divi Modules

ACME Divi Modules adds several features such as placing the Divi Builder to custom post types, change the project slug to a custom slug, and change the image size and ratio. It also adds several free modules to the Divi Builder including:

  • Slide In – place a title, a custom text, and button.
  • Blog – change the default sorting and add a masonry layout.
  • Portfolio – display any post type and taxonomy.
  • Fullwidth Portfolio – display any post type and taxonomy.

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4. Divi Slimbuilder

Divi Slimbuilder expands your workspace by making the Divi Builder elements, such as titles and buttons, slimmer and widens the work area without making it full-screen so you can see more on your screen. It also displays the admin label as a section title so you can know the type of content within a section at a glance.

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5. Content Visibility for Divi Builder

Content Visibility for Divi Builder adds a field, called Content Visibility, where you can add a PHP Boolean expressions so you can determine if a section, row, or module is displayed. A new field is added where you can enter the PHP Boolean expression. If the expression evaluates to true the section, row, module will display. If the field is left blank will display by default. You can allow the plugin to track usage if you want to help with improvements.

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6. Article Cards Extension

Article Cards Extension is a plugin from Elegant Themes and was their first extension for Divi. It adds some styling to the Divi Blog module’s grid layout including backgrounds behind the category and date, and a hover animation that displays a shadow. The card’s new layout moves the post title and meta to the bottom of the card. You can change the background color for the category and date.

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7. PayPal for Divi

PayPal for Divi adds a new module to the Divi Builder called PayPal Button, allowing you to easily add Buy Now and Donate buttons to your Divi layouts. It’s compatible with the PayPal WP Button Manager plugin so you can add buttons made with that plugin to the new Divi module, adding even more button options to the Divi Builder.

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BONUS 1: Standard Divi Modules to Extra Category Builder

Standard Divi Modules to Extra Category Builder is a plugin for Extra that adds the standard Divi modules to your Extra Category Builder. Since the standard Category Builder only includes 10 modules, this greatly expands what you can do with Extra to create category pages.

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BONUS 2: Redirect for Bloom

Redirect for Bloom lets you add a redirect to any Bloom form by placing the redirect path in the Success Message Text field in the Design settings tab. You can redirect to local or external links. If you don’t want a form to redirect simply input the message you want it to display rather than a link.

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Ending Thoughts

These 7 free Divi plugins are a great way to add some new features to Divi without buying premium Divi plugins. They’re easy to use and add modules to the Divi Builder or style Divi in a way that looks great or makes it easier to use. Extra and Bloom even have a few plugins to expand their functionality. If you want to expand Divi for free, check out these 7 free Divi plugins to download today.

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We want to hear from you. Have you tried these free plugins for Divi? Let us know what you think about them in the comments.

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