One of the most effective ways to display your client’s testimonials is with a slider. Divi doesn’t have a testimonial slider built in, but fortunately there are several great options in the form of third-party plugins. Of course plugins are not your only option. If you want to dig into some simple CSS you can create your own Divi testimonial slider.

In this article we’ll compare the top 3 Divi testimonial sliders (two amazing Divi testimonial plugins and one simple tutorial to create your own) to help you choose the best option for your needs. I’ve added a comparison table so you can easily see their features and compare.

Testimonial Slider

Testimonial Slider is a plugin that adds a new slider module to the Divi Builder to display your testimonials. A new custom post type named Testimonials is added to your dashboard where you can add and manage them.

Your testimonials can be categorized and displayed on a different pages based on those categories, and they can be filtered by category so your potential clients can view only the categories they’re interested in. Display the name, image, company name, URL, and testimonial. You can also display them in your sidebars with the included widget, which also includes several layout options.

Price: $25 | More Information
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Testify is a Divi testimonial slider plugin that adds a new module to the Divi Builder to display and customize your testimonials based on categories. Clients can upload testimonials which you can approve and display. Include the client’s image, a thumbnail, arrows, testimonial, name, and URL. Limit characters and show a custom read more button or custom text.

Show images as round or square and choose the overlay color. Choose from several quote icons and several navigation options that you can style within the module. It also includes a widget with several layout options to display your testimonials in your sidebars. It’s compatible with several forms.

Price: $26 | More Information
This is our affiliate link – We believe in the products we recommend.

Boxed Testimonial Slider

Boxed Testimonial Slider is a tutorial that teaches how to make your own testimonial slider using the standard Divi slider. It’s ideal for beginners. It takes up to 15 minutes to complete and is a great way to dig into CSS. You’ll customize a slider module that can be saved as a global module and reused. The code is provided so you can copy and paste and then add your own testimonials.

Add images, use dot navigation, arrows, etc. It does require you to understand how to use the CSS features of the slider module. Since it uses the standard Divi slider module you can customize it using the same Divi module customizations you’re already used to.

Price: free | More Information


Testimonial Slider Testify Boxed Testimonial Slider
Divi Builder Module
Advanced Customization
Navigation ON/OFF
Client’s Image ON/OFF
Advanced Text Customizer
Arrow Navigation
Filterable Grid Module
Grid Slider
Automatic Updates
Client’s Upload Feature
Limit Characters
Read More Button or Text
Testimonial Management
Price $25 $26 Free


Ending Thoughts

Testimonial sliders are a great way to display testimonials from your clients. They stand out just enough to give your visitors the information they need to become your customers. Plugins let you easily add new testimonials to your slider from the dashboard and even allow your visitors to upload their own testimonials. If you want to dig into CSS you could easily create your own testimonial slider using the standard Divi slider.

No matter which you choose, adding a testimonial slider to Divi is easy and well-worth the effort. The three Divi testimonial sliders we’ve compared here have lots of great features and make your testimonials stand out on your Divi website.

We want to hear from you. Which is your favorite of these three Divi testimonial sliders? Let us know in the comments.

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