How to Add More Icons to Divi

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Divi includes 380 icons that are available to any module that uses icons, and 3 social icons for the footer. While that’s usually enough for most basic websites, it does limit the design possibilities. Fortunately, there are a lot of icons, such as those from FontAwesome and Material Icons, that are free to use.

In this article, we’ll look at how to add those and more icons to Divi.

Divi’s Built-in Icons

Of Divi’s 380 icons, 69 of those are social icons, which includes 23 networks or services with three icons per network. This includes an RSS icon, the standard social sharing icon, and a socializing people icon, so the number of actual networks is closer to 20. In reality, they’re actually three different versions of the same icon: non-circled, circled, and squared, so the design is limited.

There are even fewer social media icons in the theme options. These icons are used in the header and footer. It includes Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. It also includes an RSS icon. This is a good start, but almost anyone would need more than this, or at the very least, a few different networks such as Pinterest, YouTube, or LinkedIn.

Divi’s icons are nice and they get the job done, but the design limitations are really the issue to consider. The fewer icons you have to choose from, the more similar our website’s details will look. It makes sense to have more icons to choose from.

It makes me think of the number of colors we had to choose from, well, a “few” years ago. It wasn’t really that long ago when we could only use 256 colors. Design was limited. Now, we have all the colors we need, so we’re not limited in our color choices. I think of icons in the same way. 380 icons is a lot to choose from, but it’s still limiting. Imagine if that were tripled or quadrupled. Having more icons opens up design possibilities in those small details that make our sites stand out from the rest.

How to Add More Icons to Divi with Icon Plugins

Fortunately, there are a lot more icons that we can add to Divi. Also, fortunately, it isn’t hard to add them. The easiest way I’ve found is by using a plugin. Here are a few of my favorites. They’re in no particular order.

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1. Divi Icon King

Divi Icon King adds close to 2000 FontAwesome and Material icons to the Divi Builder. It adds search and filter features to any module that uses icons to help you easily find the perfect icon for your needs. It’s easy to use. I’ve reviewed this here on the Divi Cake blog: Divi Icon King: Divi Plugin Review.

  • 2000 icons
  • FontAwesome
  • Material icons
  • Search feature
  • Filter feature

Price: $19.97 | More Information

2. Divi Icons Pro

Divi Icons adds over 2400 icons to the Divi Builder. It includes 360 custom icons, over 1200 FontAwesome icons, and more than 900 Material icons. They integrate into the Divi Builder and they’re customizable. You can search them and filter them to help find your icons easily. It’s available in a free and a premium version.

  • Divi Builder Integration
  • Search
  • Filtering
  • 360 Custom Icons
  • 1200 FontAwesome Icons
  • 900 Material Icons

Price: Free ─ €25.00 | More Information

3. WP and Divi Icons

WP and Divi Icons adds over 2500 icons to both WordPress and the Divi Builder. You can use them in your posts even if you’re not using the Divi Builder. It includes FontAwesome, Material icons, 400 custom designed icons, 48 multi-colored icons, and a customizer so you can create your own library of color combinations. You can see them in the live preview. The icons are searchable. It’s available in both a free and a premium version.

  • Adds 2500 icons to WordPress and Divi
  • 400 custom designed icons
  • 1300 FontAwesome icons
  • 930 Material icons
  • 48 Multi-colored icons
  • Customizable colors
  • Search feature
  • Includes AI, PSD, SVG, and PNG

Price: Free ─ $39 | More Information

4. Divi Icon Party

Divi Icon Party adds 34 social media icons to Divi and makes it easy to use them in new locations such as menus, headers, and footers. You can enable or disable any of the icons in the Divi theme options. They can be customized in the same way the normal social icons in the header and footer can.

  • 34 social media icons
  • Use them in menus, headers, footers
  • Enable or disable them in the Divi theme options

Price: $27 | More Information

5. Divi Social

Divi Social adds 25 new icons to your Divi header and footer. Enable or disable any of the icons in the theme options, and customize them in the theme customizer. The social networks open in a new tab. It shows the name of the network on hover, which is handy if you want to confirm that you’re clicking on the correct icon.

  • 25 social icons for headers and footers
  • Enable in the theme options
  • Customizable
  • Opens in new tab
  • Shows name on hover

Price: $4.99 | More Information

6. DP 404 Page & Header and Footer Social Icons

DP 404 Page & Header and Footer Social Icons is a 2-in-1 plugin that adds both a 404 page feature and 10 new social icons for your headers and footers. You can enable or disable the icons in the theme options. You can also choose to have them open in a new tab.

  • 10 social icons for headers and footers
  • Enable in the theme options
  • Opens in new tab

Price: $10.00 | More Information

Ending Thoughts

The 380 icons built into Divi aren’t anything to sneeze at, but adding more is always a good idea to help expand your design options. This list of plugins makes it easy to add thousands of new icons that are freely available. Several even include custom icons that you can’t get anywhere else. A few even have some customization features. Adding new icons to Divi couldn’t be easier.

Have you added more icons to Divi? Let us know about your experience in the comments.


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