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This plugin has been depreciated

NOTICE: This plugin has been officially deprecated as of Divi 4.13. This version of Divi added a large number of these icons to the Divi core and continuing development of this plugin could lead to inconsistencies so I’ve made the difficult decision to sunset this plugin. Thanks to everyone who has supported its development over the years and the mission to help make Divi the best it can be.

Divi Icon King gives you access to almost 2000 Font Awesome and Material Icons directly in the Divi Builder, so you can easily apply them natively to blurbs, buttons, galleries, right from the Divi Builder.

With all of those new icons, it’s going to be a lot to sort though to find the find the one icon you’re looking for – that’s why I’ve built custom filters AND a search box so you can quickly find the perfect icon for your element.

Most other icon plugins are great about helping you to load libraries like Font Awesome on your website, but actually using the icons involved writing custom CSS for each icon you wanted to use.

And if a client wanted to change an icon? That was a whole ordeal.


This plugin IS compatible with both the Divi and Extra themes and both the Visual Builder and standard Divi Builder.

This plugin uses Font Awesome 4.7.

This plugin is compatible with the Divi Web Design Slider Animate plugin.

If you purchase this plugin and find it’s conflicting with another plugin, definitely let me know about it and I’ll do my best to make the plugins compatible. I want Divi Icon King to play nice with as many 3rd party Divi plugins as possible. We’re all in this together!

Forward Thinking

This plugin was built without creating any custom modules that would need to be maintained, meaning it’s compatible with all of the core Divi modules that let you choose an icon for something.

It also means there is less potential for conflict and hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if it even worked with 3rd party plugins, providing they follow Divi’s coding practices.

Product Support

I want my products to be the best that they can be. Run into any trouble using my products or find a bug? Let me know about it on my support page!

Product Support & Contact Information

If you have any support related or other questions, please contact Alex Brinkman – Green Tree Media via the form located on their Author Profile.


  • Great Plugin

    I compared a few divi icon plugins, a few had plugin conflicts and were pricy. Love this plugin! thank you!

  • Great software, AMAZING SUPPORT!

    I’ve been using Divi Icon King for a while now with no problems. It’s great, simple and wonderful. My computer took a dive and I noticed the icons weren’t showing up in a number of browsers during the rebuild so I reached out. I figured it’d be days… less than 20 minutes later, Alex and I had exchanged a half dozen emails, and he had fixed it. WOW! Talk about being on top of things and committed to customer support!

  • It works but...

    The good thing about this plugin is that it really works instantly with every Divi or 3rd party module and it’s cool to have so many more icons to choose from. But it’s only usable when you don’t plan to show the icons plainly without animation. If you do this it looks for a split second like this:

    You see for a short period a jumble of icons before your icon is visible. When it’s long enought visible to make a screenshot – this is also long enough to be perceivable for the visitors. What would the people think about a website where something like this happens? It’s only OK when you use a transition animation – then it doesen’t matter. This is clearly a hack. While I understand that this is the only viable option to do this as long you don’t want to use shortcuts – this could be a cleaner solution. Even the inbuilt divi icons are affected by this side effect. And a developer has some options to hide this ugly effect. Using a blank font as placeholder, using vanilla JS instead of jQuery to hide it faster or even to hide all icons via css (all are affected so it’s alright to do so). So this plugin can and should be improved.

    I also needed this plugin for a multisite (with 4 subdomains) and can’t find anything about the topic to look up if the license covers this use-case. Will it stop working and throw errors? I don’t know. So I’m not even sure if I can use this plugin at all.

    • Hey Mark, sorry just now seeing this comment. The multiple icon issue was fixed a few weeks after your post (I can’t remember which version it was off the top of my head) and this only seemed to occur on some hosting platforms.

      As of somewhere around version 2.0 you shouldn’t experience this issue any longer. If you’re using version 2+ and you’re experiencing it let me know and I’d be happy to take a look!

      Again, sorry for the delay in my response – there isn’t any type of comment notification for authors.

  • Awesome plugin and superstar author!

    So quick to reply to queries – a solid plugin that I on most sites that I make. Thanks for the great plugin!

  • Great plugin, even better support!

    I foolishly didn’t go through the documentation and didn’t realize I simply had to activate the icons. Alex responded immediately to my support request and got the plugin working. Great product, even better developer. Thanks!

  • Hey Rose, thanks for the comment – sorry I’m just now seeing this. The latest version of the plugin has been updated to reflect the many, many changes Elegant Themes has made to the Visual Builder in a very short amount of time.

    The reason there is the line that the plugin isn’t 100% compatible with the Visual Builder is because the filter option is disabled in the Visual Builder. All other icon selection features should work fine.

    If your individual experience is different, please feel free to email me on my support page (http://alexbrinkman.org/product-support/) and I can take a look at your individual setup to try and troubleshoot this issue for you.

    I appreciate you purchasing the plugin and supporting it’s development.

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