8 Best Divi Child Themes & Layouts for SEO Agencies in 2024

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In the rapidly evolving landscape of digital marketing, a visually appealing and SEO-optimized website is no longer a luxury but a necessity for success. As we step into 2024, the demand for innovative and efficient solutions for SEO agencies continues to rise. This blog post explores the top eight Divi child themes and layouts designed specifically for SEO agencies, promising not only aesthetic excellence but also robust functionality and seamless user experiences.

Explore 8 Amazing Divi Child Themes and Layouts for SEO Agencies in 2024

Divi Child Themes and Layouts for SEO Agencies

From DiviSEO‘s one-click installation to the Divi Startup Agency Theme’s diverse toolkit, these Divi child themes are meticulously crafted to meet the unique demands of the digital marketing industry. Let’s delve into the features and advantages that make these themes stand out in the competitive realm of SEO website development.

1. Divi SEO Child Theme

Having a visually appealing and SEO-optimized website is crucial for success. Thus, the Divi SEO Child Theme emerges as a powerful tool tailored for search engine optimization agencies and digital marketing companies. With pricing options ranging from $39.00 for a single site to $99.00 for a lifetime unlimited license, this modern Divi child theme is designed to captivate with its graphical illustrations, ensuring an eye-catching and creative online presence.

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Divi SEO Child Theme best for SEO Agencies

Divi SEO Child Theme

Diving into its features, Divi SEO Child Theme comes with a comprehensive set of 7 unique pages (Home, About, Blog, Blog-Single-Post, Services, Service-Single, Contact) marked by a modern and colorful design. The theme includes essential components like a gorgeous testimonial slider, custom pricing table, and Divi Theme Builder templates for a global header, single post, and post archive. These elements collectively contribute to a visually stunning and functionally robust website that aligns seamlessly with the needs of SEO agencies.

Price $9.99 | More information

2. SEO Marketing Agency Divi Layout

SEO Marketing Agency Divi Layout encompasses all the necessary elements for an SEO agency or marketing website, featuring a clear and visually appealing design for the web page. This solution is optimal for SEO websites, encapsulating everything essential for a top-tier SEO agency or marketing website. From captivating page designs to seamlessly integrated headers and footers, this layout pack is tailored to meet the unique demands of the SEO industry.

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SEO Marketing Agency, a Divi Child Theme for SEO Agencies

SEO Marketing Agency Child Theme

SEO Marketing Agency Divi Layout is a mobile responsive design, that ensures a consistent and appealing presentation across diverse screen sizes. You can effortlessly deploy the layout and customize it with Divi’s visual builder, requiring no coding skills. 

Moreover, this layout pack comes with “SEO Marketing Agency.json,” “Header.json,” and “Footer.json,” files, making installation easier for you with a clear guide and documentation. With its focus on user experience, the SEO Marketing Agency Divi Layout stands as a valuable asset for SEO agencies in 2024.

Price $9.99 | More information

3. DiviSEO: A Multi-Purpose Divi Child Theme For Agencies

DiviSEO emerges as a flexible Divi child theme tailored to the needs of modern brands, particularly catering to SEO agencies, consultants, web designers, and marketers. This fully customizable Divi template is strategically designed to expedite the process of getting your website up and running efficiently. This layout stands out for its great overlay effects, elevating the overall aesthetic appeal of your website. It includes three pre-designed headers and menu designs, allowing for easy customization and adaptation to your brand’s identity.

DiviSEO, a multipurpose Child Theme best for SEO Agencies

DiviSEO Child Theme

Additionally, you’ll find Custom CSS styling, Divi layouts, and theme builder templates included to guarantee a smooth and efficient experience. You can also test this layout pack risk-free with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Price $35 | More information

4. Divi SEO Agency Theme

The Divi SEO Agency Theme is a great choice for SEO agencies, digital marketing, and web service providers. It’s versatile and with over 30 pre-built pages, it has everything you need. The theme’s four clean home pages are not only highly optimized and responsive but also crafted to fulfill the functional needs of a digital marketing company, ensuring effective communication with target audiences.

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Divi SEO Agency Theme Child Theme best for SEO Agencies

Divi SEO Agency Child Theme

It comes with an extensive collection of 30+ pre-made sections, providing users with a range of options to create a professional and unique website. It also offers two blog grid styles and creative category and details styles. You’ll find designs based on the real market and customer research as this Divi theme is tailored for those in the digital landscape, including SEO service providers, email marketers, and software development companies. 

Furthermore, The Divi SEO Agency Theme offers a yearly subscription with a 30-day money-back guarantee, ensuring a risk-free purchase for users. 

Price $29.99 | More information

5. Bright Multi-Purpose Agency Divi Child Theme

Bright Multi-Purpose Agency Divi Child Theme emerges as a top choice, catering to the needs of modern brands, agencies, consultants, web designers, and marketers. This Divi template can be easily customized to help you create your website quickly, giving it a polished and professional look online.

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Bright, the Divi Child Theme best for SEO Agencies

Bright Child Theme 

Bright comes equipped with a built-in slide-in feature, allowing you to easily integrate any Divi module. You can use various buttons or links to trigger the slide-in to engage your site visitors effectively. The home page of this layout is a beautifully designed image grid. Hovering over a column or service triggers a background image change, adding a visually compelling effect that enhances the presentation of services.

Price $25 | More information

6. Divi Aspire: Digital Agency Theme

Elevate your business to new heights with the Divi Aspire Multi Page Digital Agency Theme. Tailored specifically for SEO agencies, digital marketers, consultancies, web agencies, startups, content marketers, and IT professionals, this theme offers three distinct home page versions and a range of inner pages with features like animations, responsive design, SEO optimization, and compatibility with the latest Divi and WordPress versions. Crafted with meticulous research, the page layouts ensure a 100% mobile-responsive experience.

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Divi Aspire Child Theme best for SEO Agencies

Divi Aspire Child Theme

The Divi Aspire theme includes page layouts that are carefully researched and crafted, with a primary focus on digital marketers and SEO agencies. This theme includes multiple versions for pages such as About Us, Services, Blog, and Contact Us. other than that, it features additional pages like Team, Testimonials, and more in six different versions. 

To install this Theme, you’ll get a product zip file, an installation guide, and a Theme Builder JSON for integration with the Divi Theme Builder.

Price $39 | More information

7. Molly – SEO, Social Media and Marketing Divi Child Theme

Molly, the SEO, Social Media, and Marketing Divi Child Theme, emerges as a standout choice for those seeking a clean, modern, and creative online presence. Tailored for various businesses such as digital marketing agencies, SEO specialists, creative agencies, and social media marketing firms, Molly is designed to capture the attention of potential clients.

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Molly Child Theme best for SEO Agencies

Molly Child Theme

Molly includes 17+ inner pages that are easily customizable. It goes beyond its visual appeal by offering essential features for a seamless website-building experience. This theme offers cross-browser compatibility and full mobile responsiveness, ensuring that the website functions flawlessly across different devices and platforms. 

Price $19 | More information

8. Divi Startup Agency Theme

The Divi Startup Agency Theme stands out as a versatile and feature-rich solution for businesses in 2024. This Divi Child Theme, designed for SEO agencies, offers a seamless website creation experience with its 25+ pre-built pages. Whether you’re an advertising agency, an AI startup, or a tech-driven business, this theme caters to a diverse range of niches. The theme offers a clean design with four customizable home pages, headers, and footers, ensuring a professional and tailored look for your digital marketing company.

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Divi Startup Agency, a Child Theme best for SEO Agencies

Divi Startup Agency Theme Child Theme

Divi Startup Agency Theme is packed with essential features to elevate your website. With 35+ pre-made sections, 2 blog grid styles, and creative category and details styles, it provides a comprehensive toolkit for crafting engaging content. The theme’s responsiveness and optimization make it an ideal choice for digital marketing companies aiming to deliver messages effectively to their target audience.

Price $15.99 | More Information


As SEO agencies navigate the challenges of the digital age, the selection of an appropriate theme or layout emerges as a pivotal decision in shaping online success. I’ve highlighted 8 Divi child themes and layouts in this blog post offering a diverse range of options, each tailored to the specific needs of SEO professionals. Whether opting for the visually striking Divi SEO Child Theme, the all-encompassing SEO Marketing Agency Divi Layout, or the versatile Divi Aspire Digital Agency Theme, these solutions transcend mere aesthetics. They seamlessly integrate form and function, ensuring not only an appealing website but also a strategically impactful online presence. 

Moreover, with responsive customer support, easy customization features, and a steadfast commitment to user satisfaction, these themes are designed to empower SEO agencies in 2024 and beyond. Choose wisely to enhance your agency’s digital footprint with these exceptional Divi child themes.

In your opinion, which of the above child themes or layouts are offering a good value for the price?


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