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Gravity Divi Module

Combine Gravity Forms and Divi to Create Beautiful Forms Within Minutes!

Notice 3/15/2019: This plugin is currently being updated to add Visual Builder compatibility. Everything functions as intended besides the live preview.

Build Powerful, Beautiful Forms, Fast.

Create attractive forms quickly and easily with Gravity Divi. Gravity Divi is a custom module for Divi that makes integrating Gravity Forms intuitive and stylish.

Gravity Divi is so easy to use, you can practically do it in your sleep. Did you know that forms with better designs generate more submissions? With Gravity Divi, you’ll be creating pretty online forms that bring in contacts too.

Every purchase includes all future updates at no additional cost.

How Gravity Divi Works


  • Fully Integrated Divi Module
  • Fully Integrated with Gravity Forms
  • Customize Look & Feel with Module Settings
  • Easily Create New Forms
  • Show/Hide Title & Description
  • Enable AJAX
  • Optional tabindex Attribute

Featuring Divi’s mew Gradient Background options!

Module Screenshots


As with any third party Divi module, this module requires the Divi Builder to function. We are working on implementing visual builder support as soon as it is technically possible and will be included as a free update to all users.
Please note this plugin requires the Gravity Forms plugin to function.

WordPress 5.0 Gutenberg Update

We have been hard at work juggling the difficult task of Gutenberg compatibility whilst still supporting an existing product. Yet, due to buggy betas, fast paced release candidates and lack of documentation, we are unfortunately not ready for the WordPress 5.0 release.

Thankfully we are aware that we are not alone. Many talented product developers have also spoken out about the irresponsible nature of rushing such a major release.

Although we are not 100% ready, we are well on our way to releasing a Gutenberg compatible update – Free of Charge! This version is currently in development and scheduled to be released within the next few weeks.

It’s important to note this plugin is fully compatible when using Classic Editor.

We’d like to thank you for your proactive interest, reported bugs, or requested features. You are helping us build an amazing plugin, and we love seeing what you are doing with it!

Product Support & Contact Information

If you have any support related or other questions, please contact CODECRATER via the form located on their Author Profile.


  • Plugin doesn't work

    I recently got the plugin and trying it today (30 April 2019) for the first time. It’s not displaying anything on the front end.

    What good is it if the user have to go through all the trouble on the first use of the plugin?

  • No Live Editing in the Visual Builder

    This plugin work well but unfortunately you cannot currently style live in the visual builder. I would certainly recommend it to everyone using Divi and Gravity forms as long as it remains up to date.

  • This plugin does not work in WordPress v5.0.x

    January 21, 2018: this plugin does not work, i.e. the form does not display on the front-end, when added using the module this plugin adds to the Divi builder. Tested with most recent version of Divi and WordPress 5.0.3.

    • This is the exact issue I have been having. Divi Cake reached out to the dev and he claimed to be fixing it for the latest WordPress update. That never happened.

    • Hi Erik,

      I’ve tested the plugin on the latest version of Divi, WordPress, and Gravity Forms and it is working. Please contact me through the support form if you’re still having issues.

  • The Gravity Divi Plugin could be a good addition to Divi And Gravity Forms But it needs to be updated.

    That’s why I gave it two stars, because if the developer cannot keep it Updated. It will not be a very secure plug-in.
    You build on the front end of Divi on your site, And if you cannot preview The plug-in as you build Your form. What good is it… This is what it says!

    ( “This third party module is not fully compatible with the latest version of the Divi Builder. You can still edit the module, but a preview will not be rendered in the builder.
    You can contact the developer of the module to encourage them to update it.” )

  • Great Improvement

    This makes most fields in Gravity forms look so much better in Divi, though it doesn’t appear to apply any styling to checkboxes, and the Coupons add-on gets a bit messy still.


    While the plugin I’m sure is absolutely great for it’s intended purpose, I just want to make folks aware of the following: YOU MUST ALREADY HAVE THE GRAVITY FORMS PLUGIN !!!!

    I went looking for the Gravity forms plug-in to use with DIVI and saw this one in the search results. I read the text a little too fast and ASSUMED that it included Gravity Forms!!

    This is not a critique of the Plug-in, but rather of the way it is presented, especially for htose who never used Gravity Forms plugin.

  • Worth Buying, Saves Time

    Would have given 5 stars but the current release (17 Jun 2018) doesn’t display form layout within the Divi Visual Page Builder. When you edit that way Divi displays this message: “This third party module is not fully compatible with the latest version of the Divi Builder. You can still edit the module, but a preview will not be rendered in the builder. You can contact the developer of the module to encourage them to update it.” Hopefully that will get fixed in a future update.

    Other than that this plug-in is fantastic. I’m a web developer and had to include my own child-theme CSS in every website I build to format Gravity Forms. But this DiviCake solution is better because now my clients can now easily style the forms the way they wish using the same Divi module interface they’ve already learned to use.

    Tip: To display no form field titles about input fields just leave this plug-in’s setting on the default of blank (0) font size and be then define your placeholder text for each field in Gravity Forms that will display inside each input.

    • Hi Jonathan, thanks for the kind review!

      I just wanted to provide you an update, we are currently developing the Visual Builder compatible module and it will be released within the next week or two as a free update. Stay tuned and feel free to email any questions you may have.

  • Finally! A GREAT Gravity Forms Plugin!

    Love this plugin! I use Gravity Forms on many sites and have for years. It has always been a royal pain to have to custom code each form on each site to get the look and feel that I wanted or the customer needed. NOT anymore! A few clicks with this plugin and it’s DONE! If you use Divi and Gravity Forms, this plugin is a MUST!

  • Much better form-built for Gravity forms

    I love it so far. But it’s not rendering in visual view and gives a warning when working with the Divi visual builder. Besides that it’s playing nice.

  • Works pretty much as expected.

    However, not sure if I’ve overlooked something, but having a bit of an issue with having the styling of the button presenting (hover-style, etc) as it is being instructed to do.

    I’ve cleared cache, reset…then deactivated caching plugin, all with no luck in having the form’s button behave as expected.

    Other than figuring that out, I’m VERY happy with the purchase, as it cleared up a separate issue with simply placing a gravity form in the standard manner.
    (editing landing page via Visual composer will trash the placement of the form, as it replaces the shortcode with html of the form itself.)

    • Update to the above- I did find that I was overlooking something with regard to the hover effects on the submit button.

      And with that said, if I was able to do so I would push the 4 to a 5-star rating.

      ESPECIALLY with the consideration that it solves the blow-up of form placement after saving from edits via the Visual Builder.

      Thanks again for your efforts Mike and Dom.

  • Great plugin!

    Yup, this module is awesome. I would recommend it to anyone who uses Gravity forms.

    Good work!

  • AMAZING Module for Divi!

    This type of module has been needed for SO LONG and you guys crushed it! Thank you for your excellent work at an incredible value!

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    Gravity Divi Module

    Divi Plugin




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