10 Divi Child Themes for Business Websites

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It’s no secret that Divi is an excellent theme for any type of business. There are lots of child themes for all types of business websites. Sometimes you might prefer a child theme that’s not so focused on one type of business. All-purpose child themes are ideal for multiple types of business and they can be a great investment to save time.

In this article, we’ll look at 10 Divi child themes for business websites in the Divi Cake shop to help you decide what’s best for your needs. The child themes are in no particular order.

1. Bright

Bright features 14 main pages that include a squeeze page, thank you page, 404 page, services, projects, and more. It uses bold colors, hover effects, an image grid, and lots of slide-ins. The home page displays a full-screen image with CTAs in the overlay and the menu. The services grid is intriguing. It shows blocks with titles of services in the overlays. When you hover over one, a background image appears within all of the block and only the block you’re hovering over shows the title. The theme uses lots of multi-column layouts, large text, and large images.

2. Mellisa

Mellisa was designed with female entrepreneurs in mind. It comes with 5 main pages including a Work With Me page that steps visitors through the process. The home page displays a full-screen image with a CTA in the overlay. Services are shown with images that include the service titles in the overlays. A unique testimonial section spins the circular images into place behind the styled testimonial. The theme also has lots of styled number counters, blog section, quotes, bar counters, and lots of CTAs.

3. Prutha

Prutha comes with over 20 pages including multiple versions of the home page, about page, services, galleries, portfolio, blog, and more. It also has shop pages to set up your online store. The home pages show a full-screen slider, services in blocks with hover animations, number counters, filtered portfolio, person modules, CTAs, blurbs, blogs, social follow, etc. The layouts have light backgrounds. Many of the highlights are dark blue and orange. They stand out well but look great against the images and backgrounds.

4. Southern

Southern has a feminine design and has around a dozen pages including a landing page, a home page, What We Do, and multiple versions of the post layouts and category pages. The What We Do page shows the services in an alternating layout with images on one side and CTAs on the other. The home page shows a full-screen image with a CTA, company information, services with images and buttons to read more, and an alternating blog layout. The footer includes an embedded Instagram feed.

5. Business

Business comes with 7 main pages including services and projects, and it has lots of additional supporting pages such as a 404 page and archive pages. The home page displays a full-width background image with a CTA on one side and a video play button on the other. Services are shown within blurbs. Projects are shown as images within cards. Other features include number counters, client logos, testimonials, pricing tables, blog, etc. The individual project pages show the projects in detail with more projects at the bottom of the page.

6. Triangle

Triangle is a one-page design that comes with 4 different versions of the home page for business, doctors, fitness experts, and layers. Other business pages include services and experience. The business home page displays a full-screen image with a styled divider that overlaps styled blurbs. Several sections show elements in three columns with images, number counters, and text with CTAs. Services are described with blurbs. It has lots of styled modules including testimonials, pricing tables, person modules, blog, contact form, map, and more.

7. Minimal

Minimal includes 5 main pages and multiple versions of the home page for business, layer, fitness, and restaurant. The business home page shows a full-screen image with a tagline. One side includes an overlay that cuts the screen in half, which connects with the design through the next few sections. An about section shows an image on one side and styled text in the other. Services are shown with blurbs within a large section that overlaps the centerline of the screen. Other sections include projects, team members, blog, and contact. The theme includes lots of animations.

8. Internet Business

Internet Business comes with 5 pages including the home page, service, pricing, custom post, and contact. The menu has a CTA and styled social buttons. The home page displays a patterned background with a tagline and CTA in the overlay. Services are shown within blurbs that resemble pricing tables. Benefits are shown as circled text over a styled background with an overlapping CTA. Styled modules include testimonials with hover effects, a contact CTA, blog, and contact form. The Services page shows text, styled blurbs, and an embedded video.

9. Corporate

Corporate comes with 6 main pages and includes services, works, and 2 versions of the home page, about page, and blog. The first home page shows a full-screen background image with a tagline in the overlay and a button to learn more. It also includes about section with blurbs, services, benefits, team section, blog, pricing tables, testimonial slider, and lots more. The second home page provides different layouts for the about, services, and benefits sections. The theme includes lots of hover animations.

10. Angelina

Angelina has a feminine design and has 9 pages including portfolio, investment, services, coming soon, FAQs, and more. A shop CTA is placed on the menu. The hero section has a full-width image and a CTA in the overlay. Following this is a CTA with overlapping elements, blurbs for services, a portfolio, testimonials, a signup form, blog, contact section, and custom footer with embedded Instagram feed – all styled to fit the theme’s design. The portfolio page shows work in a mosaic layout. The service page displays steps within numbered blurbs. It also includes a styled preloader and back-to-top button.

Ending Thoughts

That’s our look at 10 Divi child themes for business websites. These child themes can build just about any type of business website you need and are great to have in your Divi design toolbox. If you want even more child themes to choose from, take a look at the Divi child theme category in the Divi Cake marketplace.

Which of these Divi child themes for business websites is your favorite? Let us know in the comments.


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