10 Divi Child Themes for Real Estate Websites

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Divi is a great choice for building real estate websites. It integrates will with property listing plugins and includes all of the modules you need to show your services. One advantage with Divi is that you don’t have to build the site from scratch. In this article, we’ll take a look at 10 Divi child themes for real estate websites to help you get a head start on your next Divi project.

Most of the real estate child themes are available here at the Divi Cake shop. We’ve also included a few from other amazing Divi sites. The Divi child themes are in no particular order.

For the 2018 real estate list that included layouts, see 11 Best Divi Real Estate Themes and Layouts.

1. ProEstate

ProEstate was designed for real estate businesses and agencies, independent agents, and residential or commercial rental businesses. It comes with 2 home pages, lots of supporting pages, and an integrated property management system. The system includes several property listing options, a property slider, agent listings, custom property and agent pages, custom widgets, and more. Other features include 20 hamburger menu styles, 15 preloaders, 4 mobile menus, back to top button, and lots of animations.

2. Divi RealEstate

Divi RealEstate for real estate businesses to list their services and properties. It comes with lots of pages to show buying, selling, and property management services, the various types of listings that are available, and their locations. The integrated filterable properties search option can be displayed on a page or within a widget and doesn’t require a separate plugin. Properties are shown as a custom post type. Two home pages are included.

3. Listate

Listate was designed for real estate agencies and agents to show their available listings. It has IMPress Listing integration. This adds a listings post type and it has several layouts and filterable search features. Lots of pages are included to show your listings: 2 home pages, a landing page, listings, layouts, custom search and results, and lots of utility pages. Display the search filters within pages and the sidebar.

4. Divi Realtor

Divi Realtor was designed for real estate agents to build their personal website to grow their lead pipeline. It includes a landing page with lots of styled modules, animations, a CTA in the menu, clickable call buttons, a styled right-side control bar, and lots more. CTAs within the layout draws attention to your real estate services, show the three-step process, and includes links to the contact form in the footer. Also included are a styled blog page and a post layout.

5. Divi Residence

Divi Residence was designed for companies to show their homes, apartments, hotels, or other rental properties. It comes with 6 pages and includes a page to show apartments and a single apartment page. The Apartments page shows the available apartments within styled cards. Each apartment page shows the features within blurbs using icons. The photo gallery displays images in a grid with a white overlay and includes a map at the bottom of the page.

6. Splitube

Splitube was designed for real estate agents and brokers to show their listings and services. It has 4 pages including a Buy page to search listings and a Sell page so owners can open discussions for selling their home. The IMPress Listings plugin is integrated, which adds a real estate post type and lets you manage the listings from the WordPress dashboard. The home page has a large section to embedded video to show your properties. A styled contact form and lots of call-to-action buttons are also included.

7. Divi Estate

Divi Estate was designed for real estate agencies and property management companies. It comes with lots of pages that includes 3 home pages, a page to show the agents, individual agent profile pages, 5 properties pages, and a Communities page. A property management system is integrated and it includes an advanced property search. Also included are an embedded video, custom fonts, a page with a detailed form to add properties from the front end, a gallery, and lots more.

8. Maisons

Maisons was designed for real estate agents and agencies to show their listings. It has IMPress listings plugin integration to manage your listings from the WordPress dashboard. Lots of pages are included, such as a listings page to see individual properties, a buying page to search for properties, a selling page to list a property, and a community page to showcase the communities for each property listing. It also includes video tours, FontAwesome, a homepage video, a CTA in the menu, a widgetized header, and lots more.

9. HomePro

HomePro was designed with remodeling, renovation, and construction companies in mind. It comes with 18 pages including pages to show your home renovation services and examples of your work. A CTA to request an estimate and a clickable call button are placed on the menu. The Services and Projects pages use an image gallery. It also includes pages for individual services and projects to provide more detail.

10. iBuild

iBuild was designed with real estate, architecture, and construction companies in mind. It comes with lots of pages including those for your services, projects, products, team, project quotes, and more. The styled menu includes a quote CTA. It also has lots of styled modules, custom icons, hover animations, and more.

Ending Thoughts

That’s our look at 10 amazing Divi child themes for real estate websites. Many have integrated listings while others provide pages to show your services. Whether you need a Divi child theme to promote real estate properties, show your buying and selling services, or describe your home improvement services, there’s sure to be something on this list to help with your next Divi project.

We want to hear from you. Have you tried these 10 Divi child themes for real estate websites? Let us know what you think about them in the comments.


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