18 Best Free Divi Plugins

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One of my favorite things about Divi is the vast amount of third-party plugins available to extend its functionality. Most of those plugins are premium but there are quite a few free plugins available that add some interesting features. In this article, we’ll take a look at the 17 best free Divi plugins to download today.

Divi is a premium theme, meaning that you need to pay to use it. But once you’re an Elegant Themes member, you can access free plugins to design beautiful Divi websites.

In this blog, I’ll show you a list of free Divi plugins that you can use to add advanced functionality to your website, and some beautiful styling tools to elevate your website interface. Stay tuned until the end to find plugins for Extra as well. The plugins are in no particular order.

1. Divi Icons PRO

Divi Icons PRO Free Divi Plugin for your Divi Website

Divi Icons PRO Plugin

Divi Icons PRO adds over 2500 icons to the Divi Builder including Line, FontAwesome, Google Material icons, and many more. They’re automatically available within any Divi module that has an icons option.

  • Divi Builder Integration
  • 360 Custom Line Icons
  • 1200+ FontAwesome icons
  • 900+ Google Material Icons
  • Icon Search Feature
  • Icon Filtering

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2. Divi Advanced Text Module

Divi Advanced Text Module Free Divi Plugin for your Divi Website

Divi Advanced Text Module Plugin

Divi Advanced Text Module adds a new module to the Divi Builder that expands on the features of the standard text module. It adds an image upload setting and includes height and width selections. The new module is expandable so more features can be added in the future.

  • Upload Images within the text module
  • Width and height selectors

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3. Popups for Divi

Popups for Divi Free Plugin for your Divi Website

Popups for Divi Plugin

Transform any section into a popup with Popups for Divi plugin. All you need to do is install this plugin, turn it into a popup, define the trigger, and simply test the popup.

  • Fast and responsive
  • Unlimited popups on one page
  • Turn any section into a pop-up
  • Triggers popup with a link or button

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4. Divi Carousel Lite

Divi Carousel Lite Free Divi Plugin for your Divi Website

Divi Carousel Lite Plugin

Divi Carousel Lite adds five slider modules including Image Carousel, Logo Carousel, Testimonial Carousel, Twitter Carousel, and Blog Carousel. With its power-packed features,  create interactive and responsive carousel sections for your Divi website. It’s a premium kind of freemium plugin with the following features:

  • Easy to set up an interactive image carousel.
  • Showcase logos with a sleek carousel slider
  • Display testimonials in an engaging way
  • Control autoplay, animation, center slides, arrows, dot navigation, and more
  • Robust Spacing and Pagination

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5. Divi Animated Gallery

Divi Animated Gallery Free Plugin for your Divi Website

Divi Animated Gallery Plugin

Divi Animated Gallery adds a beautiful animated gallery to your website. With multiple stunning animation effects and advanced features, you can give your webpage a diverse feel.

  • Simple and effortless to implement
  • Mobile-friendly animated galleries
  • Comes with many advanced features
  • Lightbox viewing

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6. Article Cards Extension

Article Cards Extension Free Divi Plugin for your Divi Website

Article Cards Extension Plugin

Article Cards Extension is a plugin from Elegant Themes and was their first extension for Divi. It adds some styling to the Divi Blog module’s grid layout including backgrounds behind the category and date, and a hover animation that displays a shadow. The card’s new layout moves the post title and meta to the bottom of the card. You can change the background color for the category and date.

  • Adds styling to the blog grid
  • Place the post title and meta at the bottom
  • Change background color for category and date

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7. Payment Button for PayPal

Payment Button for PayPal Free Divi Plugin for your Divi Website

Payment Button for PayPal Plugin

Payment Button for PayPal, also known as WP PayPal, is a plugin that allows you to easily create a PayPal Checkout button, Buy Now, Add to Cart, and Donate buttons to your Divi layouts. It uses shortcodes that enable PayPal checkout on your WordPress site.

  • Supports PayPal Sandbox
  • Contact Form 7 Integration
  • Custom Donations
  • Buy Now Custom Amount
  • Buy Now Discount
  • Mailchimp Integration


  • Sell products or services using PayPal
  • Convenience of automatic payments
  • Accept payments with PayPal smart payment buttons
  • Send a sale notification email to one or more recipients

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8. Carousel for Divi

Carousel for Divi Free Plugin for your Divi Website

Carousel for Divi Plugin

Transform every module into a Divi carousel with Carousel for Divi. Just download the plugin and upload it to your WordPress site. Make sure to add the dc-carousel class to your Divi section from the Advanced Tab.

  • Transform either rows or blog posts into nice carousels
  • Transform buttons and sections with the dc-carousel class
  • Transform columns and rows with dfc-[filter-category] class

Get the premium version and have access to features, including 3D effect, autoplay and more

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WP AND DIVI ICONS Free Divi Plugin for your Divi Website


WP and Divi Icons Pack adds 3400+ brand new, hand-drawn, custom-designed icons in 12 different styles into Divi and Extra. The icons are automatically available in the Divi Builder within all modules that use icons.

  • 3400+ Icons including Font Awesome, Material Design, and custom-designed icon packs
  • Allows you to add your font icons created via Fontello and/or Icomoon
  • Unique Multicolor Icons
  • Works effortlessly with WordPress Classic Editor 
  • Customize to match your website’s look and feel
  • Include future icon packs within the Divi Builder

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10. Smash Balloon Social Photo Feed 

Smash Balloon Social Photo Feed Free Divi Plugin for your Divi Website

Smash Balloon Social Photo Feed Plugin

With over a million downloads, Smash Balloon Social Photo Feed is the most popular WordPress plugin to add an Instagram feed to your Divi website. It lets you display Instagram photos from multiple accounts within your Divi layouts. The photos within your layouts are automatically updated as you update your Instagram accounts.

  • Displays feed from multiple accounts
  • Change the number of columns
  • Change the number of photos
  • Drag-and-drop Builder
  • Allows social sharing and social following


  • Increase Social Engagement
  • Saves Time 
  • Display Your Content according to your site scheme
  • Super simple to set up 

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11. Footer Plugin for Divi

Footer Plugin for Divi Free Divi Plugin for your Divi Website

Footer Plugin for Divi Plugin

Footer Plugin for Divi, also known as Divi Footer Injector, is a plugin to design a footer using the Divi Builder’s modules and saved items in the Divi Library. With this plugin, you can display the footer on every page including WooCommerce pages. You can even build a custom footer for each page.

  • Build custom footers with the Divi Builder
  • Show on selected pages!
  • Injects the global layout to every page
  • Works on custom post types
  • Use Divi Modules in your Footer

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12. Surbma – Divi Extras

Surbma – Divi Extras Free Divi Plugin for your Divi Website

Surbma – Divi Extras Plugin

Surbma – Divi Extras enhances the features of Divi Builder and adds a few useful modifications while remaining lightweight with minified CSS.

  • Text Logo – use the site title text as a logo.
  • Featured Menu – adds a featured menu style.
  • Vertical center – vertically centers the text in a module.
  • Logo fix – fixes the width for mobile.
  • Footer fix – removes bullets from the footer.
  • Comment fix – hides “comments allowed” tags.

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13. Simple Divi Shortcode

Simple Divi Shortcode free Plugin for your Divi Website

Simple Divi Shortcode Plugin

This plugin lets you insert any element from the Divi Library into another module or a PHP template using a shortcode.

  • Create a shortcode from any layout, section, or module in the Divi Library
  • Use those shortcodes within other Divi layouts

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14. Filter for Divi

Filter for Divi Free Plugin for your Divi Website

Filter for Divi Plugin

The Filter for Divi plugin allows you to filter every module in the Divi Theme. Just add a few classes and see the magic happen. Increase the user experience with unlimited opportunities that come with these eye-catching filters.

  • Filter every module
  • Easy to set up
  • Create an image or video gallery
  • Filter for blog modules
  • Filter for shop modules (WooCommerce)

The free version of this plugin lets you add filters to columns only. You can upgrade to a premium version anytime to apply filters to rows. 

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15. Supreme Modules Lite

Supreme Modules Lite Free Divi Plugin for your Divi Website

Supreme Modules Lite Plugin

With over 200,000 downloads, Supreme Modules Lite is one of the most popular WordPress plugins, This plugin adds 20+ free modules to Divi that blend seamlessly with the Divi Theme Builder that you can enable or disable from a single screen.

  • Divi Gradient Text – adds gradient to text
  • Divi Flipbox – allows 4 flipbox effects
  • Divi Text Divider- with border styles with the text in-between the Dividers.
  • Divi Typing – An Animated Typing Effect
  • Divi Facebook Comments – Create comments easily without embedding again.
  • Embedded Google Maps, Contact Form 7, Twitter Timeline, and many more.

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16. Divi Tweaker

Divi Tweaker Free Plugin for your Divi Website

Divi Tweaker Plugin

This plugin adds lots of tweaks, optimizations, and features to Divi, including speed, page translations, and more.

  • Speed Up Divi and WooCommerce by removing CSS and scripts.
  • Page Transition In and Out
  • Set Page Transition Duration
  • Add Divi design tweaks
  • Expand the Divi Builder Modal to Fullscreen 
  • Enable Divi Builder on Custom Post Types
  • Custom Divi Builder Label

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17. Before + After Images for Divi

Before + After Images for Divi Free Plugin for your Divi Website

Before + After Images for Divi Plugin

Before + After Images for Divi creates before-and-after image sliders in Divi easily. With over 4000 downloads, this plugin is compatible with the Divi Builder, and themes, such as Divi and Extra by Elegant Themes. All they need to do is upload the plugin and click the button to install the layout.

  • Compatible with lazy load plugins
  • Saves pages, posts, and Divi Library layouts
  • Supports cropped image sizes 
  • Mobile responsive and Lightweight

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18. Divi Torque Lite – Divi Theme and Extra Theme

Divi Torque Lite – Divi Theme and Extra Theme Free Plugin for your Divi Website

Divi Torque Lite – Divi Theme and Extra Theme Plugin

Divi Torque Lite offers 40+ innovative modules and extensions for Divi and Extra Theme. With over 30,000 downloads, this is the best plugin to simplify your website designing process and stand out in the website world. 

  • Seamless integration of Contact Form 7 
  • Video Popup Module to engage viewers
  • Organize brand logos using Logo Grid Gallery.
  • Alert Notifications
  • Gradient Heading
  • Showcase before-and-after images.
  • Progress Bars – Graphically display skills or milestones

Divi Torque Lite has both free and premium versions available. If you’re interested in the premium version, check it out here. The premium version is for $79.

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Ending Thoughts

These 17 free Divi plugins are a great way to add some new features to Divi without buying premium Divi plugins. They’re easy to use and compatible with Divi Builder and themes. It’s a great way to style Divi in a way that looks spectacular, enabling you to personalize your website without any need for coding.

 If you want to expand Divi for free, check out these 17 free Divi plugins to download today.

We also have lists of the best free Divi layouts and free Divi child themes, so you know all your options for a Divi website.

We want to hear from you. Have you tried these free plugins for Divi? Let us know what you think about them in the comments. 


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