9 Amazing Extra Theme Examples (2024)

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Extra is an excellent theme for blogs and magazines, but it is often overshadowed by Divi. Divi is a great theme to create any type of website you can imagine, but Extra has a few tricks up its sleeve that just might make it the theme of choice for publishing large amounts of content. In this article we’ll take a look at 9 amazing Extra theme examples that are sure to inspire.

These websites are in no particular order. Stick around until the end to see a creation of my own (included with permission of course).

1. Starship Agora

Starship Agora uses a full-width design with no siderbars. Content sliders are placed within large sections to help them stand apart. Artwork is displayed with true parallax behind several sections and matches the purple throughout the website. Categories are shown within a mega menu, with each category having its own artwork. The blog uses a double column layout with small sidebar. The site makes great use of layout design and color.

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2. Dan Carr Photography

Dan Carr Photography moves away from the traditional Extra design. It displays a full-screen image followed by an image grid, blurbs of services, client’s logos, a small CTA over a large background in parallax, 2 columns of blog posts with a sidebar, a 3 column blog post section, and featured products. The menu includes a mega-menu for the Behind the Scenes category. The site makes great use of color.

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3. Ben’s Build

Ben’s Build uses a large header with logo, tagline, photo, and bio above the menu followed by a full-width CTA. The layout includes a post slider, the two latest posts in full-width, and then the most viewed and latest within a 2-column grid. The titles display down arrows using CSS. The site uses black and white with purple highlights.

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4. Catholic Viral

Catholic Viral displays the Extra design with a dark gray background. The layout includes a sidebar. The latest posts are displayed within a slider followed by 3 categories to show the latest from All, top rated from Wallpapers, and latest from Videos. Articles are displayed in tabs followed by blog posts in 2 columns. Products use Extra’s styling features.

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5. Divi Gallery

Divi Gallery retains the Extra look and feel with the content area and sidebar. Articles are displayed within a featured post slider followed by a banner link to the gallery page and blog posts in two columns. The site has a simple design that’s easy to navigate.

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6. NFL Fan

NFL Fan makes great use of Extra’s blog features with a single column blog layout and a sidebar. The header displays the logo overlapping the menu. A post slider shows only the latest post followed by the blog posts in single column. Navigation is simple and easy to use. The site makes great use of black of white.

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7. Blog YouDivi

Blog YouDivi focuses on blog features with no sidebar and displays the latest posts within a 3-column grid. The header uses a shadow effect to make it stand apart from the content area and also includes a CTA. The footer is revealed as the site scrolls and displays contact information. The content area also uses a shadow effect and stands apart from the footer.

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8. Dave Cahill

Dave Cahill uses a unique header design that displays multiple layers of parallax. Scrolling pulls the site up so it can be seen. The hands remain holding the website. The rest of the layout follows typical Extra design but with a tan and red color scheme. The latest posts are shown within a slider followed by 3 columns to display the latest albums, tour news, and videos.

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9. Dream Travel Magazine

Dream Travel Magazine displays the latest posts within a slider followed by a welcome section with two CTA’s. Categories are displayed within 4 tabbed post modules in two columns, a single column post slider, and then a 3 column blog section. The site makes great use of blue for color branding.

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Also check out our Divi theme examples blog post to see some terrific websites built with the Divi theme.

Bonus: Bible Buying Guide

Bible Buying Guide is my own website. I’ve included it as a bonus site by permission. It uses the blog layout that comes with Extra with a slider displaying the latest post, 2-column blog grid, and a sidebar. I’ve placed a few ads throughout the blog layout. It includes a mega menu for the latest posts. I’ve adjusted the font size, colors for the links, and background colors. All of the colors are those that are found in Bibles – off-white for elegant paper, red links for red-letter editions, black for black leather covers, etc.

See Website

Ending Thoughts

Well that’s a look at 9 examples (plus my own) of the Extra theme in action. Many websites built with Extra have similar features, but these 9 stand out. They show what Extra can do with just a few simple tweaks of color, layout adjustments, and CSS. They are sure to give you some ideas for your next Extra website.

We want to hear from you! What’s your favorite Extra website on this list? Let us know in the comments.


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