Since Divi can be used to create practically any type of website, there are loads of examples of websites built with Divi to spark your imagination. In this article we take a look at the 22 best Divi theme examples and websites created with the popular Divi theme. No matter the type of site you want to build, there is sure to be something in this list to help.

Divi Theme Examples

Below is a list of the 22 best Divi theme examples we were able to find from around the web. These websites had to stand out from the crowd, take Divi to the next level, and ultimately show off what you’re able to achieve with the Divi theme. If you’ve built a website with Divi and want us to consider adding it to this list of Divi them examples, let us know in the comments below.

1. Netsil

Netsil makes excellent use of a full-screen slider, displaying images, information, and CTA’s. A CTA section displays a blue box with shadow effect, which stands out perfectly. The email section includes a graphic that overlaps the footer. The menu also includes a CTA. The site makes excellent use of blue for the branding. Netsil is a great example of a professional business website built with Divi.

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2. Bank Southern

Bank Southern, one of the only Divi theme examples we were able to find of a bank, displays a full-width image slider with tagline, CTA, and login. Information is presented within two columns at full-with and includes an image, buttons, text, and video. The menu displays links in three columns with one column standing apart with a border. The banking pages use images and toggles in two columns. Account comparisons are displayed in tables with hover animation. This is one of the only banks we’ve seen built with Divi, and it sure is a good one!

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3. Kissmetrics

Kissmetrics uses a simple design with very few distractions from their offerings. The header displays the tagline and information with the ability to try the product within the header. It includes an about section and a unique testimonial section that displays a testimonial as a large card. The menu includes a clean and professional CTA. This example is one of the best we’ve seen, and sometimes you can barely tell it’s even Divi.

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4. In-Joy

In-Joy is a great example of color-gone-wild in a good way. The color palette isn’t too flashy and doesn’t clash, but the patterns are eye-catching. Transparent blocks with gradients and titles serve as links to services. The large typography, fancy title fonts, images, and styled social icons fit well with the site’s design. The client forms button attached above the menu is a nice touch. If you’re interested in an example of using color patterns it will be difficult to find a better example than this one.

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5. Doers

Doers uses a full-screen image with an overlay as the homepage. The overlay displays the name with a tagline and a button. The website uses a minimal design with animated icons that look like hand-drawn graphics and animated text. The blue color branding is used throughout the website. If you’re looking for a web studio built with Divi, this is an excellent Divi theme example.

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6. Root of Life

Root of Life uses a white background with cream highlights throughout the site. The header background image displays products and a CTA provides buttons to sign up for the newsletter and see the shop. The blog section is styled to match. The menu displays a dot over the link on hover. The shop uses a load more feature. The blog is filterable by category. Not many other Divi websites can compete with Root of Life when it comes to ecommerce websites built with Divi.

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7. SM Graphics

SM Graphics uses elegant color palette of black, white, and gold. Gold is used for several section titles and icons. Work is displayed in a multi-column layout with hover animation and custom icons. Information is shown in an alternating pattern. The site has a clean layout and is an excellent example of parallax. If you’re looking for a design studio built with Divi, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better example.

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8. Saint Benevolence

Saint Benevolence uses lots of tan backgrounds with large red fonts and gold floral patterns, all boxed in with a gold outline. Even the menu uses this color palette and pattern (the pattern is revealed on scroll). Scrolling reveals several sections with photos of the Caribbean with large blocks of text and CTA’s and a section with a photo of the product in parallax. This website is an excellent example of a simple design with only a few colors working well together.

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9. Weldon Fultz

Weldon Fultz stands out because of its brown and tan color-palette and large fonts. Clickable text becomes buttons on hover. Clickable items have a large motion for the hover animation. The logo design incorporates a stylized initials to create a diamond. This is a really creative example of the Divi theme in action.

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10. Woodyfule

Woodyfuel uses a full-screen background video with section styling and buttons with hover animation which displays icons on opposite sides of the buttons. On scroll and CTA bar falls from one side from a vertical position to its horizontal position and then remains on the screen. Information boxes include hover animation. The color and fonts match the branding perfectly. The site includes a unique menu layout with CTA. Woodyfuel has a modern rustic feel that makes it stand out from the crowd.

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11. Vet Plus

Vet Plus uses a unique layout with rounded section separators and overlapping icons. Background images use green overlays to match the branding. The menu highlights the current page in yellow and includes two phone numbers. The green and yellow branding is used throughout the site. This Divi site is a great example of a how a veterinarian website should look.

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12. Volume

Volume has a unique header that rotates services. Scrolling reveals a full-screen information section with video and audio to highlight examples of services. Logos for awards are displayed in gold. Photos of singers are displayed within a full-width grid and includes boxed styling and hover animation. If you’re looking for a unique website made in Divi, you just found it.

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13. Andrew Kingslow

Andrew Kingslow uses a full-screen header that displays images with the Ken Burns effect, and video with a tagline and CTA. Blurbs overlap sections. Work is displayed in a three-column grid with hover animation. Loading icons display in 3D. The site makes excellent use of color. As far as Divi sites go, this is an excellent example with plenty of customizations.

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14. BD’s Mongolian Grill

BD’s Mongolian Grill makes elegant use of large typography and a brown and red color palette. It includes lots of images to draw visitors into their call to action. It does have a lot of information within the menus, but it finds a way to present it so that it’s easy to follow. They even have a food menu for each location with a reservation system. This is one of the best restaurant designs that I’ve seen with Divi.

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15. Vin Walker

Vin Walker provides excellent proof that Divi is a great theme for authors. The slim menu provides a CTA that stands out while at the same time getting out of the way of the hero section which displays an almost full-screen CTA. Large single column sections show the novels, information about the author, and social follow links. If you’re looking for a good example of an author’s website made with Divi, look no further than this website.

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16. Funk Engine Music

Funk Engine Music is a great example of how to make a one-page website to sell music. Styled images show the band members next to a write-up of their history along with a small testimonial slider. Styled audio players provide samples from the albums. Upcoming gigs are displayed within a table and include links to purchase tickets. The site makes great use of parallax and backgrounds with images from the studio. It’s hard to find a better one-page band website than this one.

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17. Cruise Travel Outlet

Cruise Travel Outlet makes elegant use of a gradient within the header. The header also includes tagline and CTA. A small slider shows featured deals. The secondary menu includes a CTA. The header overlay perfectly matches the yellow and blue branding that’s used throughout the site. This is a great example of a travel website built with Divi.

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18.  Colorstone

Colorstone is great example of a multi-page band website. It displays a full-screen video of the band followed by three large blocks of color with extra-large social follow icons. Each band member is displayed within a full-width section with a solid color background, large typography, and a large image with shadow effects. The YLA Sessions page includes audio players with images. Embedded videos use shadow effects and look amazing over the orange backgrounds. This site makes great use of color and is easily one of the best band websites on the net.

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19. Real Coaching Co

Real Coaching Co is an excellent example of how to use large hand-written fonts with elegant color backgrounds. A hero section shows the title in a gold scripted font, tagline, and a sentence of description next to a large image over a brownish-gray background. Sections alternate between solid white backgrounds and images with dark overlays, and the gold fonts look great with each of them. The mega menu uses white and gold fonts against a black background. Services are displayed with styled blurbs. If you’re looking for a great example of a coaching website you’ve found it.

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CODECRATER makes elegant use of gradient overlays. Information is displayed in five columns on the home page. The CTA’s are in the form of large blue buttons, which stand out throughout the home page and within the secondary menu. The website also uses a unique dot navigation styling. The “What We Do” page uses elegantly styled toggles to display their services. The portfolio page displays work in two columns with an image, description, and link. This is a great example of a small web agency created with the Divi theme.

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21. Cura Brazil

Cura Brazil uses flat design with lots of bright colors. Scrolling past the hero section reveals a video background with wavy section separations followed by an interesting section with the sun and text in parallax over a skyscrapers in flat design. Even the bar counters use the bold colors found throughout the website. A simple CTA displays four blocks of color with angled sides. A donate bar remains at the bottom of the screen with a button that slowly changes color. This website is an excellent example of flat design and bold colors.

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22. Hailey Sault

Hailey Sault displays a full-screen video background with messages. The hero section remains in place as the next section scrolls over it to reveal a large CTA in parallax over a background image. The next section is my favorite though – it’s a blog section in two columns with large images and no space between them. A large yellow CTA stands out while matching the highlights of the website. Extra-large social icons are displayed wall-to-wall in three columns. This site’s an excellent example of color and layout design.

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Ending Thoughts

These Divi theme website examples are simply beaming with inspiration. The next time you’re looking for design inspirations, these outstanding Divi theme examples are sure to spark your imagination.

What’s your favorite of these Divi theme examples? Let us know in the comments.

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