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One of the many things that makes Divi so amazing is the large community. This community includes lots of Facebook groups where anyone can get the help they need for inspiration, feedback, troubleshooting, sharing knowledge, tricks and tips, information about products and courses, and lots more. In this article, we’ll take a look at 5 Divi Facebook groups we love and recommend you join today.

I’ve been a member of these groups for quite a while, and I can vouch for their quality. Most of the groups in this post have over 1000 members. Those that have less are niche-specific. Each group has their own specific rules. Be sure to read and follow their rules. Don’t hesitate to join these amazing groups and be apart of the growing Divi community.

Hang around until the end for a couple more Divi Facebook groups and some tips for posting in them.

1. Divi Theme User by Divi Cake

This is Divi Cake’s official group. It has over 10,500 members. The focus of the group is support, learning, and discussion. Anyone can ask Divi-related questions, help Divi users with problems, share tutorials from across the web, and post sells and promotions. They have lots of video tutorials with tricks and tips from Elegant Themes’ and prominent members of the community. A question is posted on Friday afternoons that helps users share their knowledge. The community is kind and helpful, and questions are usually answered quickly. If you only join a few groups, this should be at the top of your list.

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2. Divi Theme Users by Elegant Themes

This is an older group that recently became the official Elegant Themes group. It has over 28,500 members. Its primary focus is support. It has lots of files that include code, PDF’s, PSD, Word documents, and more. It has lots of videos from Elegant Themes and community members. WordPress and Divi meetup events are shown in the events calendar. It also includes a list of recommended services. They have special posts for Wednesdays and Sundays where users are allowed to share their work.

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3. Divi Web Designers by Josh Hall

This is the group by Josh Hall. It’s a community favorite and has over 13,600 members. The purpose and goal of the group is to provide a place so you can share your work for inspiration or feedback, share tips and tools for Divi and WordPress, and help each other become better Divi website designers. Posts are not intended to be self-promoting. Files include PDF’s, images, code, JSON, Word documents, etc. It includes lots of video tutorials. It also has a calendar for events and a list of recommended pages for services.

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4. Divi & Extra for Business by Joel Wolfgang

This group is by Wolfgang Marketing. It has over 1850 members. The focus is on how to use Divi and Extra for business, which includes amplifying your business, how they help in getting the sale, etc. It includes several videos from Wolfgang Marketing and several others from the community. Wolfgang Marketing often poses questions for the group to answer and discuss, hints and tips, etc. Others post problems they’re dealing with, links to articles and resources, and more.

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5. Divi SEO Pro by Alicia Hughes

This is a niche group with almost 470 members. The purpose of the group is to discuss everything related to SEO with Divi. Members can ask questions, share tips, share tutorials, and more. Topics include speed tips, SEO services in general, pro editions of SEO services, solving problems, how to improve SEO with your Divi designs, improving your ranking, best practices for using Google ads, etc.

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Also Check Out…

Here are a couple more interesting Divi groups to check out.

1. Divi Designers & Developers

This group has over 3,750 members. Its purpose is to provide a place for designers, developers, marketers, and those in related professions share their knowledge, support each other, and learn more about designing and developing with Divi. Members can post questions, links to products, links to their designs for feedback, etc.

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2. Elegant Themes – Divi Users

This group has over 6,400 members. Its purpose is to provide support for Divi users. Anyone can post questions about issues, links to tutorials, links to Divi-related products, tips, etc. This is an excellent place to find out about the newest plugins and services offered by the community.

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A Few Quick Tips about Posting in Facebook Groups

The groups do include rules, so please read and follow them before posting. Be sure to search the groups before asking questions. There are a lot of questions already answered and changes are good your question has been asked and solved already. If you do ask a question and the problem is resolved, mark it so that everyone is aware. If you post the same question in multiple groups, mark is as cross-posted.

Ending Thoughts

That’s our look at 5 recommended Facebook groups that help the community grow. I recommend joining all 5. The group members range from highly knowledgeable with Divi to those just starting out with building their first website. No matter what your level of experience with Divi and web development, there’s something in these groups for everyone, and that includes you!

Which of these Divi Facebook groups are your favorites? Let us know in the comments.


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