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Divi is the #1 premium WordPress theme in the world. It’s easy to understand why. Elegant Themes, the makers of Divi, has over 600,000 customers worldwide that are drawn to Divi because of its simplicity and power. Many of those customers are developers that have built from dozens, to hundreds of websites with Divi.

Whether you plan to create your own website, or create websites for others, Divi is a worthy investment. Fortunately, Divi’s pricing model has simplified over the years. In this article, we’ll take a look at what Divi costs, and see what’s included to help you decide the best option for you and your business.

See what discounts are available for Divi

How Much Divi Costs, and What You Get

Elegant Themes doesn’t sell Divi as a stand-alone product. Instead, they build a community around all of their products by selling a membership. The membership gives you access to everything they have, and you can use all of it on unlimited websites for you and your clients. This is 1 license that includes unlimited websites and users, and access to everything.

When you join Elegant Themes membership program, you get access to Divi, Extra, Bloom, Monarch, the Divi Builder plugin (to use the Divi Builder with other themes), and hundreds of layouts that work in both Divi and Extra. The layouts include open-source photos and illustrations that are free to use.

There are two purchase options:

  • Yearly access for $89. You can cancel the membership or continue it every year. If you cancel, you keep everything you’ve downloaded, but you won’t have access to updates or support.
  • Lifetime access for $249. This is a one-time payment and you’ll always have access to everything, including updates and support, for life. This is our preferred access, and what we recommend.

Joining comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, so there really is no risk in trying Divi (except for getting hooked on Divi, but that’s a different story). You can cancel or change to a different package after signing up.

There’s no shortage of knowledge and help for learning to do just about anything with Divi. There are lots of third-party courses and tutorials, and Elegant Themes publishes two posts per day on their blog with one focusing on Divi.

Divi has a world-wide community and has empowered thousands of people, including this writer, to run full-time or part-time businesses online. For more information about Divi, see our Divi WordPress Theme Review right here on the Divi Cake blog.

How to Save on a Divi Membership

Elegant Themes has several sales every year. Here’s what you need to know about each one.

Divi Anniversary Sale

Divi Anniversary Sale

In March, Elegant Themes holds an anniversary sale that includes 10% off yearly access, lifetime access, and upgrades. Special anniversaries discount even more. For example, their 10th anniversary was 20% off.

Divi Summer Sale

In August of 2018, Elegant Themes held the first of what they hope will become an annual tradition: the Divi Summer Sale. The sale included 20% off of new accounts, upgrades, and renewals. It was designed to help build the Divi community. The celebration was accompanied by a week of articles about those in the Divi community (starting with me) who shared their experience of how Divi helped them achieve their goals.

Black Friday

Black Friday is Elegant Theme’s biggest sale of the year. For 2018’s Black Friday, Elegant Themes provided a 25% discount for both membership plans and gave away over $500,000 in prizes for those who joined and for those who upgraded to Lifetime membership.

Prizes included products from third-party developers. Each of the products was given away to a limited number of members (from 100-300 of each product). New members chose a product based on what’s available. The third-party companies also had Black Friday sales of their own, so there were a lot of deals going around in the Divi universe.

The Black Friday sale also included 5 exclusive layouts that were available to everyone who took advantage of the sale and to current Lifetime members. For several days, the blog included lots of tutorials for using the exclusive layouts.

Cyber Monday

The 25% discount continued into Cyber Monday. The sale didn’t include prizes, but it did include 6 exclusive Cyber Monday layouts just for those who purchased and for current Lifetime members. The blog also included tutorials specifically for the Cyber Monday layouts.

Divi Discounts

There are several discounts available that you can take advantage of any time so you don’t have to wait for a special sale. These discounts include both yearly and lifetime access.

Note: We find and review products to help you make better decisions when buying the things you need. Our opinions are our own, and in no way are influenced by an affiliate commission. If you use one of our affilite links below, we may earn a small share of the revenue. Thank you for your support. Let us know if you have any questions.

These special discounts can be discontinued at any time, so if you’re considering purchasing Divi sooner than later, we recommend going ahead and taking advantage of either Divi pricing option.

Ending Thoughts

That’s our look at Divi pricing. Elegant Themes has simplified the pricing over the years, going from three packages with various features and usability licensing, to two packages that include full access. The pricing options are easy to use and which you need really depends on how you want to pay for membership.

Both packages are great choices. If you’re not completely sure which is best for you, try the one-year plan for 30 days and upgrade later. We’re convinced you won’t regret it.

We want to hear from you. Did you, or do you plan to, use a discount to buy Divi? Did you purchase during the Black Friday sale? Let us know about it in the comments.


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