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The Divi blurb is one of the most widely used Divi modules. The module creates some interesting blurbs that can be used for lots of things, such as services, links to information, and calls to action. To be effective, they need to stand out. Fortunately, there are lots of pre-designed Divi blurbs layouts available in the Divi Cake shop to give your blurbs that extra spark they need.

In this article, we’ll take a look at 7 Divi blurb layouts (the list actually includes styled layouts and a few new modules for the Divi builder) to help you with your next Divi project. The layouts and modules are in no particular order. I’m sure you’ll like them.

1. Chunky Divi Blurb Cards

Chunky Divi Blurb Cards is a blurb layout that displays square cards with rounded corners. They include background gradients and CSS hover effects. The cards have large icons, a headline with a drop shadow and heavy font, three gradient sets, and desktop and mobile buttons. You can use images in place of the large icons while still taking advantage of the bold text.

  • Square blurb cards
  • Large icons
  • CSS hover effect
  • Headline with drop shadow
  • Heavy font weight
  • Multiple gradient mixing sets
  • Desktop buttons
  • Mobile buttons

Price: $10 | More Information

2. Divi Blurb Cards

Divi Blurb Cards is a layout with two designs: one with the icon on the left and one with the icon on the top. The cards have a sleek design and the icons overlap the cards. It’s based on CSS, so it won’t need to be updated and you can easily customize it even further if you’re familiar with CSS.

  • Icon on left
  • Icon on top
  • CSS based

Price: $12 | More Information

3. Divi Blurb Module Bundle 2 (Templates 11-20)

Divi Blurb Module Bundle 2 (Templates 11-20) is a layout with 10 different blurb designs with multiple styles for each design. The designs include multiple shapes and icon placements, multiple types of hover animations, multiple colors, multiple button styles, and more. Most in this bundle have square designs. A few have pointed shapes. All have a unique hover animation.

  • 10 designs
  • 5 sections per layout
  • Hover animations
  • Button styles
  • Box shadow

Price: $25 | More Information

4. Divi Blurb Module Bundle 1 (Templates 1-10)

Divi Blurb Module Bundle 1 (Templates 1-10) is a layout with 10 different blurb designs with multiple styles for each design. The designs include squared shapes with multiple icon placements, multiple colors, lots of hover animations, button styles, and more. Most in this bundle have square designs with solid or blank backgrounds. Several are rectangular and a few have some interesting patterns for the icons. Each has a unique hover animation.

  • 10 designs
  • 5 sections per layout
  • Lots of hover animations
  • Button styles
  • Unique icon patterns

Price: $25 | More Information

5. Elegant Blurbs

Elegant Blurbs is a layout with a clean design with square blurb cards. It includes hover animations with CSS to zoom the card itself, icons, and text. Free images from PicFoods and free icons from are included.

  • Clean design
  • CSS hover animations
  • Free images from PicFoods
  • Free icons from

Price: $4.90 | More Information

6. Rinoa Blurbs

Rinoa Blurbs is a blurbs module with styling for an elegant feminine or business design. It includes zoom hover effects with overlays, wide borders that change color on hover, overlapping titles, styled buttons, and content. The titles are placed at the bottom, overlapping the image, and include a box shadow.

  • Blurbs module
  • Zoom effects
  • With or without content
  • Border styling
  • Title styling
  • Button styling

Price: $5 | More Information

7. Divi Blurb Extended

Divi Blurb Extended is an enhanced blurb module that adds a lot of features to design the module. Build with an icon, image, and text. It includes square and hexagon icon shapes. You can change the color of the icon, text, and heading on hover. Place icons in more locations such as the right, top, and left.  Add animation to the icon and read more button. The flipbox feature flips the card on hover to show a title on one side and content on the other. It can show images or color on the front and back. You can also use images and icons together.

  • Enhanced blurb module
  • Multiple layout designs
  • Multiple icon positions
  • 2 new icon shapes
  • Change colors on hover
  • Show content on both sides of the card
  • Place icons on the border
  • Animation for icon and read more button
  • Use images and icons on the same card

Price: $19 | More Information

Ending Thoughts

That’s our look at 7 Divi blurb layouts and modules to create a new look for your Divi blurbs. They’re easy to use and include lots of styling options. Between these 7 layouts and modules, you’re sure to find a blurb design that works perfectly for your next Divi project.

We want to hear from you. What’s your favorite Divi blurb layout on this list? Let us know in the comments.


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