Divi is a great theme to use for building an online shop. Fortunately there are several layouts available to help you get started. In this article we’ll provide a roundup of the best Divi shop layouts. Any of these layouts will work with any genre. Currently, the majority of Divi shop layouts come from Elegant Themes. They even have tutorials on how to customize your shop further.

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1. Trek

Trek is a 1-page WooCommerce layout designed with adventure clothing and gear in mind. It includes 13 styled sections, a mega menu, and dummy content. Several sections include CTA’s to the shop. It has two shop sections, which displays a title, divider, a styled shop module, and a call to action in a black block with a red button. The shop module includes styled text and an overlay with shopping icon behind a light background. It also includes another shop section with a dark background overlay over an image. Another section shows shopping information with icons to inform buyers about prices, shipping, and the returns policy.

Price: $19 | More Information

2. Florist

Florist is a 7-page layout designed for florists. It includes images that you can use in your website. The landing page has a thin section that displays a CTA with link. Several CTA’s with images to one side provide links to the shop. A section for featured products displays a header, divider, and text followed by products with images, text, and buttons over a light background with background section effects. The products are offset from each other, creating a multi-level layout. The home page displays a hero image with CTA to the shop. A specialties section shows the title, text, and products with images, text, and buttons. The shop page brings all of those elements together into a single location.

Price: Free | More Information

3. Coffee Shop

Coffee Shop is an 8-page layout for coffee and beverage shops. The layout pack includes images. The landing, home, and guide pages include a hero image with CTA to the shop. The shop page displays a hero image with text, a shop section, several full-width CTA’s with large images in multi-column layouts, and a contact section in parallax. The shop module keeps it simple but includes styled buttons to match the layout. A tutorial shows how to set up in-store pickups for online orders using WooCommerce.

Price: Free | More Information | See the Tutorial

4. Fashion

Fashion is an 8-page layout made with fashion websites in mind. The landing page has a call to action for a sale. It includes a title, text, and a multi-column layout with images that provide links to categories in the shop. The home page has a section with title, text, images, and a button to the shop. The shop page displays a full-width section with title, a layered section with an image and text that works as a title to a specific section in the shop, the shop section for that title, a similar section with a different title, links to the sale, and contact info. Images are included. A tutorial shows how to create an online store using WooCommerce.

Price: Free | More Information | See the Tutorial

5. Photo Marketplace

Photo Marketplace is a 7-page layout to create a shop to sell photos. The landing page includes a full-screen slider with link to the photos. A four-column image section shows images with information and link to download. The home page shows these images in a couple of 2-column sections with large and small images to create multi-column layouts. The about page includes a hero image with CTA to browse the shop. The categories page uses blurbs as links to categories followed by a 4-column list of text as category links. Images are included. A tutorial shows how to create a multi-vendor marketplace.

Price: Free | More Information | See the Tutorial

6. Pottery Studio

Pottery Studio is a 9-page layout pack designed with art studios in mind. The landing page includes a sales section with a header, divider, text for information, a shop module, and button to visit the shop page. The section includes a light background, and the button, sales tag, overlay icons, and divider are styled in a light orange with white text to match the rest of the design. Any of the other 9 pages can be used to build a shop page, or you can just show the products within the landing page. You can sell classes through the landing, home, class, classes, and gallery pages. The included images are free to use.

Price: Free | More Information

Ending Thoughts

If you’re interested in a Divi layout to create your own online shop, these layouts are some of the best available. What’s even better- most are free. There are even several tutorials written specifically about a few of them that shows step-by-step how to create your own shop or expand the features of your shop.

We want to hear from you. Have you tried one of these Divi shop layouts? Let us know about your experience in the comments below.

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