10 Free Graphic Design Tools Every Divi Designer Should Know

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10 Free Graphic Design Tools Every Divi Designer Should Know

Whether you are an experienced designer or just starting out it’s important to be efficient when you tackle new projects. Efficiency isn’t about rushing the design process and producing something sloppy. Rather it allows you to put out quality work at a faster pace. With the emergence of do-it-yourself design tools and resources finding inspiration and efficiency has become much easier. Here is a list of free graphic design tools every Divi designer should know:

Logo Creator

Every website or Divi theme needs a logo. If you don’t want to create your own in Illustrator you can use a free program like the Logo Creator Logo Creator. To get started you simply choose a category and browse predesigned templates. Once you find a design click on it and customize to your liking. You can change the font, layout, colors, background and even insert your own image. Once you are happy with your design you can download the logo in high-resolution format.


Images are crucial when it comes to design, whether that’s for a web theme, social media post or any other branding item. Gratisography offers a large database of fresh and professionally shot images that you can use for personal as well as commercial use. To get started you can browse by categories like business, animals, people or search by keyword to find something more specific. When you land on an image you like simply click download to access it for free instantly.


Of course the font you choose has a big impact on your design as well. Don’t settle for a generic set of fonts or keeping using the same ones for all of your designs. BeFonts offers free fonts for creatives. Their database is sorted by font style for easy browsing. You can download any off their fonts in TTF and TXT format.


Just like fonts, choosing the right icons can elevate your design. FreeIcons offers a large database of free icons available in SVG, EPS, PSD, base and PNG format. Use their search function to find a specific icon or browse by style like 3D, badge, flat, outlines and more. To ensure you create consistency in your designs it’s recommended not to download icons individually but rather download an entire set once you find a style you like.


This list wouldn’t be complete without including Freepik. When it comes to free illustration vectors this is the ultimate database. They offer over 435,000 free illustrations for personal and commercial use. If you want to take your design to the next level try to incorporate a beautiful illustration. When you download one of their free illustrations remember they require attribution.

Designs Ai

If you are having a hard time coming up with a fresh color palette or just need some inspiration try a tool like Designs Ai. To get started you can choose a core color or upload an image. From there you’ll be presented with beautiful matching color palettes. Each color palette includes the exact color codes so you can recreate it in your own design.


It’s all in the details when it comes to design. Sure you can choose font pairs by eye but why not use a tool like FontJoy to make your life easier? Even for experienced designers it’s difficult to nail the perfect font pairing. If you are looking for inspiration simply click their “generate” button and you’ll be presented with beautiful font pairs instantly. You can then adjust the results based on how closely you want to match them.

CSS Gradient

Another helpful resource for Divi designers is CCS Gradient. This free tool lets your create beautiful gradients. You can choose whether it’s linear or radial and choose the orientation. You can then play around with the stops and hex codes until your find the perfect gradient for your design.

Adobe Spark

Adobe’s Spark is a great photo editing solution. Their free photo editor is easy and intuitive so even non-designers can use it. After logging in you can upload any of your images and touch up as needed. To create consistency in your images across your website and other branding make sure you use the same set of images and match them in tone and feel when editing.


If you are looking to create a fun patterned background for a page or entire website try a free tool like FlatIcon. To create a pattern simply search for icons that will work well with your design. You can then adjust the size and color before you generate your pattern. If you are looking for inspiration or something fun simply click generate random pattern and then download.

Final Thoughts

The resources highlighted above are a great starting point. There are alternatives for each but these should get you started. Before you tackle your next design project, revisit this list and maybe a couple of these will help you produce a beautiful design more efficiently.

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