10 Divi Child Themes for Fitness Websites

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Fitness is always a popular topic both online and offline. This means there will always be a need for amazing fitness websites. Fortunately, it’s not that difficult to build a fitness website with Divi . The main tools are already included such as pricing tables, galleries, person modules, and blurbs. Of course, you don’t have to start from scratch. There are lots of layouts and child themes to get you started.

In this article, we’ll take a look at 10 Divi child themes for fitness websites in the Divi Cake marketplace to give you a head start on your next Divi project. The child themes are in no particular order.

1. Divi Fitness

Divi Fitness comes with 7 pages including a page for services and a page for each individual trainer. The theme includes a color picker, custom fitness icons, a training schedule, a daily schedule for the trainer pages, and a before and after image showcase. The home page includes lots of styled modules including blurbs, countdown timer, tabs, person, testimonials, opt-in, and more. It has lots of animations and the color picker lets you choose 6 different colors for the various elements of the design.

2. Coach

Coach comes with 15 pages that include training programs, company story, and all of the standard WooCommerce pages to build your own online store. The home page has several CTAs, lots of full-screen images in parallax, and blurbs to describe the benefits. The Programs pages are WooCommerce product pages. The FAQ page uses toggles. The Testimonials page displays testimonial modules as styled cards. It has a simple design with soft colors and it’s especially well-suited for female one-on-one coaches.

3. Gym

Gym comes with 10 pages that include Gallery, Team, and several custom pages such as Search Results, Coming Soon, 404, etc. The home page displays a sign-up for a free consultation, and images that link to classes and training packages. It also has lots of fitness icons, hover animations, and styled modules including blurbs, person, pricing tables, and testimonials. The custom blog category page and the individual blog posts include styling for the content and sidebars.

4. Megathlon

Megathlon comes with a one-page and an 8-page design with a vertical menu that remains in place on scroll. Pages include Our Classes, Our Trainers, and Pricing Plans. The pages for classes include a timetable schedule, class category, and single class. Pages include images with hover animations, styled person modules, a testimonials carousel slider, and style pricing tables. The schedule is created with an embedded calendar. Individual class pages show an event timeslot. Blog pages include multiple layouts. It also comes with Font Awesome integration for extra social icons.

5. GYM & Fitness

GYM & Fitness comes with 3 main pages. The home page displays a full-screen image with a CTA and lots of styled sections. It shows the trainers using person modules, packages with pricing tables, latest blog posts, and a styled contact form. Each includes custom hover animations. The About Us page shows a full-screen CTA and the benefits using blurbs. Navigation includes links to the specific sections for team, pricing, and the blog.

6. Fit.

Fit. comes with 6 main pages and includes 3 different home page designs and 2 different blog designs. A Team page shows the trainers with large images, bar counters for their strengths, a description, and social follow buttons. The Pricing page shows the types of personal training and special sessions that are available within pricing tables. The home page options include one with an overlay, one without an overlay, and one with a testimonial slider. The blog layouts are available with or without a post slider. It also includes a before and after image slider and a custom back-to-top button.

7. F2F

F2F focuses on product sales and comes with 5 pages including a home page, a WooCommerce product category page, and individual product pages to sell fitness products online. The home page has a full-screen background video in the header, full-width product sections, a blog to one side of the layout, and a custom footer with a background image. The custom footer appears on each of the pages. Most of the sections have full-screen background images in parallax.

8. Yoga

Yoga comes with 15 pages that include Events, Gallery, Team, and WooCommerce shop pages to create an online store. The home page includes lots of style modules including a CTA in the hero section, multiple types of blurbs, pricing tables to show the services, person modules, testimonials, and a shop module. The Events page shows events as a custom post type. The Team page shows the trainers within styled person modules. Two different galleries let you display images in either a grid or within a multi-column layout.

9. Namaste

Namaste comes with 6 main pages including Classes and Pricing. The home page shows classes within styled blurbs, styled testimonials, a blog, and lots more. Animated dividers fall into place on scroll. Sections include styled separators. The Classes page displays each class as a call to action with a button to book the class. The Pricing page displays classes and memberships within pricing tables. A shadow effect separates the menu from the rest of the site.

10. Orange Spa

Orange Spa comes with 4 main pages, 6 different versions of the Our Programs page that includes one for fitness, and a Trial Offer page with a signup form. The home page displays a styled signup form to try a class, trainers with images and titles for their names, and blurbs for services which includes hover animations. The Our Programs fitness page shows a class signup CTA in the hero section and the classes are displayed as CTAs with buttons to read more and buttons to receive information.

Ending Thoughts

That’s our look at 10 Divi child themes for fitness websites. The child themes have elegant designs and are great choices to build just about any type of fitness website you need. If you want even more Divi child themes for health, wellness, and other related topics, check the fitness and wellness category in the Divi Cake shop.

We want to hear from you. Have you tried any of these 10 Divi child themes for fitness websites? Let us know what you think about them in the comments below.


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