Divi Slider Module Pack: Unlock 100+ Stunning Sliders

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In the lightning-fast world, your website’s introduction has mere seconds to grab attention and set the tone for your visitor’s experience. Sliders are one of the fastest ways to do so. Forget boring old text-and-picture slides. We’re talking about the Divi Slider Module Pack, your secret weapon for building eye-catching intros and designing flawless websites for your Divi website with stunning visuals and effortless efficiency.

In this article, we’ll embark on a journey to enhance your Divi website and captivate your audience with slideshows that showcase your most compelling content and leave a lasting impression. Ready to make your website shine? Let’s begin!

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Divi Slider Module Pack

Divi Slider Module Pack is a third-party layout pack from the Divi Marketplace that equips you with a treasure trove of over 100 pre-designed slider layouts, meticulously crafted to showcase your website’s key elements with flair. This Module Pack is a toolkit full of sleek, modern designs and super-easy controls that even a newbie can master in minutes. 

Installing and Activating the Divi Slider Module Pack

Before we start, ensure you have a Divi license and membership from Elegant Themes. Next, purchase and download a Divi Slider Module Pack membership from the Divi Marketplace. Once downloaded, unzip the ‘DCT_Slider_Bundle.zip’ file. Upon unzipping, you’ll locate a .json file.

Unzipping DCT_Slider_Bundle.zip after downloading the Divi Slider Module Pack

Download the Divi Slider Module Pack

Go to the Divi Library from your WordPress Dashboard and click the ‘Import/Export’ option to bring those awesome sliders into your website.

Importing Divi Slider Module Pack layouts from the Divi Library from your WordPress Dashboard

Importing Divi Slider Layouts 

Locate the tab labeled “Import” within the Divi Library’s Import/Export option. Click the button labeled “Choose File” and navigate to the folder named “DCT Slider Module Template“. Once you’ve selected the template, click the button labeled “Import Divi Builder Layouts“. 

Import Divi Slider Module Pack layouts from the Divi Layouts in the WordPress Dashboard

Import Divi Builder Layouts

Next, click the plus icon labeled “Load From Library” within the settings menu of the section in the Divi Builder. This will reveal a pop-up window. In the pop-up window, select the tab labeled “Add From Library“. Select the Divi Slider Module Layout Bundle Template Style from the list and explore the layouts. 

Load Divi Slider Module Pack Layouts among over 100 styles from Divi Library in the Divi Builder

100+ Slider Styles

Once you’ve added a layout you love, click “Save” to be able to use it for your website. Repeat this process for each new Divi Slider module layout you wish to showcase.

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Why Should You Choose Divi Slider Module Pack

  1. Ease of Use

The Divi Slider Module Pack prioritizes ease of use. Importing and utilizing the templates involves minimal settings and shortcodes, allowing you to focus on content creation rather than navigating complex code.

Customize any Divi Slider Module Pack layout easily with fast customization

Customize Your Sliders Easily

  1. Effortless Edits

The Divi Slider Module Pack layouts are all about simple settings and adding content, so you can focus on the good stuff like picking spectacular pics and writing captions that crack up your audience. 

  1. Bringing the Sliders to Life

Crafted specifically for Divi 4+ versions, you can be sure your sliders will showcase the latest features and functionalities flawlessly. These uniquely designed sliders are fresh and trendy, making your website stand out. 

  1. No External JS Required

This Divi Slider Module Pack layout is streamlined, eliminating the need for external Javascript. They are built with clean, efficient code, ensuring your website runs smoothly on any device.

Divi Slider Module Pack Styles with no external js required

Divi Slider Module Pack Styles

  1. Mobile-ready responsiveness

All the sliders in this module pack are fully responsive and mobile-optimized. Your sliders will look fantastic on every screen, from desktops to tiny phone screens.

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  1. Your Design Toolbox Keeps Growing 

With every update, the Module Pack gets even cooler, giving you more sliders, and more ways to make your website the envy of the online world. The team releases up to 10 new sliders every month to elevate your website game. With over 100 unique layouts, you’ll never run out of ways to express your brand’s unique voice.

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How to Standout with the Divi Slider Module Pack

Your possibilities are endless with the Divi Slider Module Pack. You can

  • Craft an Amazing Business Intro

Showcase your brand identity, services, and achievements with sliders that leave a lasting impression on your visitor’s mind.

  • Hook Readers with Powerful Blog Posts

Draw them in with eye-catching sliders that introduce your latest articles and entice them to delve deeper into your blog’s treasure trove.

  • Boost Your Online Store’s Buzz

Make your products the stars of the show with dynamic and visually appealing sliders that drive conversions and sales.

  • Tell Your Portfolio Story with Flair

 Stand out from the competition with unique sliders t


One Price, Endless Upgrades: Pay $12.99 once for the Divi Slider Module Pack, and get new sliders and enjoy lifetime updates forever!

30-Day Money Back Guarantee: Not sure if you’ll love the module pack? No problem! You have 30 whole days to take the Module Pack for a spin, and if it’s not your vibe, you get your money back. Easy as pie!

Divi Slider Module Pack Pricing: $12.99 for more than 100 sliders

Divi Slider Module Pack Pricing

Lifetime Access: Your purchase isn’t just for today; it’s a lifetime investment in your website’s potential. Every update adds even more value, and you get free access to every single one. The team is already working on several new styles, so your creative toolbox will keep expanding.

Free Support Whenever You Need It

Feeling stuck or need help customizing a slider? Don’t sweat it! The Module Pack creators are like your design mentors, always ready to answer your questions and help you build your website dreams. They’re just a click away through the “Contact The Author” button.


This is all about the Divi Slider Module Pack. Investing in the Divi Slider Module Pack isn’t just about adding fancy visuals; it’s about empowering you to tell your story in a way that resonates. Whether you’re showcasing stunning photography, introducing captivating testimonials, or highlighting key products, our diverse collection of pre-designed layouts provides the perfect canvas for your creative vision.

Ready to transform your Divi website from ordinary to extraordinary? Join here.


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