11 Best Divi Child Themes for Restaurants

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Divi is an excellent theme to build websites for restaurants. Fortunately, you don’t have to build your restaurant website from scratch. There are lots of child themes available here in the Divi Cake marketplace to get you started quickly. In this article, we’ll look at the 11 best Divi child themes for restaurants. They’re in no particular order.

1. Bonjour

This one includes an online reservation system that’s easy to manage. It has 5 main pages with multiple versions of several pages including 2 home pages. A 2-column food menu uses parallax to introduce each section. The Promotions page shows special sales and includes a reservation form.

  • 5-page website
  • Single page website
  • Food menu
  • Carousel feature
  • Online reservations

2. Restaurant

This one was inspired by the Avada Café theme. It includes 6 pages, a vertical menu that remains on the screen, parallax sections, and lots of social icons. The unique food menu adds images to the right side and large text for the titles. It also includes custom blog and locations pages. The locations page shows a full-screen map and information about each location.

  • Vertical Menu
  • 6 pages
  • Blog layout
  • Food menu
  • Locations

3. Artisanz

Artisanz comes with 5 layouts with food menus, royalty-free images, and custom CSS. Alternating layouts highlight the food and link to the individual menu pages. The individual menu pages follow the same design. Visitors can make online reservations through the full-width contact form. It includes large testimonial with a CTA and a custom blog.

  • 5 unique layouts
  • Food menus for breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Online reservations
  • Custom CSS
  • Royalty-free images

4. Restaurant – Child Theme for Divi

This child theme comes with 15 pages including a food menu, Coming Soon, Under Maintenance, a 404 Page, and lots more. The food menu displays food in blurbs with hover effects. The Events page displays events in an alternating layout. The hero section includes a phone booking CTA. The blog includes styling for the sidebars.

  • 15 pages
  • Food menu
  • Events
  • Breadcrumbs
  • CTA for phone booking

5. Divi Pizza

This one has 5 main pages including a food menu, events, and an online ordering system. The food menu shows items in tabbed categories. Each item has an ordering button. The Events page displays the types of events and catering services available. Online ordering is done through a contact form. It includes lots of styled modules.

  • Bold headers
  • Tabbed food menu
  • Featured menu items
  • Events
  • Online ordering

6. Divi Chef

This child theme has 7 main pages and adds custom post types for the menu and events. The Menu page displays the food with an image and information with an interesting design. The food is separated into types. Events are shown similar to blog posts. It also includes a table-booking system with a contact form. It has a custom footer that reveals as you scroll.

  • 7 main pages
  • Menu custom post type
  • Events custom post type
  • Reservations
  • Revealed footer

7. Elisabeth

This one includes 6 main pages and adds a reservation CTA in the navigation menu. The food menu page shows food in alternative sections with images for the types of food for each section. Drinks are shown with the same design. Both are displayed over background images. Reservations are booked through the contact form. The hero section includes CTAs for the specials and menu.

  • 6 main pages
  • Food menu
  • Drinks menu
  • Online reservations

8. Restery

This child theme comes with 8 main pages and includes a reservation CTA on the menu page. The food menu page lists the food according to type. Each food section is divided by a full-width parallax section. The Reservation page includes an embedded booking form. The hero section includes a menu CTA. The home page also includes a reservation CTA.

  • 8 main pages
  • Food menu
  • Reservation form
  • CTA in the navigation menu
  • Footer
  • Search results page
  • 404 page

9. Bistro

This one has 4 main pages that include a food menu and a reservation system. The home page displays lots of large images. The food menu displays items in two columns under categories. Reservations are taken through a contact form. The Contact page includes location information with an embedded map. It adds lots of social icons to the footer.

  • 4 main pages
  • Food menu
  • Online reservations
  • Social icons

10. Restaurant & Food

This child theme is a one-page theme that uses flat design and includes 6 main sections in the navigation menu. It includes a food menu and reservation system. The menu section displays two columns of food items over a background image in parallax. It also includes team members, blog, testimonials, and a gallery. The reservations are made through a contact form. The hero section includes a reservation CTA.

  • 1-page design
  • Reservation CTA
  • Food menu
  • Reservation form

11. Divi Restro

This child theme comes with 5 main pages and 6 different blog pages. The food menu introduces each section with a parallax background and displays food items with images. Online reservations are made through the contact form. The blog pages include lots of layout options including alternating, full-width, grid, block, box, and more.

  • 5 main pages
  • 6 blog layouts
  • Food menu
  • Online reservations

Ending Thoughts

That’s our look at the 11 best Divi child themes for restaurants. They include lots of features that add food menus, show food in galleries, allow reservations through online booking systems, and even add catering services. All are designed well and can help you get a head start on your next Divi project.

Which of these Divi child themes for restaurants is your favorite? Let us know in the comments.


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