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Bold and Simple Business Divi Child Theme

Business Child Theme for Divi

Capital is a powerful and clean child theme for Divi that is designed for businesses and corporations of all types. The clean and modern design of Capital will give your website a brand new and updated look. Capital’s built in layouts are perfect for showcasing all of our key services, testimonials, team members, and more! Complete with a blog, Capital is an all-in-one solution for your next business website.

Also includes a 404 template, search results template, and category archive template!

Features Overview

Full-width 5 Column Blurbs

Divi 5 Column Blurbs

Slim Bloom Email Optin

Divi Slim Bloom Email Optin

Beautiful Pricing Tables

Divi Pricing Tables

Unique Team Members

Team Members for Divi

And more!

Just some of the many layouts included with Capital

  • Content layout – Sidebar and no sidebar
  • About page – Perfect for any business
  • Services page – Showcase services and offerings professionally
  • FAQs page – Many different styles for the ultimate FAQs page
  • Contact us page – Complete with a contact form and full-width map
  • Blog – Grid, full-width, and blog post
  • And many more!

Just some of the many modules included with Capital

  • Pricing tables – Beautifully styled to showcase your prices
  • Circle and number counters – Highlight your skills or sales
  • Accordions and toggles – Perfect for FAQs
  • Testimonials – Show off your best testimonials
  • Team members – Display your team in a unique and professional way
  • And many more!

Capital features a one-click demo import with additional instructions to get a fresh installation looking like the Demo in under 15 minutes!

Buy Capital today!

Product Support & Contact Information

If you have any support related or other questions, please contact Divi Codex via the form located on their Author Profile.


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