12 Best Divi Child Themes for Digital Agencies

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Divi is an excellent theme for digital agencies. Fortunately, there are lots of Divi child themes to help you get started on your digital agency website. In this article, we’ll take a look at the 12 best Divi child themes for digital agencies to help you get started on your next Divi project.

1. Corporate

Corporate includes 6 main pages with multiple versions of the home, about, and blog pages. Pages include services and works to show your portfolio. The designs have multiple footers to choose from. It includes a logo slider to show the logos of your clients. It also has a unique automatic gradient feature.

  • 6 main pages
  • Multiple versions of several pages
  • Logo slider
  • Automatic gradient
  • Multiple footers
  • Single project and portfolio design
  • New portfolio
  • New person module
  • Custom testimonials
  • New Blog design

2. Ally

Ally comes with 7 main pages and includes multiple versions of the portfolio and project pages. It also includes multiple blog pages and an archives page. Show your images with the full-screen background slider. The menu includes a CTA. It has lots of hover effects and animations. It also includes new widgets areas.

  • 7 main pages
  • Fullscreen background slider
  • CTA menu item with widget
  • Direction-aware overlay effect
  • Tilt hover effects
  • Gradient overlays
  • Lots of custom modules
  • Custom blog
  • Widget-ready area before the footer
  • Fly-In animations on scroll

3. Capital

Capital comes with close to a dozen pages including multiple designs for content and blog layouts. Pages include 404, archive, search, and more. Display information about your services with tabs, bar counters, blurbs, accordions, circle counters, person modules, blog, and lots more. It also includes a uniquely styled dot navigation bar.

  • Around a dozen pages
  • Multiple layouts
  • Lots of styled modules

4. Kriar Nuevo

Kriar Nuevo comes with 5 main pages and lots of styled section and modules to create your agency website. It has 11 different hover effects for images. Projects are displayed in a mosaic gallery. The unique team section displays person modules in a full-width multi-column layout. The services page displays wall-to-wall burbs.

  • 5 Pages
  • 20 sections
  • Custom blog page
  • Team section
  • Testimonials slider
  • 11 image hover effects

5. Triangle

Triangle comes with 6 main pages with multiple versions of the home page. The layouts include lots of styled modules and custom animations. It has a new gallery slider, custom navigation, custom accordion, and a new team design. A color picker is added to help you create any color scheme you want.

  • 6 main pages
  • Multiple home pages
  • Custom navigation
  • Gallery slider
  • Custom smooth animation

6. Agency Webbook

Agency Webbook comes with 8 pages and has lots of custom sections and modules including a project page, portfolio and project section, blog section, person module, and more. It also includes a custom footer. Each has elegant animations to draw attention.

  • 8 pages
  • Custom portfolio and project section
  • Lots of custom modules
  • Custom footer
  • Animations

7. Divi Digital Agency

Divi Digital Agency comes with 7 main pages and several maintenance pages with many styled modules and new features. Choose your colors from the built-in color picker. It also has a custom preloader with 29 options, a custom mobile menu with lots of options, a customizable back-to-top button, animations, and particle effects.

  • 7 main pages
  • Over 29 custom preloaders
  • Custom mobile menu
  • Custom back-to-top button
  • 404 page
  • Particle-JS
  • Animations

8. DigiAgency

DigiAgency comes with 6 pages with lots of unique modules and animations. Show what you offer with the services page and split-screen layout, and show your work with the projects and individual projects pages. Show your testimonials in the customer review layout. It also includes a typing effect, hover effects, a fixed mobile header designed for conversion, and a newsletter form.

  • 6 page
  • Customer Review Layout
  • 15+ customized modules
  • Newsletter form
  • Animations
  • Typing effect
  • Hover effects
  • Fixed mobile header
  • Split-screen layout for services

9. Landing

Landing is a one-page child theme with lots of styled sections and modules. Sections include the portfolio, team members, blog, gallery, testimonials, and a custom footer. It also has a logo slider so you can show the logos of your favorite clients. Unlimited color schemes make it easy to choose the exact colors you want.

  • 1-page design
  • Custom footer
  • Custom portfolio
  • Logo slider
  • Custom Team Member section
  • Testimonials
  • Custom Blog
  • Custom Gallery

10. Favo

Favo has 14 main pages and lots of supporting pages that even include Thank You pages for option-ins. Several of the main pages have multiple designs. It has lots of custom modules. The hero section includes a styled contact form. It also has a unique header design and lots of animations.

  • 14 main pages
  • Multiple layouts
  • Lots of supporting pages
  • Lots of styled modules
  • Unique header
  • Animations

11. Agency

Agency includes lots of elegantly designed sections and modules. It adds a custom navigation style and includes a logo slider to show your client’s logos, a blog post carousel, and lots of sections to show your work. Show your services and work in the portfolio/project section. Show your team with the person carousel. It also includes a custom blog section and blog styling.

  • Unlimited color scheme
  • Custom navigation style
  • Custom portfolio and project section
  • Team and person carousel
  • Blog posts carousel
  • Custom blog
  • Logo slider

12. Divi Bizz

Divi Bizz comes with 6 main pages and includes lots of customized modules and new features. The hero section has a background video with icons in the overlay. Specialized features include a callback form, a custom partners module, a typing effect, hover effects, a transition section with parallax, a custom footer, and lots more. It also has Font Awesome integration.

  • 6 main pages
  • Custom partners module
  • Callback form
  • Background video
  • Typing effect
  • Custom footer
  • Font Awesome integration
  • Transition section with parallax
  • Individual portfolio items
  • New hover effects

Ending Thoughts

That’s our look at the 12 best Divi child themes for digital agencies. Each of the child themes are well designed and provide lots of features to show your services and portfolio. No matter what type of website you need for your digital agency, there’s sure to be a child theme on this list to get you started on your Divi project.

We want to hear from you. Have you tried any of these Divi child themes for digital agencies? Let us know what you think about them in the comments.


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