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One of the many advantages of Divi is the use of Layout Packs. Elegant Themes provides layout packs that you can easily import into any Divi page or post without leaving the Divi Builder. These layouts are professionally designed and are a great way to get your designs started quickly. In this article we’ll take a closer look at Divi layout packs and see why they’re so useful.

What Are Layout Packs?

A layout pack is a set of layouts that provide the pages needed to create a complete website. They usually include 5-8 pages to create a landing page, home page, about, blog, services, portfolio, etc. They include clean layouts with fonts, colors, graphics, and photos that appeal to the specific industry they’re designed for.

The Layout Packs from Elegant Themes also include images that do not require attribution and they can be used in your projects. Images include both graphics and photos. Even though the layout packs are specific to a certain topic or genre they can be used for other genres.

They’re different from child themes. A child theme inherits features from the parent theme but has its own functions and CSS files. This means you can make changes in code and those changes will not be writing over when the parent theme updates. Layout packs don’t require a child theme and they can be used with any child theme.

Layout Packs are useful because they provide professionally designed pages to help you get started on building your website. You can use as much or as little of the layouts as you want. Use a single page or use them all. Combine elements from different layouts or pages, tweak, modify, change, etc., to create a design that’s uniquely yours without having to start from scratch.

Divi Layout Pack Examples

The layout packs are added to the Divi Builder automatically. This means all you have to do is click Load Layout in either Divi, Extra, or the Divi Plugin and they’re available to you. To give you an idea of their design and features, here’s a look at five recent layout packs.

1. Locksmith

Locksmith was designed for the service industry. It’s an excellent choice for local business and includes a phone number in the hero section. It has 7 different pages that include Landing, Home, About, 3 Services pages, and Contact.

2. Life Coach

Life Coach is great for any type of coaching or consulting business. It displays a CTA and services in the hero section. It has 6 different layouts with a diagonal structure. Pages include Landing, Home, About, Contact, Blog, and Coaching.

3. Elementary School

Elementary School was designed for a trendy and playful elementary school website. It includes 7 pages: Landing, Home, About, Blog, Contact, Programs, and Staff. They use bright colors and playful fonts. The header includes an admissions button.

4. Animal Shelter

Animal Shelter uses warm colors that work well with any type of shelter or charity website. Its 8 pages include Landing, Home, About, Blog, Contact, Listings, and Listing. Adoption and donation buttons are included in the header.

5. Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency was designed for lots of business websites including consulting, coaching, membership courses, and more. It has 7 pages which include Landing, Home, About, Services, Blog, Contact, and FAQ. The header includes consulting and services buttons.

Browse Divi Layout Packs

Divi has lots of layout packs to choose from. Currently, Divi has 46 layout packs with 359 total pages. Here’s an easy way to view them all.

Divi Layout Packs Browser

You can see every layout pack at Elegant Themes’ page. On Elegant Themes website you can search for layouts, see them by category, and click on a layout to see the pages it includes.

You can view them by landing page or you can see every page at once. This view shows every page within every layout pack.

When viewing them by landing page, clicking on a layout shows the individual pages. You can click on the thumbnails to see the entire page in a scrollable window. You can also view a demo.

Two Layout Packs per Week from Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes adds 2 layout packs with 12-16 pages to Divi every week. They post an article about them at the ET blog on Monday and either Friday or Saturday. Check out the Elegant Themes blog for information about the latest Divi Layout Packs.

Articles on the blog include tutorials of how to add features or modify the layouts. These are great learning opportunities and they show what can be done with the layouts. Most of the tutorials are not specific to a certain layout, so you can use them on any layout pack.

Ending Thoughts

The Divi Layout Packs from Elegant Themes are an amazing benefit to Divi and Extra users. They provide a great starting point with a professional design, lots of pages, graphics, photos, and styled elements. They best of all- they’re completely free and already available in the Divi Builder. Simply load the layout page you want and make it your own.

We want to hear from you. Do you use the built-in layout packs? Let us know what you think about them in the comments.



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