Divi Child Themes for Photography Websites

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Divi is a favorite theme among photographers. It’s an excellent choice to show off your photography skills, show your services, and sell your photos. Like many genre’s, Divi child themes are a great way to get a head start on building your photography website.

In this article, we’ll look at 8 Divi child themes for photography websites to help you get started on your next Divi project. They’re in no particular order.

1. Photelo

Photelo is a multi-purpose photography theme with 8 main pages and a focus on photo galleries. Show your photography with the home page’s full-screen slider and photo’s that link to the gallery. The gallery page shows images for each of the photography categories. They include a title under the image and the title with a button to see photos from the category appears on hover. The photo category pages show images within a multi-column layout and include a block of text for a personal quote. Images open in a lightbox.

2. CT-Photography

CT-Photography was designed for anyone that wants to sell their photos online. It comes with 6 main pages, 6 blog designs, Easy Digital Downloads integration, and a photography portfolio using the projects post type. Show your photos with the image slider. The home page includes large images with hover animations for each of the categories and a product section with images as products with prices. Clicking a category opens its project page where you’ll see photos in a grid. Clicking a photo opens its product page with a description and CTA.

3. Anna

Anna was designed for wedding photographers to show their services and examples of their work. It comes with 5 main pages including a gallery to show your work and testimonials to show how past clients have enjoyed your services. The home page is simple and shows three photos as links to your pages. The gallery page displays a hero image and then your photos in a 4-column grid. Images open in a lightbox.

4. SlowPhoto

SlowPhoto was designed for freelance and hobbyist photographers to show their services. It comes with 5 main pages including a gallery page that can be reused to create pages for each photo-shoot and a pricing page to show your services and prices. The home page shows a full-screen image with CTA, full-width sections for recent work that includes a background image, a button to see the gallery, and a button to open the contact page. The gallery pages show a full-screen image in parallax, descriptions, testimonials, and images in a multi-column layout. The pricing page adds elegant pricing tables.

5. Birdie Jones

Birdie Jones was designed with photography portfolios in mind. It comes with 6 main pages and has multiple blog layouts and multiple pages for the portfolio including the standard page, slider, landscape, and portrait. The home page includes a full-width image slider, example images with a link to the information page, images that link to the various portfolio pages, and an Instagram feed. The slider page shows a full-screen image slider. Landscape shows a 4-column grid with wide images. Portrait shows taller images in a 4-column grid. The journal page is a styled blog that shows each photoshoot as a blog post.

6. Carolina

Carolina was designed for photographers and studios that want to sell their services through their website. It’s especially well-designed for wedding photography. It comes with over a dozen pages including 2 homepages, services, gallery, 2 packages pages, shop pages, and lots more. It also has lots of styled modules and animations. Services are shown with blurbs and blog posts. The gallery displays categories that open portfolio albums in a grid layout and a slider for specific photoshoots. The packages are created with images and blurbs. It also includes all of the standard WooCommerce pages.

7. Lenz

Lenz was designed for photographers that want to showcase their portfolio. It comes with 5 main pages including a portfolio page that shows the photos within a grid as projects. The home page displays a full-screen image with title and tagline, an information section in parallax that includes large images and a button to learn more, and several image galleries in multi-column layouts. The images open in a lightbox. The blog page adds an FAQ with toggles. The child theme includes custom CSS.

8. Halle

Halle was designed to help photographers sell their photos and services. It has 14 pages with a home page, multiple galleries, prices, WooCommerce shop page, and lots more. The gallery page shows the galleries with an alternating layout that includes the description and a styled image. The galleries display the images within a mosaic both with and without a filterable portfolio. The pricing page includes pricing tables, blurbs, and CTAs. The home page features a large CTA, a portfolio with overlapping images, images for the services and other pages, blog, contact, and more. It also includes sticky navigation, a preloader, and a styled back-to-top button.

Ending Thoughts

That’s our look at 8 Divi child themes for photography websites. No matter what type of photography website you want to build, whether it’s to sell your photos, describe your services and packages, or just show off your photography skills, these photography child themes are great choices to get you started.

Have you tried any of these Divi child themes for photography websites? Let us know what you think about them in the comments.


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