10 Divi Child Themes for Education Websites

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Divi is an excellent WordPress theme for creating education websites. Education websites come in all types of designs and have different needs, including websites with complete learning management systems, websites to show information about schools, sites that include courses, and lots more. Fortunately, there are lots of Divi child themes for education websites to get you started.

In this article, we’ll take a look at 10 Divi child themes for education websites in the Divi Cake marketplace to help you with your next Divi project. The child themes are in no particular order.

1. Divi LMS for LearnDash

Divi LMS for LearnDash was designed specifically for use with LearnDash LMS to create online courses. It comes with almost 30 pages that include 5 course grid pages, 6 course pages, pages for lessons, topics, quizzes, instructors, and lots more. It also includes 5 blog pages and 3 blog posts. Some of the pages are built with Divi and others with Gutenberg, so you have multiple options. The pages have lots of styled modules and custom icons.

2. Gradeo

Gradeo was designed for any type of school for children in mind but it can also be used for other types of websites. It comes with 8 main pages including a subpage that can be used for parents, students, jobs, etc., an events page using blog posts, and lots of category pages. The events pages include a custom sidebar for information about the event. A photo album shows images in a grid with shadow effects.

3. Divi Edu

Divi Edu was designed for any type of school website. It has over 10 main pages with lots of supporting pages that include 2 available course pages, 5 individual course pages, faculty, admissions, accreditations, about the facilities, downloads, forms, 8 blog pages, and more. 6 of the blog layouts are from the Divi Blog Extras plugin. The global footer has a curtain design.


IQTRACE was designed to create websites for brick and mortar schools. It comes with 6 pages including page a subpage that can be used for the school’s governance board, students and parents, enrollment, and log in. The design has lots of split-screen elements with overlays to one side and lots of styled modules. News and events are created with blog posts. The posts themselves include a clean design in a single column layout.

5. Emersyn

Emersyn was designed with course creators in mind but also works for digital marketers. It comes with 6 main pages including a courses page that shows the courses in an alternating layout with buttons to see each course, and a section that shows other courses visitors might be interested in. The blog has a custom layout with an elegant design for the featured post slider, posts, and a styled sidebar. The blog posts use a single column layout with a clean design.

6. Blue

Blue was created with female online course entrepreneurs in mind, but it also works well for VA’s and bloggers. It comes with 5 main pages including a courses page that shows courses in an alternating layout followed by related courses. The individual courses are displayed as blog posts with a styled sidebar on the left. The blog page includes a styled featured post slider with posts in a single column and a styled sidebar on the right. A free feminine script font is included.

7. Alassa

Alassa was designed for online courses and works for any type of business website. It comes with 6 main pages and includes lots of styled modules and extras such as custom CSS, animated popups, Contact 7 integration, icons, and more. The Features page works great to show your courses with its multi-column layout, blurbs, call to action, and more.

8. Yeshwanth

Yeshwanth was designed for teaching cryptocurrency trading, but it would work well for any type of financial courses. It comes with 5 main pages and includes over 100 icons with lots of financial icons. A cool parallax effect lets the background show through the text. Images that create letters introduce the benefits. The black and gold color palette works great for the financial industry.

9. Engage

Engage was designed for female online course entrepreneurs, bloggers, speakers, authors, etc. It comes with 13 pages with lots of CTAs, multiple blog layouts, widgeted sidebars, a custom footer, an embedded Instagram feed, and a slim email form with MailChimp integration. The elegant blog design includes lots of layout options. The What I Do page shows details about your coaching services, workshops, and meet ups in an elegant CTA design.

10. Inspired

Inspired was designed for female online course entrepreneurs and works well for speakers, authors, bloggers, and more. It comes with lots of pages with styled modules, styled sidebars, a slim email form, multiple blog layouts. The home page includes image links to the coaching services, workshops, and meet ups, and link to the What I Do page with more detail about each one. The blog includes several layout options. The Info page has an elegant design with sign-up forms, images, and social follow buttons.

Ending Thoughts

That’s our look at 10 Divi child themes for education websites. Several include learning management systems and pages for courses to create online schools, while others are great for schools to show their information or for websites that want to include courses. No matter what your needs are for an educational website, you’re sure to find something on this list to help with your next Divi project.

For even more amazing Divi child themes, be sure to check out the Divi Cake shop.

We want to hear from you. Have you tried any of these Divi child themes for education websites? Let us know what you think about them in the comments.


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