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Why Sell on Divi Cake?

Emerging Market

Divi is one of the fastest growing WordPress themes. Reach a growing audience over over 400,000 users!

Build Your Brand

Customize your profile to build your brand. Display your shop proudly and gain visibility.

Sell Everywhere

Already selling on another website? Go ahead! We do not lock you into exclusivity agreements.

Set Your Own Price

You are in charge of your item. Not getting enough sales? Adjust your price at anytime.

Low Supply, High Demand

Right now there is a very low supply and very high demand for Divi themes, plugins, and layouts.

Instant Delivery

When you make a sale, your item is delivered safely and securely to your customers, instantly.

Earn 70% of Each Sale

Divi Cake offers a very competitive commission rate. Authors earn 70% and Divi Cake earns 30%.

  • With a competitive 70% / 30% split, the sky is the limit for you and your products.
  • We use our cut to further promote your products throughout our site and among others.
  • Earn an additional 20% commission when coupled with our Affiliate Program!

Exclusive Author Dashboard

Each Divi Cake Author receives a Dashboard that gives you full control of everything you need right at your fingertips:

  • Add, Edit, & Manage your products.
  • Track Orders & Earnings.
  • Customize your Divi Cake Author Profile.
  • And more!

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Quality Above All

Your customers deserve a professional product. Be sure to fully test your products before offering them for sale on Divi Cake.

Great Reviews = More Sales

Providing both a great product and great support is key to your success. If you keep your customers happy, it will come back to you tenfold.


Craft Your Descriptions

The most successful Divi Cake Authors put just as much care into presenting and describing their products as they do designing them.

Author Responsibilities

  1. You must own the rights to distribute the product(s) you plan to sell.
  2. You must have a valid PayPal email address to receive payment.
  3. You must offer a contact form or support portal for customers to contact you regarding potential issues.
Enter the PayPal Email you will receive payment at.
this name will represent your shop. ex: Joe's Theme Store

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