10 Free Divi Child Themes Perfect for All-Purpose Websites in 2024

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If you’re a Divi user, you likely understand the importance of child themes in maintaining design consistency. Elegant Themes masters in making incredible child themes, enabling you to customize your Divi website without worrying about losing its custom and built-in style.

However, with the overwhelming amount of child themes flooding the market, picking the right child theme for your website can be a daunting task. That’s why we’ve made a list of the top 10 free all-purpose Divi child themes in 2024 that you can use to design sensational websites across numerous domains.

1. Divi Mist Multipurpose Child Theme

Divi Mist Multipurpose Free Child Theme for All-purpose website

Divi Mist Multipurpose Child Theme

Mist, an all-in-one Divi child theme by Divi Professional, includes multiple UI elements and features, stunning pre-made styles, extraordinary pages, and everything else you need to create a unique and professional website. From business to startup websites, marketing to agency and portfolio websites, it’s possible to design everything with Mist.

This Divi child theme comes with 25+ unique home pages, 50+ premade inner pages, and 29 header & footer designs. It has 100+ pages including Product detail pages, Shop pages, About Us pages, and many more. Not only this, you also get impressive hover styles, and countless design elements within this single-child theme.

 2. Divi Plus Portfolio

Divi Plus Portfolio Free Child Theme for All-purpose website

Divi Plus Portfolio Child Theme

Whether you’re a designer, coder, or writer, showcase your portfolio elegantly with this multi-purpose Divi Plus Portfolio child theme. It features five distinct pages – Home, About, Services, Portfolio, and Contact Me. With a clean user interface, perfectly tuned color schemes, and powerful Divi Plus modules, it ensures a captivating display of your experience, skills, and achievements.

There’s also a premium child theme available for designing your portfolios, Alfa by Elegant Themes, for only $25. It includes 40+ elements, 20+ pages and is 100% responsive,


STOREMENT Free Child Theme for All-purpose website


STOREMENT is an advanced, powerful free multipurpose child theme for almost any modern online shopping site and the eCommerce functionality. It includes a title, description, search bar, and popular tags against a background image. It’s a well-optimized child theme, making it suitable for fashion and clothing stores, gadgets stores, home appliances shops, automobile shopping sites, interior stores, and more.

Fully responsive and Gutenberg-compatible, this child theme features a product section, hover-animated effects, an impressive menu, complete WooCommerce functionality, and more. The blog section is adorned with cool hover animations, making it an ideal choice for creative teams.

Check out Flexile, a premium multipurpose child theme by Elegant Themes, If you’re seeking similar functionality with greater benefits and an expanded toolkit for only $19.


DIVI ALL PURPOSE Free Child Theme for All-purpose website


Divi All Purpose was designed for any type of website and is especially well-suited for business websites. It comes with 4 different home pages: Business, Coffee, Travel, and Yoga. Each one includes backgrounds with custom colors, styled patterns, and icons to match their genres. 

This Divi theme includes pages such as About Us, Testimonials, Services, Blog (with multiple layouts), and Contact. Services are displayed with blurbs with custom icons. All testimonial pages are ready to go – just add your content. Other features include a custom header, footer, and multiple blog layouts.

Check this premium version by Elegant Themes for an All-in-one multipurpose child theme, Divi Ultimate All-In-One Child Theme, for enhanced experience and unique functionality.


Altitude Free Child Theme for All-purpose website

Altitude Child Theme

With 15,151 downloads, Altitude is the most popular one-page design by LoveDivi. This all-purpose website includes lots of single-column backgrounds with two-column alternating overlays and a combo of mustard, black, and white to create lots of design attitude and churn visuals of the rugged outdoors. Large areas of text that are just visible overlap the columns and include overlapping images. It’s a great choice for any website about the great outdoors.

There’s also a premium version called Josefin available to create feature-rich one-page website designs with Divi.


Pink Free Child Theme for All-purpose website

Pink Child Theme

Pink is a free child theme by Love Divi. It uses a bold scheme of hot pink color against white and black background. A full-width transparent header displays a title, branding message, CTA, and background image with an overlay. The hero section also includes three blurbs with images with overlays, icons, and information. 

Another section shows About Us with a floating box showcasing the mission in a brighter pink tone. The next section displays the products in three columns with titles and a CTA bottom. One section displays three tabs in one column with images on the left column. Its rich Divi menu is linked to each section on the page.

If you’re interested in this child theme, you may check its premium version, Josefin Child Theme, with a lot more functionality and an extended toolkit.

7. Agency

Agency Free Child Theme for All-purpose website

Agency Child Theme

Created using the 5 Divi Plus feature-rich modules, Agency Child Theme is a multi-purpose theme for any kind of business. Tailored for your agency, it offers five professionally designed multi-page layouts that are elegant, clean, and responsive. Your potential clients will be captivated by the engaging and beautiful design, ensuring a lasting first impression that converts website visitors into clients. 

There’s also a premium version available for extended functionality called Divi Digital Agency Theme for only $19.99.

8. Divi Lucky Blog 

Divi Lucky Blog Free Child Theme for All-purpose website

Divi Lucky Blog Child Theme

Divi Lucky Blog is an all-purpose blogging child theme designed by Divi Professional for Divi. It’s an eye-catching theme for personal bloggers who want to share their blog about business, design, lifestyle, or any other discipline.

With 20+ page designs and 10 unique homepage designs, Divi Lucky is a free child theme with unlimited website usage and access to lifetime updates. Easy to set up – you can provide an engaging experience to your readers with its simple creative features and effects.

It includes a full-width background with a styled email subscription box placed over it. Other pages include About Us pages, Author pages, Blog pages, and Inner pages. It’s an excellent choice for any website to show products or services.

9. DP Moody MultiPurpose Agency 

DP Moody MultiPurpose Agency Free Child Theme for All-purpose website

DP Moody MultiPurpose Child Theme

DP Moody is another free multipurpose Divi child theme designed by Divi Professionals for Divi. It’s a beautiful responsive design that works perfectly for any type of agency to effectively communicate its mission, its specialized services, and more. 

It includes a beautiful menu design, 2 stunning unique homepages, a service page, a gallery page, a contact page, and a lot more. Install this free theme like any other Divi Child Theme on your WordPress site and you’re good to go.


Julio Free Child Theme for All-purpose website

JULIO Child Theme

JULIO is a multi-purpose child theme from Global Mente. It includes lots of pages. The home page has a full-width slider, blurbs, a full-width project section, and a CTA. It has lots of styled modules including pricing tables, toggles, blurbs, tabs, counters, person modules, and more. The design is perfect for creative agencies and freelancers.


That’s a quick look at our top 10 free Divi child themes in 2024. They have lots of features and many premade pages and designs. They even include integrated headers and footers that are pre-designed so you have to worry about anything. No matter what type of websites you build with Divi, these 10 all-purpose free child themes can save you the fatigue of finding one for your Divi website design.

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