9 Best Divi Landing Page Layouts

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Landing pages are some of the most crucial pages of any website. They provide the information your visitors need to make a quick decision about your business, and direct readers to your call to action. Fortunately, there are lots of excellent landing page layouts for Divi to help you get started on your next landing page design. Here’s a look at some of my favorite Divi landing page layouts. They’re in no particular order.

Divi Landing Page Layouts

1. Lndng

LNDNG Divi Landing Page Layout

Lndng is a one-page layout built with conversions in mind. The header includes a CTA for email signups. It includes a clean section of blurbs, two-sided buttons to draw attention, an image with overlay on one side with CTA, a full-width email opt-in, testimonials, a CTA in parallax, toggles, a counter, pricing tables, and a final CTA over a background image.

Price: $7 | More Information | Demo

2. Design Conference

Design Conference Divi Landing Page Layout

Design Conference includes graphics. The header displays a graphic with information and CTA. Another section shows a numbered list with graphics in two columns. Person modules are offset from each other in two columns. It also has a pricing section, embedded video, email opt-in, a list of sponsors, and contact form with CTA.

Price: Free | More Information | Demo

3. Food Recipes

Food Recipes Divi Landing Page Layout

Food Recipes displays a full-screen image with title and CTA. Images are used for categories and staff picks. A CTA is placed within a box surrounded by graphics. Another CTA is placed over a full-screen image. Also included is a blog section, list of media where featured, and an email opt-in with graphics. Graphics an images are free to use.

Price: Free | More Information | Demo

4. Babysitter

Babysitter Divi Landing Page Layout

Babysitter displays artwork with title and CTA’s. Each section includes graphics and fancy section separations. Several sections display in two columns with graphics on one side and text on the other with a title, divider, and CTA. A section of blurbs step the reader through the process. Images are used as two-color icons to create a list of features. Also included are pricing tables, testimonials, and an account sign-up form. Graphics are included.

Price: Free | More Information | Demo

5. Business Consultant

Business Consultant Divi Landing Page Layout

Business Consultant includes a full-width background with overlay, information, buttons, and an overlapping CTA. Multiple sections throughout include overlapping images, boxes of color, and boxes of text. The layout includes lots of white-space with two-column sections of images and text with titles and dividers. Also included are blurbs, a hand-made blog section with a featured article, pricing tables, and a contact form that overlaps a full-width map.

Price: Free | More Information | Demo

6. Software Marketing

Software Marketing Divi Landing Page Layout

Software Marketing displays graphics and a CTA over a background gradient. Scrolling reveals a section of media logos followed by a couple of alternating sections with graphics to one side and information with bullets on the other. Features are shown with images and icons to create bullets. Testimonials are used to create short reviews. A full-width CTA shows a button on one side with graphics on the other. It also includes a blog section and email opt-in.

Price: Free | More Information | Demo

7. Beacon

Beacon Divi Landing Page Layout

Beacon displays a CTA over a full-screen image in parallax that moves in the opposite direction on scroll. Show your products or services in the following section with an embedded video. The next section displays blurbs with large icons to show services. A two-column CTA shows an image on one side in true parallax. It also includes a full-width image in parallax, images with information, and an email opt-in.

Price: $25-45 | More Information | Demo

8. AppSkill

AppSkill Divi Landing Page Layout

AppSkill shows a full-screen image with title, tagline, and links to app stores. Overlapping this is a numbered section with information of the process. A three-column section shows the app in the center with features on both sides. Several sections show information over a two-color background. A couple of different layout designs show the app with bullets and links to the stores. It also includes a map, pricing tables, and contact form.

Price: $15 | More Information | Demo

9. LandingUp

Landing Up Divi Landing Page Layout

LandingUp is available as a child theme or layout. The header displays a title with CTA on one side and an image on the other. Blurbs with hover animation show features. A full-screen section shows bullets on one side that fades into an image on the other. A short review slider displays excerpts while more reviews are shown as icons and text and include hover animation. Links to projects include overlapping and underlapping images. It also includes testimonials, pricing tables, and a contact form.

Price: $47 | More Information | Demo

Ending Thoughts

That’s our look at 9 amazing Divi landing page layouts. They not only include some nice layouts, but many include images and graphics as well as styled modules. No matter what type of landing page you need, there’s sure to be something in this list to get you started.

Your turn. Which Divi landing page layouts on this list are your favorites? Let us know in the comments.


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