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One page layouts are great for providing consolidated information. They’re usually designed as home pages and include elements that are found on specialized pages such as About, Portfolio, and Contact pages. The page elements from one page layouts can often be used to create those pages, or you can use them to build a one-page website.

In this article we’ll take a look at 7 of the best Divi one page layouts. The layouts are in no particular order.

1. Tasty Grill

Tasty Grill was designed for restaurants. The header includes a full-screen hero image with logo, tagline, and 2 CTA’s. An ingredients section displays a full-width image with two columns of text. A section for specials displays four columns with images and text overlays. 3 different menu styles displays menus in 1, 2, or 3 columns in overlays over parallax backgrounds. The chefs section shows the chefs and includes a description. The locations section displays contact info for each location over a parallax background. A styled contact form is used for reservations. Several sections use styled section separators.

Price: $9 | More Information

2. Artist Layout

Artist Layout was designed with performing artists in mind. It includes a full-screen video background with 2-sided call to action button. A number counter is displayed within an angled background. A 2-column about section shows an image on one side and information on the other, followed by a biographical section with a styled person module. Visuals are shown within a video slider. Albums are shown within a product slider. It also includes a styled shop section and a styled contact form over a background in parallax.

Price: $9 | More Information

3. Church Layout

Church Layout was designed for Churches and ministries. The header includes a background image that follows your mouse, a message in a styled typeface, an email optin form, and styled social follow buttons. A small contact section includes a PayPal button for donations. A 3-column about section shows ministry information. A 2-column about section shows an image on one side and information about the Church on the other. An embedded audio section contains the latest message. Images display the types of services in multi-column layouts. Also included are a styled shop module, slider, and contact form.

Price: $45 | More Information

4. Volt

Volt was designed with business and marketing in mind. It has a flat design with minimal colors. Backgrounds include styled designs that create waved separations. The header displays an image with logo, tagline, and CTA. A features section shows 2 columns of blurbs with icons. A product showcase section includes an embedded video and CTA. 3 different features sections provide information within blurbs, number counters, and CTA’s. It also includes styled testimonials, contact form, and social follow buttons.

Price: $25 | More Information

5. Car Shop

Car Shop was designed with automotive service, sales, and rental websites in mind. The styled header includes a background image behind the menu and social buttons. Cars are displayed within a full-width slider and within a 3-column section with hover overlay that includes animation, text, and a button. A product section displays images in two columns. Car features are shown within an alternating image/text section with overlays. Cars are shown as backgrounds in parallax. Also included are styled blurbs, a section for brand logos, gallery, and a contact form.

Price: $45 | More Information

6. Spa Layout

Spa Layout provides a unique header design that’s created in part by styled image sliders and an overlapping logo. The image sliders include a title within an overlay. Services are displayed within 3 columns and include images with styled borders and overlays that display information and buttons. A product section includes 3 columns with information in the left, a product slider in the center with button, and blurbs on the right. A custom pricing table displays horizontally and includes unique and interesting design. Also included are styled number counter, testimonial, and contact form.

Price: $45 | More Information

7. DJ Layout

DJ Layout was designed with DJ’s in mind but works just as well for any musician or band. The full-screen header displays the next event, logo, title, tagline, CTA, and social follow buttons over a parallax background. Scrolling reveals a 2-column section with a customized audio player that displays the tracks as icons and reveals the player on hover. Services are displayed within a multi-column layout with images and overlays. An email optin section includes styled social follow buttons. Also included are styled pricing tables, contact information using styled icons, and a styled contact form.

Price: $45 | More Information

Ending Thoughts

One page websites are popular and there are lots of high-quality layouts available for Divi to help you with your next one page project. We’ve taken a look at 7 that are sure to provide you with interesting designs and plenty of styled modules to create a sharp one-page website with Divi.

We want to hear from you. Have you tried one of these Divi one page layouts? Let us know about your experience in the comments.


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