5+ Years of Custom WordPress Plugin Development

When it comes to WordPress Plugin Development, we don’t just code the plugin — we do it with excellence. We focus on security, scalability, extensibility, and backward compatibility. Plugins that we develop are business-focused and the finest in code quality. We adhere to WordPress coding standards and follow the latest PHP and WordPress standards. Whether you are looking for a brand new custom WordPress plugin, customization of a WordPress plugin, or updates for your existing WordPress plugin, we can help you develop a highly secure and optimized plugin.

Qualities of WordPress Plugins That We Develop

Finest Code

User friendly




Business Focused

Our WordPress Plugin Development Process

Each and every WordPress Plugin takes hours of time. Even the smallest WordPress Plugin takes hours of research, thought, logic building, development, testing and deployment. Whether you are looking for a brand new custom WordPress Plugin, Customization of a WordPress Plugin or updates for your existing WordPress plugin, we can help you develop a highly secure and optimized plugin.

Information Gathering and Research

In this phase we will do meetings with you, discuss the plugin in detail, and will do our research to gather as much information as much possible.



Once the information is gathered and project scope is defined, we do our planning on how to achieve the desired results. In this phase we do the logical work and define the timelines — how and when we will achieve a certain functionality in the project.


This is where the magic happens and our WordPress Plugin Developers write the finest code for your plugin to achive the desired results. In this phase we also pay special attention to security, scalability and backward compaitibility of the plugin being develoepd. 


Once the plugin is developed, we get our hands-on testing to find and fix any potential issues before delivering the plugin. At this phase we also check the code quality and make sure the developer followed the standards of WordPress and code is well optimized.


Testing and development are iterative phases. Once the plugin passes through them, it’s now ready to be deployed. In this phase we will deliver the plugin, deploy it on your site, or will give you releasebale files if you want to sell the plugin on any marketplace or on your own site. 



How long does it take to develop a WordPress plugin?

A simple plugin will take 4 weeks at a minimum from start to launch. This includes 1 week of information gathering, research and planning, 1 week of design and development, 1 week of testing, and 1 week of fixing any potential issues and deployment.

A mid-level plugin will take 2-3 months and a complex plugin will take 6+ months to be developed and deployed.


Would you be willing to sign an NDA?

Yes we can sign an NDA.

Do you offer support?

Yes once a plugin is developed we offer free 30 days support after which you can avail the support at our standard hourly rate or you can subscribe to our monthly plugin maintenance plan.

What are WordPress plugin maintenance packages?

Just like other software WordPress plugins also need continuous development even after the deployment to make sure it is always up to date, secure and compatible with the latest versions of WordPress and PHP.


Will you show our plugins on your portfolio page?

We are proud of the work that we do and adding amazing work to our portfolio helps us to grow and helps our future potential clients. If you want us to not include the plugins that we developed for you in our portfolio then you will need to pay an extra small fee for this.

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