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Table Maker

Brings beautiful responsive tables to the Divi Builder.

Divi-Modules – Table Maker brings beautiful responsive tables to the Divi Builder. With Table Maker you can style every part of the table from Content to Columns, Headers to Footers, right down to individual Cells. With features including…

► Multiple Headers and Footers
► Column and Row Spanning
► Icon, Button and Image Cells
► Accordion view for mobile
► Scrolling with Sticky Headers

Table Columns & Rows:

Tables can include as many columns and rows as you need.

Table Headers & Footers:

Tables can include any combination of table content, column headers, column footers, row headers, and row footers.

Table Width & Height:

Column widths and row heights can be set using a combination of flexible and fixed units.

Table Scrolling:

Tables can be set to scroll, with optional sticky column and row headers to keep headers pinned to the edge and visible at all times.

Table Responsive:

Tables can be set to display as blocks or accordion at tablet and phone size, with the option of breaking the table by columns or by rows.

Table Spanning:

Table cells can be set to span across multiple columns and rows. Even complex table configurations, like the one below, still work beautifully at tablet and phone size.

Table Content:

Table content can include text, icons, buttons and images.

Table Frame:

Tables can be framed with gaps or lines. Gaps put a space between each table cell, allowing backgrounds to show through. Lines frame each cell with a solid or decorative border.

Table Stripes:

Tables rows can be striped with alternating colors. Stripes can be separately applied to table content, headers and footers and ordered by odd or even rows.

Table Colors:

There are separate color options for table content, column headers, column footers, row headers, and row footers. Styles can be applied table-wide, per column, or individual cell.

Table Text:

There are separate text options for table content, column headers, column footers, row headers, and row footers. Styles can be applied table-wide, per column, or individual cell.

Table Cells:

Additional table cell styling options include horizontal and vertical text alignment, variable padding, borders, rounded corners, box shadows, customisable accordion toggles, and more.

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Product License:

Available with Single Site or Unlimited Site license.
Product license includes 1 Year Support and Updates.


“Yesterday I met Table Maker and it works like a charm! I definitely recommend Table Maker. Try it because it’s worth it.”  – Ramon Buzon (CEO Founder DonDivi)

“Thanks so much for helping us out with this. The plugin in and of itself looks awesome. Being able to create organizational charts with it is the icing on the cake!” – Stella McGovern (Co-Founder Awesome Divi, Woo and Related Topics)

“I’ve just spent two lovely days with WordPress and the Divi theme. One plugin that made it all worth it was Table Maker, from Divi-Modules. Well worth the money.” – Michael Sitarzewski

“A great tool in the box. Highly recommend using Divi-Modules – Table Maker.” – Daisy Bowman

“Thanks so much! It’s a great plugin you’ve created and I’ll be coming back to it for future projects that require tables!” – Kate Carman

“Great plugin! A must have for tables in Divi!” – Jackey van Melis

“Wow, thanks for your super comprehensive answer! That table looks fantastic, what a great plugin. Thanks so much for your help.” – Rosie Robinson

“Just bought your Table Maker module and it’s amazing! Thanks for getting back to me so quick.” – Kev Grimshaw

“Your plugin is Awesome! You just made my life so much easier. Thank you, thank you, thank you!” – Mercy Myers

Product Support & Contact Information

If you have any support related or other questions, please contact Divi-Modules via the form located on their Author Profile.


  • Excellent and easy-to-use plugin for making tables in Divi without using any code. 👌

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