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Quickly make Divi responsive on all devices with custom preview sizes, column stacking, handy design settings, and our automatic widow fixer!

Hey there, Divi users! Does this sound like you?

You love the Divi builder!

It’s fun to use, and you are getting good at it. Enough to be dangerous.

You want your website to look good on mobile.

Everyone is using phones and tablets these days. It’s important, and search engines are going “mobile-first.”

But, you’re smart. And efficient.

Sure, you could mess around with browser inspect tools or open the responsive settings constantly, but you have better things to do.

So, you have questions, like…

Why doesn’t someone solve this most-requested Divi problem? Is there a plugin with these features? How much time and money would I save?

We’ve Had Similar Thoughts

We also love making Divi products.


We solved it! The Divi Responsive Helper allows you to easily adjust responsive design settings and device preview sizes directly in the Divi Visual Builder!


Overview – Ease The Pain. Enjoy The Benefits!

This plugin solves the struggle and creates an intuitive interface for making your Divi website responsive on all devices! The process is no longer an annoying pain, but it is now a fun and easy task!

Feature #1

Set Custom Preview Size In The Builder

The Divi Responsive Helper plugin adds custom preview sizes directly in the Divi Visual Builder. The new set of options allows you to quickly choose one of the presets, or enter custom value. If you enter a custom value, it will remain that size in any module, column, row, or section until you change it again. Take advantage of the full power of the three default responsive breakpoints in Divi by using our instant, customizable preview size, enabling you to make your Divi website responsive down to the pixel!

Feature #2

Assign Column Stacking Order

Another major complaint I hear about Divi is column stacking. You no longer have to add crazy code or pull your hair out trying to guess. You can now find custom Divi column stacking settings in every default Row and Column for changing the order of how columns stack on Tablet, Phone, or both. Once you choose the option in the row, you can then choose the order for each column.

Feature #3

Open Responsive Tabs By Default

The Divi Responsive Helper will auto toggle on the three responsive tabs for Desktop, Tablet, and Phone while you are in Divi Visual Builder. No need to turn on the responsive settings each time you open a module, row, column, or section. Our plugin will do this annoying task for you, saving you a lot of time and mistakes. Just switch between the main Desktop, Tablet, and Phone previews, and all the settings will apply to the correct device screen size.

Feature #4

Enable The Automatic Widow Fixer

Ever get annoyed by those pesky single words at the end of a sentence or paragraph that sit on their own line? This happens a lot on Divi sites, especially on mobile, and many users don’t even realize it.

Many Divi users find themselves trying all kinds of tricks to eliminate these widows, including soft-returns, resizing text, or CSS methods that simply don’t work. All of these are ineffective, time-consuming, and make your website design inconsistent and sloppy. That’s why we developed the Divi Responsive Helper, an easy way to prevent widows throughout your website with one click of a toggle.


Very Simple To Use

We have integrated the features of this plugin beautifully into the normal Divi environment, including the Divi Theme Options and within all the Sections, Rows, Columns, and Modules. Easily enable or disable the individual features, and enjoy adjusting the Divi responsive design settings with confidence knowing they are affecting the correct device screen size.

Stop The Confusion

The responsive settings in Divi are very confusing. By default when you switch the main builder preview to Phone (for example) and make a change to a setting, you naturally expect it to apply to that device screen size. Instead, it defaults to all of them. Before you know it, your whole layout is messed up, and you wasted hours of work. 

Avoid Costly Mistakes

The default Divi responsive settings are cumbersome, awkward, and very limited. Worst of all, this can lead to embarrassing mistakes with long-term revenue loss. For example, a poorly designed mobile experience leads to much less search engine visibility which means fewer visitors and ultimately less money in your pocket. Our solutions clear up the confusion so you can edit your Divi websites to perfection.

Enjoy Unlimited Installs & Lifetime Updates

We are offering an unlimited lifetime license on this amazing plugin, which means you can install and use it on as many sites and you want! How cool is that! We have priced the plugin accordingly with this in mind, knowing you will want to enjoy this on all of your sites with access to lifetime updates.

Quickly Pays For Itself

Considering all the time you will save, Divi Responsive Helper will pay for itself easily on the first website. The value of this plugin is much, much greater than the small cost.

A Remarkable Time Saver 

The Divi Responsive Helper was created to save time and improve efficiency. Spend less time opening and closing responsive settings and closing the builder constantly to test the responsive screen sizes in the browser tools. Instead of confusion and hassle, spend more time being creative with your design layouts and getting stuff done!


Using The Plugin

How does this plugin work?

The plugin adds new features directly in the existing Divi Visual Builder in the settings for modules, rows, columns, and sections. You must be using the Divi Theme or Divi Builder Plugin. Please browse the docs above to learn more about each individual feature.

Breakpoints vs. Previews

Remember, the custom preview sizes are not actually breakpoints, but only preview sizes. I firmly believe we do not need more breakpoint sizes (except for occasional special circumstances). The Divi Responsive Helper works perfectly within the default Divi breakpoints, allowing you to adjust the existing three Desktop, Tablet, and Phone breakpoints to pixel perfection.

There are three breakpoints in Divi, which are hardcoded into the theme. Those are Desktop (above 981px), Tablet (980px – 768px), and Phone (767px and down).

So you don’t adjust settings for each of the presets or for every custom value. Instead, you use those presets or the custom values to view LIVE how the changes to the Desktop, Tablet, and Phone look.

Product Support & Contact Information

If you have any support related or other questions, please contact Pee-Aye Creative via the form located on their Author Profile.

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