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Divi Product Carousel Module

WooCommerce Product Carousel Slider Module for Divi with So Many Awesomeness!

Divi Product carousel module creates a Divi module that can be used to showcase & create a WooCommerce product carousel slider.
It supports both frontend and backend builder.
This module has some cool features that can help you build beautiful product carousel design and it’s extremely easy to use. We have also included a layout with some design variations.

Using Divi Product Carousel Module Plugin!


  • Frontend-builder Support
  • Select Responsive item
  • Custom Transition Select
  • Carousel Loop On/Off
  • Center Mode On/Off
  • Multiple product slide
  • Auto-play On/Off
  • Carousel Loop
  • Arrow Navigation On/Off
  • Dots Navigation On/Off
  • Arrow Design option
  • Dots Design Option
  • Pause on hover
  • Equal Item Height
  • Advanced slide Effect
  • Add to Cart Button
  • Product border settings
  • Dots & Arrow color settings
  • Image border settings
  • Custom spacing
  • Box-shadow for items
  • Product Item Background
  • Product Description


  • Recent Products
  • Featured Products
  • Sale Products
  • Best Selling Products
  • Top-Rated Products
  • Product category


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