Divi Is Mobile – A Separate Mobile Menu

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Divi Is Mobile – A Separate Mobile Menu

Easily create a completely separate menu for your mobile visitors.

Now you have the freedom to show a separate menu to your mobile visitors!

With Divi_is_mobile, you can easily and seamlessly display different menu items to your mobile visitors.

The Problem: When viewing a Divi website on a mobile device that uses both the Primary and Secondary menus, the two menus combine for your mobile visitors.

You may not want to show all of those links to your mobile visitors, or perhaps you just want to rearrange them to streamline your mobile menu.

The Solution: With Divi is mobile, you have full control to show exactly the links you want to show and the order to show them in for your mobile visitors. It’s as easy as creating a menu.

Divi_is_mobile targets all 5 of the different header options within Divi so no matter if you are using the default, slide-in, full-screen, or the centered-inline menu, this plugin will seamlessly show a completely different set of Menu items (that you choose of course) to your mobile visitors.

To display a menu on mobile, simply create a new menu and assign it the Mobile Menu property.

Includes written documentation within the downloaded Zip folder to get you started quickly. (it’s super simple 🙂 )


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Divi Is Mobile – A Separate Mobile Menu

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