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Divi Menu Cart

Shows cart icon and number of products in cart in the primary Divi Menu

This very lightweight plugin removes the cart icon from the secondary Divi menu, and adds it to the primary (main) Divi menu. It also shows the number of products in cart. This enhances the Divi ecommerce experience by making the cart more prominent for the users, and thus easier to find. And it also gives the users information on how many products they have in their cart at any moment of time.

What the plugin allows you to do:

  • Remove the Divi cart icon from secondary Divi menu and add it to the primary Divi menu
  • Show the number of items in cart (2 visual options available)
  • Change the cart icon with an image of your choice
  • Change the words item/items as per your choice
  • Change the color of the icon circle as per your choice
  • Disable the cart icon from showing completely

So here is how this works:

By default the cart icon, that shows when WooCommerce plugin is unabled, appears in the top (secondary) Divi menu and it looks like this:

Or, if the secondary Divi menu is disabled, the cart shows in the primary menu, but it shows as a single icon only, not showing the products in cart, looking like this:

What this plugin allows you to do is to remove the cart from appearing in the secondary menu and showing it on the primary menu, and displaying the number of products in cart as well. So it looks like this:

or like this:

This plugin comes with a very easy to use interface. It adds a tab on your Divi Theme options, where you have the following options:

1.      You can choose where and whether to show the cart:

  • Show cart as a menu item
  • Show cart next to the hamburger menu
  • Disable cart at all

2.      You can choose whether to show the number of items in a circle, on top of the cart icon, or as a plane text next to the cart icon

3.      You can choose the name of the words for single item and multiple items

4.      You can upload an image for your cart icon

5.      You can change the color of the circle, and the color of the number in the circle

If you deactivate the plugin, the cart icon will go back to its original behavior.

If you have any questions or requests for future plugin upgrades, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected]

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If you have any support related or other questions, please contact Powdi Themes via the form located on their Author Profile.

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Divi Menu Cart

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