45 Divi Headers Layout Pack

Divi Layout

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45 Divi Headers Layout Pack

Amazing Divi Headers Layout Pack

Divi Headers Layout Pack

We have created a Divi headers pack in which you will have 45 headers of different colors and different styles which are also mobile optimized.

Pros Of Layout:

  1. You can easily import the layout using the Divi portability feature, you can check out our tutorial in case you face any trouble while uploading the layout.
  2. The layout is responsive on all devices you can use it on mobile or desktop or tablet, it will be the same for all.
  3. It’s fast and speed optimized to make sure you won’t lose any leads or sales.
  4. You can change the images and content very easily, as Divi is drag and drop so it will be very easy for you to change the content.

Product Zip:

Which will contain the following files:

  1. Header-V1.json
  2. Header-V2.json
  3. Header-V3.json
  4. Header-V4.json
  5. Header-V5.json
  6. Header-V6.json
  7. Header-V7.json
  8. Header-V8.json
  9. Header-V9.json
  10. Header-V10.json
  11. Header-V11.json
  12. Header-V12.json
  13. Header-V13.json
  14. Header-V14.json
  15. Header-V15.json
  16. Header-V16.json
  17. Header-V17.json
  18. Header-V18.json
  19. Header-V19.json
  20. Header-V20.json
  21. Header-V21.json
  22. Header-V22.json
  23. Header-V23.json
  24. Header-V24.json
  25. Header-V25.json
  26. Header-V26.json
  27. Header-V27.json
  28. Header-V28.json
  29. Header-V29.json
  30. Header-V30.json
  31. Header-V31.json
  32. Header-V32.json
  33. Header-V33.json
  34. Header-V34.json
  35. Header-V35.json
  36. Header-V36.json
  37. Header-V37.json
  38. Header-V38.json
  39. Header-V39.json
  40. Header-V40.json
  41. Header-V41.json
  42. Header-V42.json
  43. Header-V43.json
  44. Header-V44.json
  45. Header-V45.json
  46. All-45-Headers.json
  47. Custom-Css.txt
  48. License.txt

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If you have any support related or other questions, please contact Divi Awesome via the form located on their Author Profile.

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45 Divi Headers Layout Pack

Divi Layout




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