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Divi Food!

Divi Original Layout for Food Blogs and Restaurants

This layout is a Food Layout made of ten sections.

The layout is especially suitable for Food Blogs and websites with a particular focus on the world of food, but it can be useful also for Restaurant websites that want something different and original for their homepages. 

The ‘Dish of the Day’ section is made of two rows: by clicking on ‘Show Dish’ button the background image below will be shown in its entirety while clicking on ‘Show Recipe’ the Recipe column will appear above the background (you find the script code in the Code module).

You can enable/disable some css classes for customizing the layout design:

  • custom_bullets‘ (Enabled by default) -> This class is responsible for transforming the list bullets in custom Dish icons (you can obviously change the icon replacing the relative url in the Code module).
  • food_icon‘ (Enabled by default) -> This class transform the button icon in a Food Icon (a black dish with white fork, knife and spoon).
  • fork_icon‘ (Enabled by default) -> This class transform the button icon in a Fork Icon.
  • knife_icon‘ (Enabled by default) -> This class transform the button icon in a Knife Icon.
  • spoon_icon‘ (Enabled by default) -> This class transform the button icon in a Spoon Icon.

By toggling the classes above you will have some margins of customizations without having to touch the css code; however if you need to customize further you can modify the css both in the Row/Module Advanced Settings and in the Code Module in which is stored all the advanced css.

# Support

We offer a basic support that includes:
a) fixes of any display problems;
b) one minor design improvement. This can involve a specific part of the layout and in a way that the improvement doesn’t change the global design: could be for example changing the buttons style or modify the custom icons and how these ones work or adjust some design feature.

The time needed to get support may vary; any fixes will be supported in about 1/2 days while for the improvement support the time needed will be from 1 to 5 days.

# License

Beside the Single Site License, we also offer to the customer an Unlimited License. The Unlimited License allows you to use sections and layouts on an unlimited number of websites for personal or commercial use. Of course the customer can not resell the sections/layouts on own site or on other marketplaces and distribution of source files is prohibited.

In the zip file you will find also a folder with four svg icons (Food Icon, Fork Icon, Knife Icon and Dish Icon) that we use in our Food layout for customize bullet list and buttons.

Both the icons and the images you will download with the layout are free for personal and commercial use.

You can find more information about the product License visiting the page https://help.divicake.com/article/31-product-license-information.

Product Support & Contact Information

If you have any support related or other questions, please contact How i-Divi t via the form located on their Author Profile.

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Divi Food!

Divi Layout




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