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Divi Events Calendar

Easily display and style the The Events Calendar feed with custom Divi modules!

Divi Modules For The Events Calendar

Use our (4) custom Divi module to showcase your events with over 184 custom content and design features (and that’s just setting groups, not individual settings)!

Integrating Divi And The Events Calendar

Our bestselling Divi Events Calendar plugin adds custom Divi modules that allow you to display, customize, and style events from The Events Calendar in the Divi Visual Builder. This is the only way to integrate Divi and The Events Calendar with custom Divi modules! If you use the popular free The Events Calendar plugin and want to show the events in Divi, then this plugin is the perfect solution for you!

Note that our plugin is completely based on The Events Calendar, the popular free calendar plugin for WordPress. Their plugin must be installed first before installing our Divi Events Calendar plugin! Otherwise, our plugin wouldn’t know what to do. This plugin is developed by Pee-Aye Creative and is not developed by or affiliated with The Events Calendar or Modern Tribe in any way. 

The Smart Way To Build An Events Website

You can now display and style events in Divi using Divi modules anywhere in your Divi layout! You get to choose what to display and how to style it just by turning toggles and adjusting the hundreds of custom Divi settings!

(4) Custom Divi Modules

Events Feed Module

Display your events in a beautiful grid or list layout. This module is very versatile with over 52 custom settings and features! Simply using the Divi settings to show, hide, customize, and style everything!

View All 52 Custom Module Settings & Features

View Demos Of This Module

Events Calendar Module

Showcase your upcoming events in a traditional calendar view with hover cards. Customize everything you see with over 35 custom settings and features.

View All 35 Custom Module Settings & Features

View Demos Of This Module

Events Carousel Module

This module is very similar to the Events Feed module with the addition of all the carousel slider options totaling 60 custom settings. This module is a great to highlight events on any page of your Divi website.

View All 60 Custom Module Settings & Features

View Demos Of This Module

Events Page Module

You can finally design your single event pages with the Divi Builder! This module has settings to show all of the event data however you want in a Divi layout in a Theme Builder template with a total of 37 custom settings!

View All 37 Custom Module Settings & Features

View Demos Of This Module

5 Star Reviews From Our Current Customers

“If it were possible to add a sixth star, I would, due to the exceptional customer service that Nelson has provided and how responsive he has been to inquiries made.” ~ William Ward

“Just what I needed, the Divi Events Calendar by Pee-Aye Creative enabled me to create a stylish Events feed. It is packed with features to customize the feed the way I wanted it. No need to mess around with CSS or shortcodes and compromise my design. It is simple to use, which for me as a newcomer to Divi, was important. Love this product, it’s brilliant. Full marks to Nelson!” ~ James Williamson

“The Events feed module is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you for perfect and very fast customer service and support. The calendar module is also good. Great job, thanks a lot” ~ Tomas Mensik

“I recently became aware of this plugin through Pee Aye Creative’s outstanding blog and YouTube channel. I’ve been using Modern Tribe’s Event Calendar plugin on several client sites that need event scheduling. I have really struggled with making the events and archive pages look decent and consistent with the rest of the site.

After installing the Divi Events Calendar on my current project, I realized right away just how great it is. The plugin is super easy to configure and start using right away. And, Nelson has put together understandable tutorials, documentation and demos to make it even easier. In no time, I was able to style events and archives that look fantastic.

If you’re using Event Calendar, you definitely need this plugin. The Divi Events Calendar plugin would be amazing on it’s own. Combined with Nelson’s thoughtful, responsive customer service, it’s the best plugin purchase I’ve made all year. Thanks, Nelson!” ~ Mark Dalley

“Awesome modules! They successfully combine the power of The Events Calendar with the convenience of the Divi page builder. Our website makes heavy use of The Events Calendar and the Divi theme. Therefore the Divi Events Calendar is of utmost significance for us, and we are really happy with it.

It has to be mentioned that Nelson offers great support and has a real development plan for this module. I feel very confident by using it!

If you enjoy Divi and The Events Calendar, don’t hesitate. I can’t recommend this module enough considering it’s usefulness and the upcoming awesome features.” ~ Gérald

“I have several clients on all sorts of calendar plugins both paid and free. Since trying your plugin I’m going to have to recommend they all ditch their “other” events plugins and use the events calendar and the Divi events module. Nothing looks better, or is faster to implement or easier to use. In addition, nothing comes close to the styling abilities – you have opened up the world of events in the same way that Divi opened up the world of WordPress. Designers love options and Business people love reasonable pricing. Congratulations, you’ve satisfied both sides of my brain!” ~ Dorsey Coe

“Thanks for the great plugin! It works like a charm!” ~ Emanuel

“Nelson Miller has come up with a superb plugin that gives you NEW DIVI MODULES to display calendar events entered into another third-party plugin. Instead of having to create calendar events in the non-Divi plugin, then figure out how to get those events onto your Divi posts and then style them, you can use the Divi modules you’re already familiar with. I am particularly impressed with two things in addition to the quality of this plugin: First, it’s a one-time price for lifetime support and upgrades, and NOT those pesky ongoing fees. This is a huge thing for me and I hope Nelson continues this policy. Second, as another reviewer has said, Nelson has incredible customer service, and interacts with his customers like real people and not like so many vendors do as though we are numbers on a spreadsheet. If you’ve been interacting with vendors even a fraction as long as I have, you understand how valuable this personal touch can be. Two thumbs up to Nelson and his plugin.” ~ David Miller

“I purchased and installed this plugin on my site and it has given me the freedom I was looking to use The Events Calendar on my DIVI site.

It took me a while to realize that with this plugin you really don’t need the pro version of The Events Calendar, with that saving only this plugin pays for itself. I WISH I HAD FOUND IT BEFORE ???? I totally recommend it.” ~ Raúl Galavíz

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this compatible with the Events Calendar PRO?

Yes, but of course that depends what you are expecting. Our plugin works perfectly fine with their pro version for a very simple reason: most of the pro features of their plugin have to do with event management. For example, the pro version has features like syncing with Facebook or Google Calendar, RSVP and tickets, community events, etc. These pro features do not affect the actual event data that our modules display (title, image, date, time, etc.).

The original intent of our plugin was to make it easy to display events in Divi, not to make it work with every feature of their plugin. But we do continue to add features that users request.

Our Plugin vs Their Plugin?

We get a lot of questions from people that are confused about the relationship of our Divi Events Calendar plugin to The Events Calendar plugin. We often get questions about the pro version, tickets, payments, bulk import, bulk import, addons, etc. but we have to remind people that we are not The Events Calendar, and we are not affiliated with them.

Both our Divi Events Calendar and The Events Calendar go hand-in-hand together. The Events Calendar needs to be installed first for our Divi Events Calendar to work. This is because they work together and our plugin relies on theirs.

The Events Calendar is the core of the actual event info and management. Their plugin handles anything related to the events themselves, including anything related to tickets, payments, or other addons that they offer. Our Divi Events Calendar plugin adds new custom Divi event modules to the Divi Builder.

Our plugin modules pull in the data for the events and gives you the familiar Divi module interface with all our custom settings and features you need to display and style events in any Divi Builder layout.

Without our plugin, there is no way to use The Events Calendar in Divi. In fact, they don’t even offer shortcodes in their free version, so if you use Divi, our plugin is the only solution, and it’s a good one!

Keep in mind our modules are totally separate from anything their pro version has to display events. On any given page you can either use their display, or our modules. You can’t pick and choose which parts of their plugin and which parts of our modules you want on the same page.

Check out our full FAQ page here: https://www.peeayecreative.com/docs/divi-events-calendar/faq/


The possibilities are growing as we continue to add new features to the plugin. We also have docs and tutorials to help you get the most out of the features! Please be sure to browse all the documentation before submitting a support request. The Documentation tab here shows the first steps to using our plugin, but we also have everything you need to know about installing and using the plugin in our full documentation area. Please reference everything there and if you have any issues you can submit a support ticket from there. https://www.peeayecreative.com/docs/divi-events-calendar/

Installation Instructions


Before you begin, make sure you have the Divi Theme by Elegant Themes installed and active. This is necessary since our product is completely based on Divi.

Our plugin is also completely based on The Events Calendar, the popular free calendar plugin for WordPress. This plugin must be installed first before installing our Divi Events Calendar plugin! Otherwise, our plugin wouldn’t know what to do.


After purchase, download the .zip file from your account and save the file to your computer.


You will install this plugin just like any other WordPress plugin. From your WordPress Dashboard, go to Appearance>Plugins>Add New and click on Upload Plugin. Locate the .zip file on your computer and click Install Now.

Once the file upload is finished, you can click on Activate. You will then see Divi Events Calendar as an active plugin in your Installed Plugins list.

NOTE: Installing or updating this plugin may require you to clear your cache before the settings take place. This may include your browser cache, any caching plugin, and possibly even your CDN if you are using one.

Settings & Features

Browse a list of every setting in each module!


These links provide everything you need to know about using this plugin!


Product Support & Contact Information

If you have any support related or other questions, please contact Pee-Aye Creative via the form located on their Author Profile.


  • Great product, great support

    Works great out of the box, and I had a couple of questions which were responded to super quickly and thoroughly. Would definitely recommend!

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