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Divi Accessibility Helper

The ultimate plugin to make Divi Accessible for all

What is Website Accessibility and Why You Should Care?

Website accessibility is a measure of how usable a web page is for people with disabilities. It ensures that all people can access the website content, including those who use assistive technologies and those with temporary or permanent disabilities.

There are three main areas of accessibility:

  • The website should be easy to use by keyboard and mouse users.
  • The website should be easy to read and understand by screen reader users.
  • The website should be easy to navigate with speech recognition software.

Making Your Site WCAG2 Compliant: The Basic Requirements

The WCAG2 guidelines are the most widely used accessibility standards in the world. WCAG2 guidelines cover a wide range of topics, including making your site accessible, giving users control over their browsing experience, providing text alternatives for non-text content, providing captions and transcripts for audio-visual content, and many more.

Conclusion: How To Make Your Website Accessible For Everyone

Divi Accessibility Helper helps you make your website WCAG2 complaint, but it doesn’t guarantee to follow all the guidelines. It is not necessary to follow all the guidelines to make your site WCAG2 compliant. And we are continuously updating the plugin to add more and more accessibility options.

Options Available in Divi Accessibility Helper

  • Use Alt Text From Library:  Automatically update Alt text for images on the front end when it gets updated in WordPress Library.
  • Use Title Text From Library:  Automatically update Title text for images on the front end when it gets updated in WordPress Library.
  • Enqueue Inline Scripts and Styles: Disable inline Scripts and Styles. Instead, Enqueue Scripts and Styles files to the theme.
  • Focusable Modules: Allow Divi modules such as Toggle & Accordion to be focusable with keyboard navigation. Hitting enter will open/close when focused.
  • ARIA Support: Add appropriate ARIA attributes across Divi elements & modules.
  • Option to underline all links
  • Screen Reader Text: Add plugin screen reader class used on certain labels & reverses Divi incorrectly applying display: none; on its own screen reader classes.
  • Enable Keyboard Navigation Outline: Add an outline to focused elements when navigating with the keyboard.
  • Fix Duplicate Menu Ids: Because Divi uses the same menu twice (Once for the primary menu and again for the mobile menu), the unique ID’s are duplicated, causing validation issues. This option prevents WordPress from adding a unique ID to the menu list items.
  • Set Icons Aria Hidden: Hide icons to screen readers, so the text is read normally.
  • Mobile Menu Aria Support: Apply Aria attributes to the mobile (hamburger) menu to make it accessible. Close the menu when focus out required “Skip Navigation Link” to be enabled.
  • Fix Missing Labels: Fix missing labels & incorrect or missing assignments to their corresponding inputs.
  • Dropdown Menu Keyboard Navigation: Allow easier navigation of Divi dropdown menus with the keyboard.
  • Tota11y Integration: Add a small button to the bottom corner of the site to visualize how your site performs with assistive technologies. (only for Admin users)
  • An option to enable browser zoom to allow visually impaired users to read the text of the website.


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Divi Accessibility Helper

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