5 Ways to Maximize Your Divi Cake Earnings

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Selling your own Divi products is one of the best ways to make money online. It’s possible to make even more from your current products by following a few best practices and tips. In this article, we’ll share 5 ways to maximize your Divi Cake marketplace earnings.

Table of Contents

  1. Optimize your product page
  2. Sell Divi sections
  3. Share your products on social media
  4. Offer stellar customer support
  5. Design and presentation sells!

1. Optimize your product page

Write descriptive and compelling copy. Choose words that both describe the product and intrigue the reader. The reader should not only know what the product can do, but they should want it in their toolbox.

Include visually appealing images. Images draw us in. They capture our attention and keep it. Choose images that are appropriate and professional. Images that not only look great but help set the mood and keep the customers’ attention.

Provide clear benefits of using your product. This will not only show potential buyers what the products do but also tells them exactly what to expect when using the product. They won’t think it does something it doesn’t do, and they’ll have several ideas of how and where to use it.

Include instructions or link to the instructions for the product. This enables potential buyers to see how difficult the product is to use and to see the features in action to help them make a decision.

Table of Contents

2. Sell Divi sections (as layouts)

Selling Divi sections are a great way to get your foot in the door in the Divi marketplace. Divi sections are fast and easy to create because you’re only focusing on what the section will provide within the layout rather than designing an entire layout. They’re big sellers because designers don’t always need a full page. Sometimes they just want something that’s unique to fit within a design they’ve already created.

Divi sections are actually Divi layouts, just in individual pieces. They can include styling for the section, rows, and the modules. They typically provide something specific that can be used within other pages, such as testimonials or blurbs.

One great way to sell them is to link to them as smaller products that complement your larger products. For example, if you’re selling a testimonial slider you could link to your pre-made Divi testimonial section for a lower price, such as $2.99, and create an easy cross-sell.

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3. Share your products on social media

Announce your new products on social media and tag @DiviCake. We might even re-share or re-tweet your product to give it a boost, which will increase attention even further.

Always share the news of your new products on social networks. It helps fill gaps in social media comments and provides readers something to discuss, gives potential customers a place to ask questions, and it’s a great way to create buzz about your products.

If someone asks about a product you might have created, place a link in the comments to the product page on Divi Cake. It helps everyone involved and draws attention to your products.

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4. Offer stellar customer support

There’s no better way to get a returning customer than to offer a stellar customer experience. It does take some extra effort, but the return on your investment can be outstanding. Not only will you build a great relationship with your customers, but you’ll also establish credibility and professionalism.

Make getting in touch with you fast and easy. Even if you can’t answer their question at the moment, acknowledge their request and inform them of when to expect an answer. Communication is key. Make sure your email address is easy to find. No one wants to contact customer support, and having to do so sometimes creates anxiety and they can lose confidence in the product. You want to make contacting you to be an enjoyable experience.

Always be accessible for pre-sales questions. Often, a potential customer needs to know if a product has a certain feature or how a certain feature works in order to help them decide if the product is right for their needs. Being accessible to answer those questions and the quality of your answers can help determine if they become a lifelong customer.

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5. Design and presentation sells!

Have you ever heard the phrase “don’t judge a book by its cover”? Practically everyone has heard it, yet they still judge a book by its cover. Your products are no different. Your product, product image, and the demo should look amazing. It should capture their attention and entice them to look closer.

Use professional stock images instead of free ones. Use images that stand out and help convey the message about your product.

Take a hint from Apple and how they market their products. Take creative inspiration from the best products in every field. Look at what they’re doing to see what works and what doesn’t. Notice what captures your attention. Pay attention to what others stop to look at. Use this information to create a presentation that would be hard to resist.

Table of Contents

Ending Thoughts

That’s our 5 tips on maximizing your earnings in the Divi Cake Marketplace. Following these tips can make the difference of whether the customer buys your product or someone else’s.

It’s a matter of taking initiative and going the extra step in your descriptions, cross-selling, sharing the news on social media, providing amazing customer service that customers will appreciate and remember you for, and creating a presentation that draws them in.

Maximizing your Divi Cake Marketplace earnings does take a little effort, but it’s not difficult and both you and your customers will benefit from that effort.

Take action and start maximizing your Divi Cake marketplace earnings today!


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