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Selling websites is not an easy business. The process itself is difficult. It can be difficult finding the right buyer and even more difficult agreeing on a website’s value. None of this is easy. However, with the right effort, selling websites can be a lucrative business. Fortunately, there are lots of services that can make the process easier. In this article, we’ll cover how to make money selling Divi websites.

Obtaining Websites to Sell

There are two main approaches to obtaining websites for sale:

  • Build the sites yourself
  • Purchase sites that are already made

Build sites to resell

If you build the site yourself you’ll need to go through the process of launching a website. This includes choosing a niche, a profitable domain name, getting a host, setting up WordPress and Divi, designing and building the website, adding graphics, etc.

Barebones vs Developed

A barebones website is one that’s ready to have content put into place and doesn’t have an audience or income. It does give buyers a chance to grow the website themselves into what they want it to be. It’s faster to build, but it’s not worth as much. It will take buyers longer to build the site up into a profitable business, so the site’s value is much lower.

A fully developed website is more valuable. It has content, an audience, an email list, and site authority. This takes much longer to develop, but it can be sold for a lot more. It can be priced according to actual income.

Purchase websites to resell

To purchase a website to resell it you’ll have to research the niche, site authority, audience, income potential, negotiate the price, etc. You’ll need to find undervalued websites and then improve them to raise their value. You can find websites to purchase on many of the website marketplaces and brokers.

Purchasing pre-made sites can be costly and it can take time and money to improve them before they’re ready to sell. You might need to improve the site’s design, add new features, grow the audience, and solve any problems the website has had to increase its value. Redesigning the website is easier to do with Divi and the many Divi products that are available.

Determining your Website’s Value

A lot of factors go into determining the value of a website. There are several tools online that help, but none include every element. They can be a good place to start. One popular tool is the Worth of Web Calculator.

The easiest formula is to take the site’s average monthly earnings for the past 12 months and multiply it by a multiplier. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to know the multiplier to use. Those with higher traffic and a profitable niche can use a higher multiplier. Most range from 10-40. 30 is a good all-around multiplier.


Certain niches are worth more than others. This includes the size of the audience, the amount of competition, what sets the site apart, etc.

Site authority

The higher the site’s authority, the more the site is worth. This includes the size of the audience, number of backlinks, how long the site has been around, consistency of income, etc.


The larger the audience, the easier it is to monetize the site. This includes the daily traffic, social media following, email list, subscribers, etc.

Income potential

This includes the various ways the site can make money and the amount that can be made. For example, a niche that has lots of affiliate programs and topics that sell lots of ebooks might have more income value than a site with none.


High-quality content that’s been produced consistently will be easier to monetize and grow the audience.

Finding Buyers

There are several ways to find buyers for your websites. Typically, the more valuable your website is, the longer the selling process can take because there’s more involved. Buyers will need to do more research and there may even be negotiations involved.

Use a brokerage

A brokerage is a company that handles every element of the sale for you. They work to find the perfect clients for your website, help you set the price, and help with handing the website over to the buyer. They do charge a premium price, but they typically bring in more money than other methods.

Empire Flippers is a popular website brokerage. The site includes a valuation tool, a marketplace, and information to help you through the process. Sites are required to have at least $500 per month in Amazon affiliate sales or $1000 in revenue. The listing prices are higher than many, but they do most of the work for you.

List the website on marketplaces

Website marketplaces are a great way to get your website in front of a lot of potential buyers. People are already there looking for websites to buy. You set the price and handle the sale. For the service, they do take a portion of the sale. There are lots of marketplaces to sell websites.

Flippa is a popular choice. It provides lots of tools to help you price your website and list the site for sale. Websites are placed within searchable categories. Your site will have a detailed page with stats to help buyers make a decision and send you an offer.

Selling the website yourself

When you sell the website yourself, you’ll keep more of the money but you’ll also have to do more work. You’ll have to price the site, find the buyers, close the deal, and transfer ownership. It can be more difficult to get higher prices. It can also be difficult to find buyers.

For selling multiple websites, create a website for your business, and list the sites you have for sale. You’d also need to promote this business so the right buyers would be aware of it. Think of it as a virtual real estate company.

Transferring Ownership

Transferring the website to the new owner includes a lot of technical steps. You’ll have to transfer the hosting plan, domain name, email, affiliate links, subscriptions, assets, etc. Make sure all of the details are clearly defined in the sales contract. A broker will handle most of this for you.

This includes licensing for any themes and plugins the site is using, such as Divi and Divi plugins. There are several options for transferring the Divi to the new owner.

  • Have them purchase an Elegant Themes membership and replace your license key with theirs.
  • Leave your license key in place with the understanding that they do not own an Elegant Themes membership.

For information about transferring third-party Divi products, see the license agreement for each product, and contact the developers if you’re not sure of the terms. When in doubt, have them purchase their own products and replace yours.

It’s usually acceptable to treat the Elegant Themes membership and third-party products as creating a website for a client. Just make sure it’s clear in the contract.

Ending Thoughts

Selling websites can be a lucrative business, but it’s not a good option for making money fast. It can require a large investment in time and money to build a site or purchase a site for reselling. It’s also possible that the site won’t sell.

Identifying websites that will sell and then increasing their value requires a lot of work and skill. This means there are more risks involved than many other ways to make money with Divi. Do your research first to see if it’s a profitable niche.

Selling websites is something that can be done from home on the side or as a full-time business. If you have the skills required to identify a profitable website and improve it for resell, selling Divi websites can be a profitable business.

We want to hear from you. Do you make money selling Divi websites? Let us know what tips you would add in the comments.


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