5 Free Marketing Tools to Help You Grow Your (Divi) Business

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Five Free Marketing Tools That Can Help You Grow Your Business

Marketing your business is a challenging task, whether that’s for your Divi website or a traditional brick and mortar shop. Your competitors are looking for any edge they can find to get a leg up on you and other players in your industry. Many entrepreneurs get defeated when they are facing a larger competitor who has access to more marketing resources. Luckily these days there are a lot of free marketing and promotional resources available any hands-on business owner can leverage. Let’s look at five marketing tools that you can utilize to grow your business in the face of competition.


Effective marketing and well-executed graphic design go hand in hand. If you don’t have a design background or the resources to hire an in-house or freelance designer try a tool like Pablo. This free design application lets you design anything from email announcements to social media promotions. Offering a great deal for your product or service is great but if you don’t communicate it effectively with an eye catching design it won’t stand out. To design your next promotional piece simply choose a template and enter your content. From there you can adjust fonts, images, effects and upload your logo.

Mix Panel

When people think about marketing they think about ways to bring visitors to their website or store. Of course this is a great first step. If your new visitors immediately bounce without making a purchase or even subscribing to your email newsletter you lost out. There are lots of factors that influence whether and how long a visitor stays on your website. Instead of trying to guess what it is, use a tool to help you track user behaviour. Mix Panel is an free analytics solution that gives you valuable insight into what your site visitors are doing. How many of them visit your home page, what percentage sign up for a free trial or make it all the way to your checkout page? By installing their code snippet you’ll get those questions answered. Once you have this data in place you can then make adjustments to improve your conversion rates, which in turn will allow you to funnel more resources into marketing.

Business Cards

In this digital world people often forget about tried and true marketing methods. Just because you run a web based business doesn’t mean you won’t have in person business contacts. When you go for a pitch meeting or attend a tradeshow you are in networking mode. Instead of simply exchanging emails or Linkedin handles stand out from your competitors with professional business cards. The act of exchanging something tangible along with a handshake leaves a lasting impressing. Try a free tool like Business Cards to create your own printable cards. Choose a template, enter your contact details, customize and download all within just a few minutes


As you get your marketing campaign underway you are hoping to create traction and maybe even land a promotional piece that goes viral. Getting your brand name out there is the best way to introduce yourself to new leads and establish yourself as an authority figure in your sector. Are your promotional efforts paying off and getting you lots of brand mentions? Sometimes it’s hard to keep track as you scale your outreach efforts. That’s where a tool like TalkWalker comes in handy. TalkWalker is a free solution that allows you to monitor your brand name mentions, niche specific topics and competitors.


One of the most valuable things you can get from potential leads is their email address. This will give you an opportunity to introduce them to you and your business in a well-thought matter. Don’t simply bombard them with sales pitches and discount offers but rather establish yourself as the leader in your niche and then build your value proposition. Sender is a free email solution that allows you to grow and manage your email list. Once you import your email list you can create beautiful newsletter campaigns and take advantage of some of their automation features.

Now It’s Your Turn

Hopefully these free marketing tools got your creative juices flowing. These are just some examples of how you can leverage hands-on marketing tools to grow your business. Give them and try and see which ones you like. There are lots of other promotional resources available that are free or offer a free plan. Once you have exhausted this list search for alternatives.


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